F31 error in the Bosch washing machine

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The Bosch self-diagnostic system has detected a breakdown and generated error F31.What this error means: exceeded the permissible water level in the tank. As a result, you may notice a leak under the typewriter.

Pay attention! Error code F 31 is considered critical. This means that you should not use a Bosch washing machine before troubleshooting.

Material content:

  • 1 Code F31: causes of malfunction
  • 2 Troubleshooting and solutions

Code F31: causes of malfunction

The Bosch washer can pour water several times during operation. Depending on the installed program, this is considered normal.

But what to do if the washerman is constantly drawing water? It is urgent to take action, otherwise failure will not only lead to failure of parts, but also to the flooding of neighbors.

As soon as you notice that the display shows error F31, do the following:

  1. Stop the program with the button on the control panel. Try to turn on the drain mode.
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  3. Disconnect the CM Bosch from the network, turn off the water inlet valve. With the help of a drain filter, drain the water and remove the laundry.

Caution! If you notice a leak near a typewriter, first of all, disconnect it from electricity. In extreme cases, lower the switch on the distribution box.

Now start troubleshooting:

  • Siphon effect. As a result of the formation of rarefied pressure in the sewage system, self-draining can occur. Washer Bosch in this case begins to recapture water. It turns out a continuous process of plum-set. The system generates an error F 31. A special valve that is put on the drain hose can help.
  • Incorrect installation of the hose also leads to self-draining. The pressure switch informs about the shortage of water, CM Bosch starts its fence again, and F31 is highlighted on the panel.

If the checks did not help clear the error, move on.

Troubleshooting and solutions

How to fix the problem and solve the problem yourself? Check the following Bosch washing machine components:

  • Pressure switch. This is a pressure switch that serves to control the amount of water in the tank. Therefore, when SM Bosh continues to set the set, it makes sense to check the serviceability of the pressostat.

The cause of breakage could be a worn-out membrane, which reacts to an increase in pressure in the tank, or the contacts burned out.

What to do: immediately inspect the wiring harness that connects the pressure switch to the control module. If there is a violation, try to isolate the area. Otherwise, replace the entire train.

Examine the pressure switch hose; it could become clogged. Last, check the pressure switch with a tester, install a new device if necessary.

  • Inlet Valve. Serves for a water intake in the washing machine Bosch.

The valve membrane has been disrupted due to prolonged use. A sign of failure is considered to be a constant intake of water, even when the CM is turned off. The error code F31 is on the display.

Valve replacement will help fix the problem and reset the error. After disconnecting the Bosch washer from the network and communications, remove and inspect the valve. Element is better to replace immediately.

  • Drain pump. The device pumps out water from the Bosch washing machine.

Error F31 can also indicate a pump failure. How to check it:

  1. Remove the drain pump from the Bosch machine.
  2. Remove the screws that secure the housing to the cochlea.
  3. Pull the motor with impeller out of the cochlea.
  4. Examine the impeller, perhaps a thread wrapped around it, which prevents the pump from functioning properly.
  5. Connect the multimeter test leads to the pump terminals.
  6. If the resistance is 0, then the pump is defective. Need to install a new device.

Watch the video on the topic:

  • The electronic module is the "brain" of CM Bosch. He manages all the processes in the washing machine.

Module may sooner or later fail. The reason for this is the high humidity in the room where the washing machine is located, or sudden voltage drops in the network.

Inspect the module wiring for integrity. If the reason is in the module itself, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

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