Review of refrigerators Indesit: characteristics, models, reviews

Decided to give priority to the refrigerator "Indesit"? In this case, you will not be uncomfortable to learn about the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, popular models and prices. We bring to your attention a review of Indesit refrigeration technology, as well as feedback from real users.

Content of the material:

  • 1Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2What to look for when choosing
    • 2.1Control
    • 2.2Power Consumption
    • 2.3Defrosting
    • 2.4Autonomous cold storage
    • 2.5Freezing power
  • 3Review of the best options
    • 3.1SB 167
      • 3.1.1User Reviews
    • 3.2DF 5200 W
      • 3.2.1User Reviews
    • 3.3SB 15040
      • 3.3.1User Reviews
    • 3.4IN CB 310 AI D
    • 3.5DS 4160 E
  • 4Frequent breakdowns

Advantages and disadvantages

Country-producer "Indesit" - Italy, but refrigerators for the domestic market are manufactured in the Russian division of Indesit Company.

Company logo Indesit for the production of refrigerators and other household appliances

These refrigerators are quite in demand among buyers - an indisputable fact. It is necessary to understand what is the reason for active demand: in affordable cost or quality of technology? First, let's talk about the pros and cons.

What's good:

  1. Energy efficiency. Household refrigerating cabinets "Indesit" are manufactured with a class of energy consumption in and above.
  2. Control - electromechanics. It has a beneficial effect on price, and also creates less risk for breakdowns.
  3. Worthy filling - the ergonomics of the offices is thought through to the smallest detail.
  4. Modest, but sustained in the classical style laconic design of the case. Such a refrigerator will be an excellent addition to almost any interior.
  5. The temperature differs in different places of the refrigerating chamber: at the top is the coldest place with practically zero temperature - for storing perishable products. The lower tier supports a mode of about +5 degrees - ideal conditions for storing vegetables and fruits.

Temperature regulator and lighting lamp inside the refrigerator Indesit near the door

  1. Retractable shelves for easy loading and unloading of products.

The refrigerators of the company Indesit provides a function of sliding shelves for products at 7 cm in front

  1. The presence of a grid Easy Space for small cutting.

In the refrigerators of the company Indesit provides a hinged net for storing small cuts

  1. Antibacterial coating of internal walls for maximum sterility.
  2. Adjustable compartment Play Zone under the containers and jars, which is increased to store bottles.


  • the statistics show a high percentage of defective items;
  • The domestic assembly affects the quality and service life;
  • weak service - users often complain about it;
  • low quality plastic used for the manufacture of shelves, containers, parts of the body of the unit.

More information about the positive and negative points in operation you will find below from the opinions and opinions of customers.

What to look for when choosing

Follow the recommendations of experts when choosing an Indesit refrigerator to avoid making a mistake and to acquire a functional and durable electrical appliance.


As with the Ariston technique (Indesit and Ariston - products of one company), it does not involve the most quality electronics, so the masters recommend buying options with electromechanical control to reduce risks of breakdowns. The more sensors and electronic components in an imperfect design, the higher the chance of malfunctions.

In the refrigerators of the company, Eisit electronic temperature control and additional compartments on the doors

Power Consumption

Among the models it is difficult to find the highest energy efficiency classes, such as A + or A ++. Most often, the class of energy consumption is B or, at best, A. But also it is quite good indicators at small volumes.

Sticker for the refrigerator company Indesit with the main technical characteristics of this model


If you plan to do as little as possible to work on your refrigerator, you should give preference to automatic thawing. They make a little more noise and still need to take care of themselves, but you will not have to spend time on it more than once a year.

As for the drop system, in the "Indesites" it has not been perfected - often there are clogs of the drainage system, because of which water is collected at the bottom of the compartment. But the manual type works much better, and every month you do not have to force yourself to perform defrosting.

Autonomous cold storage

This feature allows you not to worry about the safety of products in the temporary absence of electricity. The longer the duration of such a period, the better.

If the model is not equipped with cold storage batteries, they can be bought separately.

Freezing power

The higher the indicator specified in the data sheet, the more products can be loaded daily into the freezer at a time. For a small family of 2-3 people will be enough, and kg per day.

