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Before you figure out how to choose a top-loading washing machine, you need to understand how it works. This device functions in the same way as a conventional front-facing model. But due to the vertical arrangement of the drum, the unit provides several advantages. At the same time, there are also disadvantages - in more detail about the features of the device and the selection rules are described in the article.

The content of the article

  • Pros and cons of the unit
  • Main selection criteria

Pros and cons of the unit

The principle of operation of such a device is the same as in the case of a classic machine with horizontal loading. But since the hatch opens from the top instead of from the side panel, the installation is more compact and takes up less space. Along with this, a top-loading machine has other pros and cons. The clear benefits include:

  1. The door opens from above, so you can put it close to the wall, in a corner, without worrying about how to load the laundry.
  2. You can stop the washing process at any time and add new clothes. All types of top-loading washing machines have this advantage. As you know, in classic models with a horizontal drum, this is impossible.
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  3. It is more convenient to put linen from top to bottom than from the side. This is a small plus, but it matters, for example, for the elderly.
  4. The vertical unit gives much less vibration, so it makes less noise. For the same reason, it leaves the original installation site to a lesser extent.
  5. Even if there are quite a lot of clothes, vertical machines will cope with overload. In this sense, they are more durable than traditional frontal models.
  6. The motor does not consume much energy. Although the same advantage can be attributed to conventional devices with a horizontal drum.
Washing machine

The advantages of a top-loading washing machine are obvious. But do not forget about the disadvantages:

  1. It will not be possible to put such a unit in a standard kitchen of a small area, since the surface of the table will interfere with loading clothes.
  2. A significant disadvantage is that the cost of the model exceeds the price of horizontal devices by 20-30%.
  3. Detergent and fabric softener trays are more difficult to care for.
  4. The top surface cannot be used as a shelf or countertop.

Conditionally, the lack of the “drum parking” function can also be attributed to the disadvantages. This is a latch that completely blocks the drum at the end of the process. Thanks to this, you can safely and conveniently take out the laundry.

But if you figure out correctly which top-loading washing machine to choose, this disadvantage is easy to avoid. Many modern models have a parking option, and their cost practically does not change from this.

Top loading washing machine

Main selection criteria

To make a bargain, you need to understand how a top-loading washing machine works. Technical and consumer characteristics depend on this. Among them, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  1. Compactness - depends on the power and maximum load. If there is enough space in the apartment or in the house, this indicator can be ignored.
  2. Good loading - 5-6 kg is enough for a small family. Although there are models with a capacity of 3-4 kg (they are the most compact in size). Other devices, on the contrary, are very roomy - 7-8 kg.
  3. Another criterion for choosing a vertical washing machine is related to the control method. In most cases, work is regulated using an electronic scoreboard. You can rarely find models with touch controls - they are more expensive.
  4. Energy class - it is better to choose category A (from one to 3 "+" signs). Class B can also be considered, but in this case more electricity will be spent.
  5. Leak protection system - it is present only in branded models, the cost of which is higher than the market average. This system is useful for urban apartments, as it eliminates leakage even in extreme cases.
  6. The possibility of self-diagnosis - such a system is available for machines with modern electronics.
  7. The spin speed is usually 1200 rpm.
Vertical washing machine

The pros and cons of the vertical washing machine described above show the features of this device. The mechanism works in the same way as the front models. The motor, powered by electricity, accelerates the drum to high speeds, due to which both washing and drying are performed. And despite the higher cost, vertical models are more reliable and convenient. They are less noisy and can last several years without repair.

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