Detailed description of the cherry blossom Shokoladnitsa


This culture is successfully grown on almost all continents, beautiful spreading trees give so a lot of fruit that grabs one tree on the backyard to meet the needs of a large families.It is important to choose the right variety so that it matches the climatic zoneso that the tree grows quickly, does not hurt, and gives rich harvests annually. In this article you will get acquainted with the detailed description of the Cherry Chocolate brand.


Table of contents

  • Description of Cherry Shokoladnitsa
    • Fruit characteristics
      • Table of nutrients in fruits
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • Features of planting and care
    • How to plant a cherry properly
    • Learning to trim a tree
    • Growing conditions
  • Diseases and pests
  • Harvesting and storage of crops
  • Features of this variety
  • Reviews of gardeners
  • Conclusion

Description of Cherry Shokoladnitsa

One of the most popular new varieties -Cherry Chocolate, named so for the bright and rich color of berries. The work of breeders was successful, this young cherry variety is becoming more popular, the tree grows rapidly, low, which distinguishes it from similar varieties, is not very sick. So Chocolate Girl can be considered a promising cherry variety for the Central region of Russia.

Cherry variety Chocolate

Breeders from the Eagle, who worked at the All-Russia Research Institute of Fruit Crop Selection, set themselves the task of creating a new species that would have the most important requirements of gardeners:

  • Good frost resistance
  • Low tree growth

It's no secret that these two indicators can be considered the most important for fruit crops. Even having a very large crop on a tree it is important to collect and preserve it, but how to do it if you have to build stairs and appliances during the ripening of fruits. For the Central region of Russia is not characterized by too severe winters, but still spring frosts are often damage to fruit trees - not only part of the crop is lost, but also the appearance deteriorates with love grown tree.

thereforethe resulting hybrid Chocolate girl almost completely meets the requirements of gardeners - not particularly thermophilic, a little sick. Based on two popular and favorite cultivators - cherries Lubskaja and Chernaya, the new hybrid took from its primary sources all the best.

Fruit characteristics

A tree grows only up to two and a half meters in height, its crown resembles a pyramid, turned upside down. The leaves are beautiful with a saturated dark green color, pointed, not shiny. Each inflorescence consists of three flowers of white hue.

Inflorescence of Chocolate Maiden consists of 3 flowers

The life span is decent - with good care, feeding and cutting old branches the tree can live for about twenty years.Fruits are round, in well-groomed trees can reach 20 mm in diameter and weigh up to 3.5 g each. The pulp is juicy, tender, sweet and sour.

The tree does not require special care for itself, Chocolate is unpretentious and gives a plentiful harvest, ripening earlier than in other varieties of cherries.

Table of nutrients in fruits

Useful material Amount
Vitamin P 106, mg
Vitamin C 10 mg and higher
Anthocyanins 39, mg
Ascorbic acid 1, mg
Catechins 37, mg

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantage of the Sokoladnitsa variety is its compactness, but the fact that it is also resistant to frost makes it irreplaceable in the backyard. Falling in love with this variety gardeners - six hundred acres to grow a lot of trees can not, but a compact and high-yield cherries are necessary for everyone. Of course, like any fruit cultural tree, andChocolate has its drawbacks- she is ill with insufficient care of moniliasis and coccomicosis.

And yet compare the rate of fruit ripening and winter hardiness of different varieties of cherries, before buying a tree:

Variety Chocolate Girl Robin Youth Crimson
Resistance to frost high mean high mean
Fruit ripening swift swift average swift
Productivity high high high high
Exposure to diseases Average - moniliolysis and coccomicosis Average - moniliolysis and coccomicosis, fungus Average - moniliolysis and coccomicosis, fungus Average - moniliolysis and coccomicosis, fungus
Self-pollinating Yes no Yes no
Even with the naked eye you can see how much more advantageous to plant on a site such a variety as Chocolate Girl - unpretentious, gives a good harvest and is practically not sick.

Some gardeners believe thatyou can increase the yield of the tree several times if you plant at least one cherry of a different kind for cross-pollination, such pollinators as Lyubskaya, Flask, Vladimirskaya, Studencheskaya, Turgenevka are offered. If there is enough space in your garden, you can use the hint of professionals, however the lonely growing tree of the Chocolate Girl will bring a plentiful harvest.


Features of planting and care

The site for planting a tree is selected carefully, as well as the time of planting. Some gardeners prefer to plant fruit trees "for the winter but this does not mean that you can nottake advantage of the first warm days in early April, when the best place to plant fruit trees. This is the time of the beginning of life, the time of the beginning of the juices' movement, the tree will get better if you choose the spring planting.

Cherry seedlings Sokoladnitsa

Seedling choose a small - up to 70 cm in height, young, pay attention to its root system - developed and powerful.The tree itself should not be damaged, the branches should be elastic and elastic. Age - about one and a half years, this is enough.

To get a good harvest of cherries you need a lot of sun, the tree will prefer the windward side of the site, warm and unshadowed.

