How to make a podium for a washing machine with your own hands

If you live in a small apartment, you know first hand how important each square meter, and sometimes a centimeter. Therefore, we offer you an interesting, affordable and relatively simple way to save space - to make a podium under the washing machine with your own hands. "What is the essence of savings?" - you ask. After all, the podium is still a waste of space! Then you will see that this is a useful thing that will serve you an excellent service.

Content of the material:

  • 1Advantages of installing a washing machine on the podium
  • 2Selecting a room
  • 3What you need to create a podium for a washing machine
  • 4Common types of podiums
  • 5Features of SM operation on the podium

Advantages of installing a washing machine on the podium

This design has practically no minuses, from the podium in your apartment there will be some advantages:

  1. Stiralka does not take much space, because it can be located on unclaimed territory of housing.
  2. If the stand under the washing machine with a drawer, then it can hide all sorts of small things - detergents, soap, rags, brushes, etc.
  3. The podium significantly dampens the vibration, if the design was made by all rules.

Important! Installing the machine on a high podium, you can much easier to use it. Namely - you do not have to bend your back to throw the laundry in the tank.

Selecting a room

Plus, that the podium for the washing machine can be done not only in the bathroom, but in other rooms, and the ideas of incarnation at home craftsmen have accumulated a lot.

Usually the stand under the washing machine is made in such rooms:

  • in the bathroom;
  • in the kitchen;
  • in a bathroom or a toilet;
  • in the pantry;
  • on the veranda.

The last two rooms are unlikely to be in ordinary apartments - these options are suitable for owners of private houses. And for urban residents fit the first options. If the washing machine is standing in the bathroom, then the stand is best placed under the sink.If the machine will be placed in the kitchen, then by tradition it is installed in a niche, in the middle of the kitchen set. And if you decide to send the styaralka to the toilet, then the podium can be constructed behind the toilet. Speaking of a veranda or a pantry: for these rooms there can be a lot of decisions that depend on the type and area of ​​the premises.

What you need to create a podium for a washing machine

If you need a stand for a washing machine, making it by yourself is not so difficult. It is important - to choose the right materials and tools, to choose the type of the future design.

Important! The podium should be as stable as possible to withstand the weight of the typewriter in 60-80 kilos. So plastic, PVC, gypsum board are suitable only as a cladding.

The podium itself is worth making, choosing from such materials:

  • brick;
  • foam block;
  • concrete;
  • wood bars 100x100 or 150x150 mm;
  • metal corner;
  • polycarbonate plate and so on.

But as a liner suitable not so strong, but more aesthetic materials:

  • tiles, ceramics;
  • gypsum board (waterproof);
  • plastic;
  • Particleboard (waterproof, laminated).

Speaking of the instrument, it is still easier with him. Look at your tools, maybe you do not even have to buy anything:

  • Master OK;
  • level;
  • Measuring tape, tape measure;
  • saw-hacksaw;
  • electric drill, electric shock;
  • angle grinding machine;
  • building pencil;
  • crosshead screwdriver.

Attention! You can also buy special blocks or polycarbonate plates on request. It is enough to choose a firm, to inform it the sizes, and you will manufacture and deliver material from which you can quickly and easily assemble the stand.

Common types of podiums

The simplest podium. Level 1.How to make:

  1. Take 2 blocks of wood, a length of 63 cm.
  2. Put them in parallel.
  3. Between the bars should be a distance equal to the width of the stylalki.
  4. Place two boards of 60x3x30 cm on the uneven bars.
  5. Screw the boards to the beams using self-tapping screws.
  6. You will have the likeness of a shelf.
  7. A ledge with a width of 30 mm will remain in front.
  8. Put a board of 30 mm wide on the ledge, turning it with an edge.
  9. As a result, you will have a podium with a border, the width of which will be 270 mm. If you want to reduce its width, cut the board along the length into two parts.
  10. Fix the side with screws.

Disadvantages:it will not work to install a container for small things.

Pluses:The machine will acquire additional stability, it will work well and quietly.

Important! Stop your choice on larch, buying bars. This kind of wood is not afraid of moisture.

On a note. To make such a podium more attractive, you can decorate it with plasterboard or use other finishing materials.

The podium is more complicated. Level 2.This stand is made of bricks in this way:

  • Lay the bricks in two walls, parallel to each other in one layer. The distance between these walls is equal to the width of your AGR.
  • Lay a plate of concrete or polycarbonate on top of the walls, fixing it on a cement slurry.
  • From the front, sew a pair of corners of metal to the plate.

This podium is more capacious from below, so in it you can make a box under the washing machine, in which you can add all the necessary trifles for washing. If you make a box on wheels, it will be stylish, and convenient - pulled the handle, and all that is necessary before your eyes. This podium is suitable even for the smallest rooms, such as a toilet in a Khrushchevka, however, with a drawer then it does not work. The construction of the podium for the toilet is slightly modified:

  1. Lay the drain pipe on the floor with a brick.
  2. Line up the walls.
  3. Cover with a stove.
  4. Then everything is the same as described above.
  5. You can impose a podium ceramic tiles.

The option is not to everyone's liking, but it saves space very much.

Steep podium. Level 99.Its steepness is that it's not necessary to do anything: just order blocks and polycarbonate plates and put everything together like a children's designer. Blocks and slabs are fastened with self-tapping screws, and all can be used!

Important! Monolithic polycarbonate - a good choice. It is durable, not afraid of water and moisture, and very resistant to mechanical damage. As if the machine was not jumping on such a podium, it is durable, like a rock.

The disadvantage is only one: price. But who will stop it if you want to save space and give the machine a chance to work for a few years longer? Installation of the machine on the finished podium To build the stand - half the battle, you still need to hoist a stick on it. Many do not know how to lift the washing machine over the floor correctly, so as not to damage anything. It is necessary to take into account several important factors:

  • Calculate the distance to the outlet. If you forgot to do this, constructing a podium, then check at least before you start moving the machine. If the length of the cord is not enough, you will have to use an extension cord, which is undesirable.
  • The water supply hose is also short, but you can buy a longer hose or lengthen the existing hose.
  • In order not to have a sowing machine, it is necessary to raise the sewer pipe. Raise it so that it exceeds the surface of the stand by 40 cm.

How to raise the pipe:

  1. Connect the knee to the old pipe.
  2. Connect the pipe to it, taking a piece of the correct size.
  3. Install the drain hose into the sewage pipe.

Features of SM operation on the podium

Most users are afraid that at high spin speeds, when the machine starts to jump, it can jump off the podium. It's really possible. Therefore, it is advised to make the edges in front, so that the machine does not break. If the podium is so high that you calmly, without bending, put the laundry in the tank, then there may be difficulties with the cuvette, it will be difficult to get into. You need to think through the height of the podium to a millimeter, so you do not have to bend your back, and you did not have to jump to the cuvette.

In general, it can be concluded that the washing machine installed on the podium is not only a space saving, but also a small compensation for the obvious shortcomings of technology.

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