How to wash flax in a washing machine

Flax requires careful care when washing - on this depends not only the appearance, but also the service life of clothing. Therefore, we will look further into how to wash linen items so that in the future they do not sit down, lose their shape and remain fresh for a long time.

Content of the material:

  • 1Choose a way to wash flax
    • 1.1Choice of detergent
  • 2Wash with your hands
  • 3Erase in the AGR
    • 3.1Temperature
  • 4Stain Removal
  • 5Nuances
    • 5.1Staining
    • 5.2Shrinkage
  • 6Drying and ironing

Choose a way to wash flax

If you have a question, whether it is possible to wash flax in a typewriter, it is worth saying: hand washing of this material is preferable. But if your SMA has a delicate washing program, then it is possible to eliminate contamination by machine.

Choice of detergent

The main advantage of flax is that it becomes better and more pleasant to the touch with each subsequent wash. If you do not want to spoil clothes, it is recommended to choose the right detergents. It is forbidden to use chlorine powders, otherwise the fibers of the tissue will become thinner, and the loss of strength and attractiveness is guaranteed. Therefore, when buying, study the composition of the powder. White things wipe with ordinary powder, color - respectively, for color. So it will be possible to preserve the brightness and saturation of the color of the tissue for a long time. To soften, rinse the laundry by adding laundry conditioner to the container.

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Recommendation! Use oxygen bleach when washing too dirty white things. Wearing colored things or clothes with embroideries, sequins and rhinestones, do not use bleach.

Wash with your hands

Let's first consider how to properly erase flax by hand. There are several stages that will help you gently and carefully wash your clothes without spoiling it:

  1. Wash clothing before washing. Examine the pockets and release them. Zip up the zippers. If there are stains, they should be removed beforehand.
  2. Type warm water in the container - this is necessary for the complete and even distribution of things and powder. Add a detergent.
  3. Wiping white things, soak them in a solution for half an hour. Colored things are best washed immediately.
  4. Gently pinched.
  5. Wash washed clothes until all the powder is washed off.
  6. You do not need to squeeze it out so as not to deform the fabric. To excess moisture glass, hang it on the hanger (dryer, rope), substitute the pelvis.

Erase in the AGR

You can wash clothes made of linen not only with your hands. Do not know at what temperature to wash flax? This you will find out below.


Find out at what temperature to wash, just - find the tag from the manufacturer on the inner seam of clothing.The washing temperature of white linen should not exceed 60 degrees. Bright and colored things are contra-indicated high temperatures and boiling. The optimum mode is from 30 to 40 degrees. How to wash flax in a washing machine? To wash linen underwear, follow the steps:

  1. Before washing, remove stains.
  2. To ensure that things do not go white stripes and there are no divorces, refuse to use stain remover when washing.
  3. There should be enough free space in the drum of the styrant. If there are a lot of clothes, divide it into two washings.
  4. Now you can set the delicate washing program and the temperature regime and wait until the cycle ends.

Do you know if linen is washing while washing? Most housewives are precisely because of this that they are afraid to wash linen things, because they "sit down". Below we will tell you how to wash linen things so that they do not sit down.

Stain Removal

Elimination of the stains is reduced to one simple rule: a fresh stain is washed many times easier than the old one. There are two "golden" rules for removing stains from linen items:

  1. Check the reaction to molting before removing the stain with a chemical.
  2. Do not pour the stain remover into the drum - put it on the fabric, then load the clothes into the machine. After washing, additional rinse does not interfere.


Flax is characterized by loss of color and shrinkage. When removing stains, you can damage the fabric. Let's talk about possible risks.


If it is wrong to wash clothes made from flax, it can become dyed. Therefore, the use of powders with colored granules is not recommended. Hand washing requires more water so that the laundry can float freely in it. Lack of water can lead to molting. When rinsing, always wash the thing until foam cleans.

Recommendation! In order not to lose a rich shade of fabric, when rinsing, add 1 cup of vinegar to the water, and no Lenor will be needed.


We'll figure out how to wash linen so that he does not sit down. If there are no synthetic additives in the material, this leads to shrinkage. But after the first socks the thing will take its original form. In order for the thing to recover more quickly, try to gently iron it through a cut of gauze.

Drying and ironing

To keep the products in their original form, it is necessary to ensure proper drying and not to spoil flax during ironing. Take advantage of our tips:

  1. Do not unscrew and squeeze.
  2. The room for drying should be well ventilated. Avoid direct sunlight on a bright cloth.
  3. Do not wait until things dry up completely - iron them still wet.
  4. An iron with a humidifier is the best option for ironing. If this is not the case, use a sprayer.
  5. Spread the clothes on a table or window sill and leave to dry.

Now you know how to erase flax in a typewriter and manually. Follow the washing rules, and the flax does not sit down and does not stain even in the washing machine.

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