If the soil on the site is heavy, take care in advance of the sand, peat, be sure to check - whether there is near or under the proposed well of underground water.Cherries can not tolerate excess moisture, a tree planted in acidic soil with poor drainage will die.

Take out the soil from the hole, the bottom layer should be prepared specially - it will be a mixture of soil with ash and humus, after which it is worth adding a little superphosphate and calcium chloride. ThisWell it is best to form the hole in the autumn, in order to make a landing with the beginning of the juice movement in the spring.

How to plant a cherry properly

  • To begin with, you will need a stake, the diameter of the device to 8 cm, drive it into the ground and aroundmake a marking on the radius of about 30 cm,the depth of the hole is about 70 cm.
  • To the prepared wellfill the prepared mixturesoil, ash and bait.
  • Spread the Root Claw, try not to damage the tender young roots.
Planting a cherry seedlok Sokoladnitsa
  • Set next to the seedlings count, with the height of the tree itself about 70 m, the stake should be higher - about a meter.
  • Tie a seedling to a cola with paper string, do not use plastic ropes-they will injure the tender bark of a young tree
  • Install the seedling so that its neck isabove the ground - about 3-4 cm
  • Fill the hole
  • Compact the eartharound the trunk
  • Pour the treequite abundantly - a bucket for one seedling
  • After watering is mandatoryPrompt landing circle, the thickness of the layer of mulch, consisting of a mixture of sawdust and humus, should be about 5 cm.

The main work is finished, but this does not mean that you do not need to take more care of the tree. While a young plant is young, try at leastonce a week loosen the earth around the trunk, so that air can get to the growing roots, after watering such a procedure is mandatory. Weeds will not appear on the area treated in this way.

Do not overdo it with watering. Water is needed for the tree in the period of flowering and ripening of berries - this is May and June, all the rest of the time you can rely on the weather.

But in May and Juneon each tree it is worth spending about five buckets of water, the harvest will be richer.

Learning to trim a tree

To remove superfluous branches and to form a crown it is necessary annually.Pruning is performed before the bud opening. After cutting the branches of the stump, treat it with a garden sauce. Crown form pyramidal. Be sure to remove dry and frozen branches.

Scheme of pruning a cherry Chocolate girl

A few words about winter hardiness- The chocolate is adapted to the Central strip of Russia, but in severe winters (if meteorologists to you predict a cold period), it is possible to insulate the trunk with spruce paws - they will save the bark of a young tree from rats and mice.

Growing conditions

For fertilizing fruit trees, mineral and nitrogen fertilizers are used. Perfectly suitable Mullein and humus.You need to feed twice a year - in the spring you will need superphosphate and ammonium nitrate, in the autumn - lime, potassium and phosphorus. Do not forget about the mullein - in the spring after flowering and again after a couple of weeks.


Diseases and pests

It's unpleasant whenon the tree there are leaves with brown-red spots - this is a sign of the disease with coccomicosis. Any disease can be predicted and prevented - before opening the first leaves, you need to sprinkle the tree with 3% solution of the Bordeaux liquid. When the cherry blossoms - apply the drug "Skor after flowering - a solution of copper chloride.

If you find the first signs of the disease moniliosis- fungus on the branches and bark of the tree, then remove all burned areas and burn, necessarily treat the tree with copper sulfate.

Fight aphids on fruit trees best with a 3% solution of nitrafen or intavir, if there are a lot of insects, do not forget after the treatment of the tree to clear the ground of fallen insects.

. . Cockcomycosis of cherries.. Moniliose of cherry.. Aphids in the cherry.

Harvesting and storage of crops

Cherry Chocolate fastfood,The first berries you will see on the tree 3 years after planting, they ripen by the middle of July. From one tree with good care can collect up to 15 kg of berries.

It is best to eat cherries in fresh form, but the skillful housewives make from berry compote, wine, liqueurs, cook jam.


Features of this variety

The tree is not high, the crown is pyramidal, the shape of the leaf is pointed.Berries up to 3 mg, the tree is able to give up to 15 kg of fruit. Frost resistant variety, bred for planting in the Central region of, well self-pollinated. Cons - susceptibility to diseases of moniliasis and coccomicosis.


Reviews of gardeners

How to respond about a cherry Chocolate girl gardeners

Mikhail Petrov, a gardener with experience- The variety is young and very promising. To increase the yield offer to plant near the variety of Lubskaja, Flask, Vladimirskaya, Studencheskaya, Turgenevka.

Starova Veronika, gardener- Fruit juicy, sweet and sour, stored well, many of them can be prepared for winter.

Mikhailova Irina- Excellent variety, so many berries, start to bear early, we collect buckets. And it's not bad, I advise everyone.


In the garden there is always a place for fruit trees - for apple, pear, cherry. A small area in garden associations becomes a headache for owners - too many trees can not be planted, so compact varieties are chosen that can provide a rich harvest.Cherry Shokoladnitsa fully meets all requirements- abundant harvest, durability, early fertility, large berries, juicy.

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