Review of the best options

In the main under the Indesit brand are produced two-chamber models equipped with an autonomous freezer. The location of the freezer can be either upper or lower. Differences, as a rule, in the dimensions of the body and the capacity of the offices.

For small kitchens and hotels, the company produces mini-bars for drinks and food. The height of such miniature cabinets does not exceed 85 cm. They can have a small freezer compartment, which is in the common housing.

All refrigerators "Indesit" conditionally fall into three main types:

  • from the Evolution series;
  • with 2 doors - Forma New;
  • combined variants Forma New.

We suggest comparing some popular models further.

SB 167

Model with the bottom location of the freezer compartment, equipped with electromechanical type of control. The compressor is one. Energy efficiency class - V. As a refrigerant gas is isobutane (brand R600a). In the design there are 2 compartments and 2 doors. Dimensions of the body in width, depth and height are 60х62х167 cm, respectively.

Overview of the two-compartment refrigerator SB 167 from the company Indesit with three shelves on the door of the model

The freezer is defrosted manually, and in the main compartment a drip system is installed. The operating time in the offline mode (cold storage) is up to 15 hours. The maximum freezing capacity is up to 4 kg of products per day. When disconnected from the network, the indicator light is activated.

Important! The total volume is 278 liters. At the same time, the main compartment has a capacity of 193 liters, and the freezer has 85 liters.

The shelves are made of glass. In addition, the door can be hinged to the other side. Noisy operation - up to 39 dB. The refrigerator belongs to the climatic class N (for more details about the characteristic, see the review "Climatic classes of the refrigerator"). Weight - 6, kg.

How much does this refrigerator cost? According to the resource YandexMarket for October 20017, the price starts from 1, 00 rubles.

User Reviews

Maria, Kostroma

A pleasant bonus was not only the price, but also the drip defrosting of the main chamber. Would not prevent the automatic defrosting of the freezer, but what is not, that is not. Frankly - from the time of purchase to the first defrost freezer 6 (!!!) years have passed. During this time the compartment worked in the same mode without failures, melted or frozen products. There was one repair, after it moved the refrigerator to another corner of the kitchen, began to make noise - the master advised to level the position, to twist the legs. In general, the 7th year works, with one call of the master - it is excellent for such money.

Anton, Ryazan

Absolutely quiet work! Cools well, light eats a little. After increasing the family by 2 people realized that he was small to us, gave this to their parents at the dacha, they bought a new one for themselves. I read reviews (as befits a Russian person - after buying, now he is smarter), many people write that "Indesites" are terrible. Maybe, just not lucky, and got married, we all had excellent - 4 years of trouble-free work.

Ilona, Moscow

It is very convenient that the freezer downstairs - I look less often, and therefore I can not even bend over again. The freezer does not freeze, no ice, everything is fine. A little noise in the work, called the master, said that it should be so, like this is not a breakdown. Energy consumption class B, it's a little disappointing, now it's more effective. The quality of assembly, shelves, containers - everything suits.

DF 5200 W

Another model with a bottom freezer, but already assuming an electronic control device. Energy efficiency class - A. The cameras are 2, the motor-compressor is 1. Dimensions of the body (WxDxH): 60x64x200 cm.

Double chamber refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W with a large storage compartment and five shelves

In the freezer and the main compartment there is No Frost (for the note: read the review "How to defrost the refrigerator Noau Frost").


  • stores cold in the autonomous mode up to 13 hours;
  • the capacity of freezing is 2 kg per day;
  • When the door is open, an acoustic signal sounds;
  • there is super-cooling and super-frost;
  • To know how many degrees inside the case, you can on the display.

On a note! The total volume is 328 liters, of which 253 are in the main compartment and 75 - in the freezer.

The hinge of the door to the other side is available. Noisiness - up to 41 dB. Climatic classes correspond to N and ST. The weight of the equipment is 6, kg.

The price is 22 390 rubles.

User Reviews

Ira, Tula


  • very convenient control;
  • like a wide shelf on the bottom of the door;
  • quickly cools the products.

