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The portal has already mentioned that a comparison of Topa best male razors and epilators reveals the same winners. Only Panasonic out of the game, his place is taken by Rowenta. Qualitative model epilators let brands Philips, Braun, American firm Remington added. Many people do not agree with the obvious truth and stubbornly Panasonic returns to its rightful place, and replaced by Rowenta Amjoy. For Russia fairer first option. Please consider this when choosing the firm epilator. Let's see what's going on overseas today. In the west are serious about advertising, the judgments of experts are usually trusted.

Epilator Braun 7681

Several sites strongly recommend the specified model. On the silk-epil Amazon is worth 3500 rubles. The official website of the device is presented as a panacea for the feet, body and face.

This device 2 in 1:


  1. Available to use roller in conjunction with one of the 3 nozzles with different aperture width: Spot cleaning, for sensitive skin, for fast hair removal. The only difference is the form and the size of the gap, restricting the scope of the massaging studs responsible for epilation.
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  2. The second tip is attached. For this massage spikes may release together with the flap, in their place something stronger, like two drops of water similar to the grid electric shaver. From advertising immediately understand the purpose of this design is not possible. Perhaps it is a device for cutting hair.

The company Braun sees the situation as follows:

  • Head of acupressure is designed for the person;
  • Head sensitive places suitable for the bikini area and underarms;
  • nozzle for quick hair removal, suitable wherever suitable.

Grid razor is designed for shaving a dry (no cream or gel). Please note that tips for hair removal is permissible to use in conjunction with special means for hair removal - hair removal creams. Allowed to do hair removal in the bathroom (wireless mode), and the epilator head to wash under running water.

Modern kit epilators

With regard to the grid trimmer, the question of its cleansing shamefully hushed up. Rummage in the manual! Please note that, in addition to careful treatment of the skin by means of said nozzles at the epilator Braun 7681 there are other advantages:

  1. Epilation in the bath is useful, warm water improves circulation and helps soften the hair.
  2. The special design of the device has a system of lifting the hairs SoftLift tweezers Close Grip for optimum cutting quality and massages.
  3. Exterior lighting SmartLight helps to better detect the growth, respectively, better remove hairs.

Handling the device is simple. Nozzle-epilator cleaned under running water special brush. Mesh trim so it is impossible to clean. It is necessary to remove and clean the pre blade brush in water, requires mesh gently knock on the table to have fallen hairs.

It comes with an adapter for 12 B and dock. Charging takes 60 minutes, enough for at least half an hour. Note that the connector at the rear of a plug should not be wet before starting the process.

Epilator Braun 7681 silk-epil has two speeds. Use primarily for sensitive skin, the other for the rapid results. The device is not recommended for use to transmit to other people. By the way, beware of touch hair on the head, hair in a jiffy is wound onto a roller with tweezers. At a minimum, it is unpleasant. Do not use the epilator Braun 7681 silk-epil without cap or mesh.

tweezers epilator

Epilator Panasonic ES-WD51-P

Epilator for 3000 rubles persistently placed on the second part of specialized sites. We decided to find out what kind of device users attention provided a best-grid electric razors for wet shaving. ES-WD51-P may be used and the dry land! Let's see the differences from Braun 7681 silk-epil.

Epilation may dry land. As I understand, it is quite painful. At least two ladies posted on the Internet video, which showed that it is better, of course, use special creams. Reason: in depilator Panasonic ES-WD51-P two rollers, spinning in opposite directions, hairs and pull retracted from the skin. This is how one tip!

The second is a Trimmer for shaving. A special feature was the presence of the plastic nozzle, which allows post growth of fixed length. We believe that the latter is connected with the formation of the bikini zone. Device as Braun 7681 silk-epil, positioned as a device for care of the whole body.

Epilator Panasonic ES-WD15-P is charged 60 minutes and can then operate for 40 minutes without interruption. Included are a brush for cleaning the charger and cosmetic. At present, this is the best epilator for use on dry land, as Braun mentioned options are not supported. Panasonic ES-WD51-P is made in pink, comfortable, weighs 170 grams.

leg epilation

Lack of fit to a large width, since the two rollers.

Best facial epilator Remington EP7030

We elected women grow hair and on her face. In this case, laser hair removal is registered, the operation is expensive and has contraindications. Remington EP7030 equipped with a floating head and two speed as the other devices in the family. Wondered why the appliance - the best in its class at a relatively low cost in 2000 rubles.

Remington EP7030 epilator is also intended for dry and wet use in a wireless style. Includes two interchangeable heads and roll in addition stimulates the skin. 40 tweezers carefully pull out hairs, integrated backlight function, which helps to find the roots of perishing. Of course, the device is washable and wireless.

Experts argue that the epilator Remington EP7030 is ideal for removing tough undergrowth on the lips, chin, cheeks. Model for wet processing chosen because gels reduce pain by processes which are significant in regions of the nasal septum. For the person recommended to use the first speed to achieve the best result. From indications clear that we need to use the epilator attachment, rather than grid razor bundled.

Specially designed for bikini plastic razor head on the grid, allowing to leave the hairs of the same length. At the same time epilator Remington EP7030 sufficiently small area in contact with the roller pincer wheel (through a special cap). Due to this it is possible to accurately aim the instrument on the desired area. In this case argue that it is better, razor or epilator. For the person recommended trimmer, but experts believe that the Remington EP7030 also well suited for this purpose.

After applying epilator rinse under running water. Brush to clean the roller and the blade, but not the net! Battery level is displayed by two LEDs, green and red. If caught fire warning, it's time to recharge the battery epilator Remington EP7030. If the authors have correctly understood, it is recommended for the face, the tool will allow the wet mode, accurately remove hair, then the appliance Panasonic ES-WD51-P is not able to do. In this case, Remington EP7030 is not too expensive, consider the unit a better choice in terms of price and quality, when it comes to the removal of hair on the face.

How to choose the best epilator

From reading reader can already tell which is better to choose the appliance, depending on the case. Thus, the bikini area taken form wire razor, well, if you complete the appliance cap. The best epilator for intimate places possess these two qualities.

Armpits taken to handle a wide nozzle in conjunction with a roller seated tweezers. So achieve adequate speed and quality. Which is better, the epilator or wax, for the legs, hard to say exactly. Living in the world supporters of both methods. Are masters, even manage to treat underarm melted composition. Apply the wax during the hair growth after brushing strip. With a tape, you must press and then sharply jerk. Because pain is reduced. Wax for hair removal bears little resemblance to normal, there is a green liquid.

To heat the container with the composition, a special docking station having a connection to the outlet voltage of 230 V. The wax is applied to the strip and the body in the same manner. Pre skin exfoliating scrub (cream). This will achieve maximum adhesion to the wax.

This review describes the most popular epilators. Choosing the best depends on the purpose for which it is acquired.

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