Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

"I have seen cats without a smile, but a smile without a cat ..." L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."

Today it is difficult to find a model equipped with a bag. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners with water filter and robots - the unit does not need a bag. When the buyer is looking for the best product, is meant by this an optimal price-quality ratio. High-end vacuum cleaners worth 35,000 rubles and more, they can do everything and will provide a mountain of useful qualities. What are the last cyclonic vacuum cleaners from the inventor of the concept, Dyson, whose inner HEPA-filter can not be changed during the period of operation.

Vacuum cleaners-robots

"The robot - from the Czech forced labor." Wikipedia

Not undertake today to consider industrial vacuum cleaners without bags, it's a different story! We admire that is exposed on the counter for home. Robotic vacuum cleaners please buyers, cleaned the house on a weekly schedule. Left "slave" to the cleaning activities pokolesil the room until the owners not, took the trash to the base, and he rose to recharge.

Vacuum cleaner with a container

Unfortunately, the picture in reality far from idyllic. Robots do not know how to:

  • understand where already vacuumed and which did not have time to visit;
  • to overcome the high hurdles, sometimes on the carpet can not call;
  • jump on the stairs;
  • determine where lies the dust until they poke his nose.

Therefore, the robot cleaner travels through the house, but selected passages remain unharvested. We conducted a study between expensive and cheap models. Both failed to challenge, but the top model was closer to the goal. We see a chance that iClebo Arte - a vacuum cleaner of the upper price segment - will leave behind the famous competitors from China, made by order of unknown firms ephemeral.

It looks like a giant robot the size of a tablet, round player for CDs. The machine has a number of wheels on which the electronic sender moves briskly couple hairy brushes inside - the vacuum pump. Bristles raises dust and mechanically pushes the container. Today let cleaning robot vacuum cleaners, but where the miracle of technology keeps the water at a small size, flyers silent.

When absurdities robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a huge advantage, making popular products - machinery operates automatically. If properly build a house without thresholds, is lined with fine carpet, faithful servant will see to the floor, and people forget about cleaning. The gadget is able to return to the station on a signal of an electromagnetic wave, while unable to keep in mind the house card (only floor). When the problem is resolved, the robot vacuum cleaner will be a powerful tool for maintaining cleanliness in the home.

household vacuum cleaner

The robot cleaner iClebo Arte

The device costs 20,000 rubles, is able to make the room card and wipe the floors microfiber (cloth). Alarming statement that placed inside the cyclone. Consider a model closer. Several limitations of the robot cleaner iClebo Arte:

  • the container will have to shake the hand each time after cleaning;
  • cleaning area restrictions tightened special tape;
  • robot vacuum cleaner can not cope with the whole house will have to carry along with the docking station on the premises.

But the smart machine:

  • Is equipped with a camera on his head, looks at the ceiling, mapping facilities.
  • Equipped with 20-Tew sensors against collision with obstacles.
  • Able to clean area of ​​1x1 m by pressing.
  • Overcomes obstacles to a height of 20 mm.
  • Rub off the dust from the floor with a wet cloth.

Modern vacuum container

The cleaning robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Scooba

The cleaning robot cleaner iRobot Scooba first acquaintance shows differences. Does not require a restrictive pull tape just gives the opportunity to ask the forbidden zone where no cleaning service. Objectives serve as a special Virtual Wall unit that generates beams for which the robot vacuum cleaner does not come. Unlike the previous model instance is aimed at smooth floors. It has special coatings and sensors Detection avoids carpets. Clean floor techniques. Initially sucks dust, sprays detergent composition, and then removes the resulting tert dirt until sensors do not report that the space is free from contamination.

Cleaning is carried out under the furniture where to put the body of the robot cleaner in height. Special rubber scraper, like window washers, allow the device to dryness to remove the water and sucked into a special container. the cleaning rate was 1 square meter per minute. This high figure, remove the shoe from the floor and other interference movement. The device will attempt to use optimal algorithms crawl space.

Of course, the robot cleaner must be charged before the trip, then you have to be cleaned manually. Charging the battery is being host. For small apartments strongly doubt the feasibility of the robot cleaner iRobot Scooba.

Budget robot cleaner Sparky

At a cost of 5,000 rubles Sparky robot vacuum cleaner looks handsome with a UV lamp designed to decontaminate the floor. It is unlikely that gizmo has built-in mapping, self-will not return to the dock. But the benefits of the price. Easier to release four of these robot cleaner, than to buy a single road. Hardly conventional cyclone vacuum cleaner Bimatek will operate independently. Consequently, the time savings are obvious.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

cyclonic vacuum cleaners

"Ldzhi Hoover bagless" Search cache Yandex.

Vacuum cleaners are based on the industrial ventilation air purification systems. The meaning of what has happened: the flow in the cylindrical container is twisted in a circle, the centrifugal force throws dust into the outer compartment. As the cake in rotary juicer.

Vacuums Shark NV350SL is unusual for Russian eyes design vision once in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry". This mop trolley with cyclone filter located at the bottom. The model is suitable in size and abilities for maids, constantly flashing the like on the TV screen. That there is a power cord 7 meters long!

Needless to say, when the mass of 9 kg is difficult to transport Shark NV350SL vacuum cleaner on stairs. Device High power suction and a relatively small container for a giant. Turbo brush vacuum cleaner with no bag will effectively collect carpets with animal fur. Advantage - detachable brush, resulting in cabinets are available. At the same advertiser in the video does not advertise the weight, but it is clear that members of shooting bend under the weight.

Bagless vacuum cleaner to collect dust Shark NV350SL aimed at professional use of the maids. The average apartment this hulk looks out of place. Vacuum cleaner Hansa HVC-190C, on the other hand, is a typical design for the home. The unit can not be considered much cheaper.

Vacuum cleaners washing

"I also know how to cook!" E. Assumption mouth cat Matroskin.

Other appliances replaces the mop! Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Scooba is considered the equivalent of an automatic washing vacuum cleaner. Principle: sprinkled with water, rubbed, sucked. Vacuum cleaner Polti Lecoaspira Friendly heavy and expensive, will allow to conduct cleaning with steam. This is not a traditional detergent model. As a rule, steam acts as a prerogative of steam cleaners. Hence the space price. Ability, of course, wonderful. Simultaneously with the cleaning disinfection. Contamination readily extend under the action of steam.

Lack of detergent cleaner without a dust bag that have to bother with cleaning after harvest. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners, from this point of view is much easier to maintain.


We do not recommend to look for ranking bagless vacuum cleaners on the Internet, there is not budget options, and any expensive model is good. If you really want a top cyclone, take a thousand for 18 rubles from the inventor. For example, Dyson DC41c Origin. This is a guarantee of a great vacuum cleaner without a dust bag, leaving the dirt inside. Up until the bacterial spores.

We list the main trends of modern household appliances market. Today, the question of what a vacuum cleaner with a bag better, no longer has the correct solution. On the planet of thousands of suitable samples.

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