The minuses have not yet appeared, I use only a couple of months - while I look and look. Outwardly, everything is fine, coping with tasks, it is inexpensive - I'm happy.

Alexander, Moscow

Main advantages: the price and the full Know Frost. I do not like loud work and constant clicks. On the upper shelves, food often freezes, although it puts the temperature at +5. The door of the freezer closes not in the most reliable way. In general, unpretentious, modest and absolutely normal apparatus.

SB 15040

Electromechanical refrigerator with a bottom freezer. Power consumption - class B. There is one motor-compressor for 2 chambers. The hull parameters are 60х62х150 cm (WxDxH).

The freezer is defrosted in manual mode, in the main compartment - a drip system. Cold is saved autonomously up to 15 hours, the capacity of freezing is 2 kg per day. The capacity of the freezer is 54 liters, the main compartment is 189 liters. The total capacity is 243 liters.

Wide two-compartment refrigerator Indesit SB 15040 with bottom freezer and large compartment on the door

Hinge the door from either side. The climatic class is SN.

Overall rating on YandexMarket a score of the possible 5. Let's see what users think, whether there are problems in operation and design flaws.

User Reviews

Alexey, Ekaterinburg

I bought SB 15040 back in 2011 at a ridiculous price. The first drawback encountered in use is wild noise. After 5 years of work, a freon leak occurred. The overall impression is completely spoiled.

Edward, St. Petersburg

And, in my opinion, the price corresponds to the quality. I have no complaints because of the low cost. Consumer goods are consumer goods, nothing to do. At that time it was necessary to choose a case of strictly limited dimensions to fit into the niche in the kitchen, so "Indesit" approached me most.

IN CB 310 AI D

Built-in models "Indesit" a bit. Built-in refrigerator IN CB 310 AI D is equipped with electromechanical control system and one compressor for two cameras. Energy efficiency - class A. The dimensions of the cabinet: 54x55x17, cm (WxDxH).

Overview of the built-in refrigerator IN CB 310 AI D from the company Indesit with the bottom freezer and the front panel

In the freezer manual defrosting, in the main compartment - a drip. Possibility of autonomous cold storage up to 15 hours. Freezing capacity - up to 2 kg of products per day. The total volume of offices is 273 liters. Provided for antibacterial coating, shelves - metal. At the moment it's out of production.

DS 4160 E

Description of the main characteristics:

  • the freezer is located below;
  • the case is made in beige color;
  • management - electromechanics;
  • power consumption class A;
  • 2 compartments, 1 motor-compressor;
  • Dimensions: 60х64х167 cm.

The freezing capacity is up to 4 kg of products per day. The total volume of the chambers is 269 liters. Glass shelves, climatic classes - N, ST. The cost is 16 600 rubles.

Model of the refrigerator Indesite DS 4160 E in a gently creamy color for a light kitchen in beige tones

Frequent breakdowns

The manufacturer of home appliances "Indesit" recently introduces the latest technologies in its designs. The scheme of the simplest household unit from Indesit is shown in the photo:

Scheme of work of the standard refrigerator of the company Indesit with the introduction of the newest technologies

Despite the high accuracy of the settings and the annual improvement in the quality of the assembly, like any electrical appliances, Indesit refrigerators are prone to breakdowns. Most often they happen with such problems:

  • Freon leak from the circuit (due to corrosive processes).
  • Motor-compressor failure.

New compressor motor for refrigerator Indesit in case of need of replacement in case of breakage

  • The sensors (thermostat) fail.
  • Quickly wear sealant, because of what the door ceases to close tightly, ice grows on the walls of the chambers, the compressor works on wear and tear.
  • Capping of the capillary pipeline (tubes through which the Freon gas circulates).
  • In devices with electronics, the electric circuit may burn out. Sometimes the control card requires adjustment or firmware, but cases with complete module replacement are not excluded.

To buy the refrigerator "Indesit" or not - you decide. Now you have all the information about the advantages and disadvantages of the devices, are familiar with the representatives of the lineup and user feedback. We wish you a successful purchase and a long work of technology!

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