Vacuum cleaner repair their own hands

Regardless of the type of vacuum cleaner called the heart of the engine. TV shows like outline creating a vacuum in our opinion the above - inept manipulation of words. Engine blade draws air filter saves the moving parts of a dust. Each bearing insert is provided for this purpose. From the vacuum motor deprived of the protection of... Repair of vacuum cleaners with their own hands is appropriate, when the heart of the device functions properly, there is a need to replace, modify the brush, lubricate bearings. Charming, that similar devices inside as two drops of water. Different mechanical part, the dust collecting device containers, filters, brushes, hoses, cabinets. Accessories - a substantial portion of the device. The device of the vacuum cleaner, the basic idea remains the same!

broken vacuum cleaner

Apparatus typical vacuum cleaner

The heart of a vacuum cleaner motor is rightly called, traditionally collector. Let us briefly consider the construction of indispensable products, create a clear picture. The induction motor rotating field generated by proper distribution phase windings, the windings successively switches the collector. There are exceptions unpopular. The direction of movement is defined switching direction:

  1. Current flows, field work on the attraction.
  2. Current flows, the fields repel.

As to the question why the rotor spinning it this way, not the opposite when connecting unidirectional winding, the answer is revealed the mutual arrangement of the brush and the stator coil structure collector. Anchored by the number of wound coils, equal to the number of contact areas of the shaft. Brushes nourish each moment only winding. Then scroll shaft some angular distance, the next coil is energized. It takes one turn, the cycle begins anew.

Imagine the stator pole (so far only one - not two), located at the bottom. For example, in the initial time of the brush supplied, so that feeds pole anchors the left construction line. Then, due to the repulsion, the shaft begins to describe the hour hand. Axis is the angular distance, current begins to flow over the next winding, who had to take the place of the previous one. This happens as long as there is a current. And there is no difference, constant or variable. The commutator motor will run, driven by the field direction. The rotational speed is not determined by the frequency - the construction of the mechanical part, the voltage value.

The vacuum cleaner is in your hands

Now, if the fields are drawn, the rotation starts counterclockwise. By the time the stator pole and the rotor will be facing each other, the power will spread next coil, that will start to create the desired effect. The cycle occurs circular. Now the coil. Commutator motors provided with a pair of windings on the stator for a direct current because AC encounters too much resistance from the inductors. That is why some of the commutator motor are made with separate stator leads. It allows you to use one instead of the two windings. Clearly, the load capacity decreases significantly. But the losses are reduced.

In the vacuum cleaner on the motor stator note two diametrically opposite winding to help each other. Mutually coexistence ensures correct switching direction (mentioned above). The reversible motor has a special power relay, switching poles in due course. For comparison, a similar induction motor relay otherwise distributes the voltage phase. It turns reverse. Commutator motor does not require a start winding and capacitor (single phase), which try to imitate a second winding. Simply speaking, the efficiency of three-phase asynchronous motors above. Brainchild of Nikola Tesla and Dolivo-Dobrovolsky used industrial equipment, in the 90 years of household appliances ousted collector (vacuum cleaners are traditionally supplied to the graphite brushes restructuring).

two brushes are used to transfer the armature current. The difference is leveled, where a plus, a minus where the direction is provided by the correct switching.

Whether it is possible by changing the order of connection of the brushes to get the motor to rotate in the opposite direction. The polarity of the fields is replaced with the opposite. This technique is used to obtain the reverse DC voltage. Performing unauthorized repairs vacuum cleaners, remember the correct position of contacts.

How does the vacuum cleaner motor

For the coarse and fine filters air purification hides tangential fan. Air enters through the middle thrown to the periphery, moving, enters the room through the HEPA filter, trapping the particle size of several microns (micrometers). The blade is covered by a cover part is formed in the form of aluminum curved baffles between the two metal planes. A vicious channels. The engine is covered by a plastic cover (usually white) which is cut off the flow path.

It is interesting! Due to the presence of the tangential fan of the vacuum cleaner efficiency hardly reaches 20-30%. When the power consumption of 1600 W absorption of 350 watts.

The brushes are mounted in the mines, for beginners is useful to know: this is a typical pencil graphite (carbon-carbon). You can sharpen parts, customized fit that the steel in place if necessary. If the area of ​​contact with small collector nestrashno gradually brush burnished. Tips slightly stochatsya semicircle inside. Each brush is pressed against a spring, through which the current flows, the measure will provide long life products. Carbon will work until you are worn down to the base. However, the copper collector should be kept clean. Wipe the favorite means, if necessary, remove the oxide film to copper shine.

vacuum cleaner motor

The shaft is attached to the stator by two bearings. Different sizes to make it easier to conduct dismantling of the vacuum cleaner. The front bearing a large, rear - small. Val gently distracting from the stator by suitable means (pneumatic pickup) helps moderate heating. Bearings are provided anthers. Although vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum, dirt gets there too. Anthers are gently removed with a screwdriver to lubricate parts when necessary. Suitable: composition HADO, Lithol - 24, EP - 2. Lubrication is laid inside duster is put in place.

Disassemble the vacuum cleaner repair

Vacuum cleaner repair their own hands starts readout of the housing. In each case, their methods. Removed filters, closing access to the engine. Electrical installation disconnected (off the vacuum cleaner from the outlet), a plastic motor housing is unscrewed from the frame. It should remove the motor from the casing, after which the fan is removed. The nut is provided with a left-hand thread, twist gently. After the fan is collector-cover, which hides under the electrical part. The further course of operations is clear from previously read until the rotor is removed.

Vacuum cleaner repair their own hands

If necessary, bearing ultimate joint thread stripping solution or a hydraulic press. Use assistive devices. Small balls, the diameter inwardly extending bearing. It recommended zaplyuschit on the one hand, to not pushed. Reverse the installation is carried out in a similar manner. If you hold an anchor for the bearing arm, the rotation should be fast, quiet, confident. When grease is removed the outer bellow, take the trouble to put the same side of the new spare parts.

Typical damage to vacuum cleaners

That breaks the vacuum cleaner.

  • brushes;
  • bearings;
  • motor winding;
  • power cord;
  • fuse.

In other vacuum cleaners two engine. The second is located on the brush, which causes the villi to move. The cyclone model uses turbo, work is done by moving air. Structural refinement simplifies the manufacture of the hose, removes one big problem when the wire is torn in the thickness of rubber. Of course, modern facilities will allow to pinpoint the location of an incident spot, better avoid breakage at all. The idea of ​​designers, fit inside the brush motor, easy to understand: there is no need to press during harvesting, decent weight. Do, decide for yourself. In the opinion of the editorial board, the brush should be easy to wield it easier.

Repair washing vacuum cleaners does not differ from that described above. However, the units contain a pump that feeds water into the hose. Let us return to the issue later in the review. With regard to the input path is not different from the conventional configuration, except for the presence of the water filter. Most look dull boxes, filled with water. Some vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering at the junction hose and beaten body thin streams of water. Powered initial dust capture. However, the problem is difficult to notice. Another thing, if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a self-test option, which will tell the place of breakage dislocation.

Repair of vacuum cleaners robots closely affects the area of ​​electronics. Service mechanisms of the inning. However, in a reduced size will find the engine. Most functions are implemented using the memory capacity of the various programs. Repair of vacuum cleaners Electrolux will seem like child's play compared with the task to organize the work of Rumba or Scooby US firm iRobot (US Army and Police automation developer). A significant drawback of robots is called uneven coatings cleaning impossibility. Electronic servants deprived of the ability to create a vacuum... use a rotating brush, sweeping away the dust.

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