How to install a washing machine in the kitchen

Installing a washing machine in the kitchen - not only saving space, but also decorating the interior. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of installing a stylalk in the kitchen.

Content of the material:

  • 1Washing machine in kitchen design
    • 1.1Installation under the table top
    • 1.2Embedded models
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages of installation
  • 3Choice of washing machine
  • 4Stiralki installation in the kitchen: features

Washing machine in kitchen design

Most people agree that SMA in the kitchen can spoil the design, but many find this a very convenient solution. Thousands of planning options. With a skilful approach, you will not spoil the design of the room, but only profitably transform it. If you have any questions, how to install the machine so that the appearance of the kitchen is not spoiled, we will help you with this. Of course, initially it is necessary to think about such an installation, and not just put the stylalk in the corner and breathe out quietly. In this situation, you need to select a car for the interior. The best option is to install the styralka during the main design.

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Installation under the table top

Do not know how to build a washing machine under the countertop? In this there is nothing complicated. It is recommended to order a furniture set for the desired dimensions of your machine. In this case, the technique will be hidden, and you will get an additional countertop. You can also make corner kitchen. In this case, the machine, built in under the countertop, will not interfere with the movement of the room.

Embedded models

Also you can build an ordinary washing machine in the kitchen. To do this, you will need to make a furniture frame under the machine, which will fit perfectly into the interior and not be different from the basic headset. In this issue, the main thing is to include imagination, and to translate all your desires into reality.

Advantages and disadvantages of installation

Will not the stiralk interfere in the kitchen? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. For someone, this arrangement is not a hindrance, but for other people it is unacceptable. And in most cases the kitchen square plays a huge role. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider in detail the positive and negative aspects when installing the machine in the kitchen. Let's start with the advantages:

  • You do not have to install a machine in the bathroom, which means there will be much more space there.
  • You can perform several actions simultaneously. The washing is on, and you are cooking. In this case, you do not have to throw everything and run to the bathroom to follow the washing process.
  • Due to the fact that the kitchen has more space, you can without doubt acquire a full-sized stylalka. The space of some bathrooms does not allow you to put a large and roomy car.


  • It is unlikely that in the kitchen you will throw dirty laundry. In the bathroom you can install a special basket for this. In the kitchen, there is nowhere to place a linen drawer or a basket.
  • In the kitchen, there is nowhere to store household chemicals. Moreover, the storage of powders next to food is a risky business. So, you have to run to the bathroom before every wash.
  • The technique installed in the kitchen can often get dirty. Therefore, the appearance of greasy spots and streaks is normal.
  • It may be difficult to install vertical type washers. You will have to order a closet with a folding table top - this is very inconvenient.

You see that the disadvantages are more than pluses, but this should not frighten you. For example, for the storage of washing facilities and a basket with dirty laundry, a separate niche of the kitchen set will do. The same applies to the stains that occur during cooking. If the niche is covered by doors, nothing will fall on the body of the car.

Recommendation! Installing a washing machine in the kitchen will save considerable space in the bathroom. Did you dream of a jacuzzi or a large shower? Send the CM to the kitchen and the bath is at your disposal.

Choice of washing machine

Today, buyers choose not only functional, but also compact equipment. They initially look at the size of the model, and then already and to the technical characteristics and features.

Often the choice of SMA depends on how much you have a large room. For a spacious kitchen perfectly suited full-sized machine, which guarantees ease of use. But in the design, it may not fit. If the kitchen is very modest size, it is more appropriate to choose compact models. Narrow machines will stand up even in "Khrushchev" kitchens. "Slender" typewriter is easy to hide in the kitchen set. Also suitable installation of a machine for washing. Washing things and washing dishes at the same time - very convenient accommodation.

If you are used to perfection and unity of style, then the ideal solution is the purchase of a built-in typewriter. You can fully integrate CM, and you can hide it in the furniture headset, so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

Stiralki installation in the kitchen: features

As for full-size and built-in equipment, in the installation they are absolutely identical. But there are several nuances that should be considered when choosing a furniture module:

  1. If you decide to store laundry detergents in the kitchen, select a module 25 cm wider - this will allow you to place household chemicals between the cabinet wall and the machine.
  2. It is necessary to leave a small distance from all sides. Stiralka can vibrate and wobble, she needs space.
  3. Install CM on a perfectly flat surface.
  4. For convenience of maintenance and repair it is necessary that the curbstone does not block access to the rear wall and drain filter.
  5. When installing one more built-in equipment, it is recommended to install the stylalk through several lockers. Automatic machine and stove should not stand side by side.

Be sure to plan in advance the layout and location of equipment. The machine is more difficult to transfer than to install, so do not rush into the decision, and think about it properly. After buying, you need to figure out how to install and connect the AGR. The connection passes inside the cabinets. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, contact an experienced technician.

Do not neglect such an option as installing a typewriter in the kitchen. It is not only convenient, but also harmonious and beautiful.

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