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As the name implies, an ice cream maker is a home appliance that allows you to prepare ice cream in just 20-30 minutes. At the same time, many modern models can also prepare other delicacies, such as cocktails or yogurts. To use them correctly. you need to familiarize yourself with the types of models and instructions for use. This and other useful information on the topic can be found in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Device and types
  • How to choose
  • Instructions for use

Device and types

If we talk about what an ice cream maker is, you should start with the device. There are different types of device, but the principle of their operation is approximately the same. It consists in the simultaneous carrying out of 2 processes:

  • mixing cream with sugar;
  • continuous freezing of the mixture.

Thanks to both procedures, the cream is frozen into very small crystals saturated with air. Therefore, in the end, it is not an ice floe that appears, but a viscous mass, which is ice cream.

We can say about the ice cream maker that this is a device for obtaining such a mass based on a mixture of cream with a fat content of at least 30%, sugar and (if necessary) other additions, such as vanilla.

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Today, different models are made, which, depending on the principle of operation, are divided into 3 types:

  1. manual mechanical - consists of a bowl, a movable mechanism and a handle. This ice cream maker rotates by hand, which ensures autonomous operation (even in the absence of electricity). But today, such devices are rare, because they require effort.
  2. semi-automatic - This is an ice cream maker, the instructions for which describe it as a device on an electric motor. It is he who ensures the rotation and mixing of the ingredients, so that no effort is required. But in order for the mass to cool, you need to put it in the freezer.
  3. Automatic – tool with motor and cooling system. If we talk about what this type of ice cream maker looks like, we can say that it practically does not differ from a semi-automatic one. But since the model is equipped with a cooling unit, you can do without a freezer. In fact, this is a home "mini-factory" for the production of ice cream.

We can say about the ice cream maker that this is a device into which the mixture is poured to obtain a treat. Moreover, the more modern the model, the more complex it is and the faster it prepares the dessert. So, in automatic devices, the bowl is separated by two walls, between which a cooling agent is pumped, as in a refrigerator.

How to choose

Knowing only the types of ice cream makers is not enough. Moreover, it is quite clear that the choice will be between a semi-automatic and automatic device. The first is cheaper, but the automatic device works autonomously and allows you to make ice cream even without a freezer.

However, in order to make the right choice of a particular model, it is necessary to take into account its technical parameters and dimensions. Among the most important criteria are the following:

  1. Container type and material. Most often, devices are equipped with a removable container, as indicated by the instructions for the ice cream maker. If the container is removed, it is easy to pour cream into it, and then remove and wash. As for the material, plastic containers are most often made. Although you can find models with stainless steel containers. They are more expensive, but much more reliable.
  2. To quickly make ice cream, the machine must also be selected by power. The higher the indicator, the higher the cooking speed. For semi-automatic models, the parameter is usually in the range of 10-100 watts. But it is better to purchase automatic devices with a power of 150-220 watts.
  3. Capacity volume. The ice cream machine is usually equipped with a container with a volume of 500 ml to 1-1.5 liters. Sometimes there are models with a capacity of 1.6-2 liters, but this is quite a lot and is not always justified. In addition, the larger the volume, the greater the amount of electricity consumed. And you need to understand that the output will be a product with a volume of 60% of the original mixture. For example, from 1 liter of raw materials it is realistic to make only 600 ml of finished ice cream.
  4. The presence of additional functions - only automatic devices are equipped with them. For example, you can turn on the keep warm function so that the product does not cool down for 1 hour or more. Some models will allow you to make milkshakes and yogurts at home. There are devices for cooking using the “melting ice cream” or “fried” technique (the mixture rolls out on a plane and resembles a “fried” pancake).
  5. Finally, you can pay attention to the completeness. For example, some appliances are sold with a set of molds, a spare container, and even a recipe book for various desserts.
How to choose an ice cream maker

Instructions for use

The ice cream machine is always supplied with a manual from the manufacturer. The algorithm of actions depends on the specific type of device. For example, manual and semi-automatic, after kneading, the bowl is placed in the freezer for cooling. Automatic models are simpler in this regard - after processing, the mixture remains in them until completely cooled.

In general, the instruction step by step looks like this:

  1. The spindle of the rotating element is attached to the engine by turning until it clicks.
  2. A blade is put on the lower end.
  3. The bowl is removed from the appliance (if it is removable) and a pre-prepared mixture of 30% or more cream, sugar and (if necessary) other additions is poured.
  4. Then install the cover together with the engine, making sure that the latches enter as tightly as possible until they click.
  5. Set the desired program (for example, for 20 minutes) and turn on the start button.
  6. After finishing work, the thicket is removed again and put in the freezer (if the ice cream device is automatic, the container is left in place).
Ice cream device

After the ice cream is received, it is recommended to transfer it to another container. The bowl itself is washed with the usual means and wiped dry, then put in place. Thus, the instruction manual for the device is quite simple. The main condition is to properly prepare the mixture for obtaining ice cream and follow the described algorithm.

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