How to unfreeze the freezer

Despite the emergence of new defrosting technologies, users still can not completely get rid of this occupation. How to properly defrost the freezer, depends on the type of installed system: a drop or No Frost. We will deal with this issue in more detail.

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Can I defrost

The No Frost defrost system is almost perfect. Due to the operation of the fans, the condensate does not freeze on the walls, therefore, ice build-ups are not formed. But nevertheless it is recommended to switch off and clean refrigerators with automatic defrosting at least once a year.

Drop systems in two-compartment refrigerators are installed only in the refrigerator compartment. The freezer needs manual de-frosting. Very convenient in such cases are models with two compressors. You can not turn off the entire refrigerator, and turn off only the freezer. While the upper part will thaw, the other chamber will cool.

How often does a "snow coat" form in the freezer? Sometimes in the old fridge you have to remove snow every month. The reason for this is a worn seal, a sagging of the door or frequent opening of the camera.

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When warm air constantly penetrates into the compartment, the temperature rises. The motor compressor is often started for cooling, which leads to its rapid deterioration. On the walls of the compartment freezes moisture from the air, so ice and snow form. You can avoid this by replacing the seal or adjusting the door.

A thick layer of frost and snow leads to a disruption in heat exchange and the rapid breakdown of the refrigerator.

As you can see, even a technician with the Noë Frost system can and should be thawed. Units with a drop system are turned off for defrost every six months.

What to do

Each model of the refrigerator "Atlant "Biryusa "Indesit" or "Stinol" has a certain climatic class. For example, if the manufacturer recommends operating the equipment at a temperature of 10 to 32 degrees, then defrosting should also be carried out in the evening, when the heat decreases.

  • Disconnect the appliance from the mains. The exception is aggregates with two compressors (Liebher, Atlant). Each department can be turned off separately by setting the camera switch to zero.
  • Get out of the department all products. If one camera is working, fold them there or prepare a basin and pans, where you can store them until the refrigerator is turned off. In winter, the products can be taken out to the balcony.
  • To keep the temperature in the tank, wrap it with a blanket. So meat and semi-finished products will not thaw longer.
  • Remove the shelves and grilles.
  • Leave the door open and wait for the snow to fall. In vertical chambers, water is collected in a pallet, which must be periodically emptied. You can put a container where the water will drain. The process can take from three to ten hours, depending on the layer of "fur coat".

  • Separately wash the shelves and grilles. Once the hardened blocks come off, proceed to cleaning the camera. Use a soft sponge or cloth.

Important! Do not clean the walls with abrasive sponges and powders. They can damage the surface.

  • As detergents, you can use a soap or soda solution. Lemon juice fights perfectly with mold on the sealant, and ammonia will help disinfect the surface. These funds also allow you to get rid of the unpleasant odor.
  • Wipe the surfaces dry. Replace the shelves.

How to turn on the device after the work is completed? Wait for 20-30 minutes, let all moisture dry. After connecting the refrigerator and let it run for 2-3 hours. Then start to lay food. Try not to look into the freezer after loading, so that the temperature will soon return to normal.

How to do not need

On the forums you will find many tips on how to defrost the freezer quickly. These express methods can not only damage the separation walls, but also lead to a leak of freon and a serious breakdown.

What do users recommend?

  • Use powerful hair dryers for quick defrosting ice. This is dangerous because it is possible to melt the plastic in the chamber.

  • Chop off pieces of snow with a sharp object. It is desirable that the "fur coat" melt naturally. There is a risk of damaging the chamber wall, piercing the evaporator, which will lead to a leak of freon. Then you have to call the master.

From such recommendations it is possible to use a bowl with hot water. Put it in the camera on a wooden plank, periodically change the water so that it does not cool. This will help the snow cover quickly to thaw.

Not yet invented a system that does not require defrosting. Technology develops every day, perhaps soon manufacturers will rid the hostess of this responsibility. In the meantime, follow the recommendations of specialists.

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