How to choose a refrigerator for cosmetics and perfumes for home and work

What are the individual refrigerators for cosmetics, how to make the right choice and why keep the cream and mask in the cold at all? We answered all the questions in this article.

Portable portable refrigerator for storing cosmetics, requiring constant cooling

Content of the material:

  • 1Why store cosmetics in mini refrigerators
    • 1.1Features of mini-models
    • 1.2Features of cosmetics storage
    • 1.3What can not be stored in the refrigerator compartment
    • 1.4What can and should be stored in a cool
  • 2Features of choice of technology
    • 2.1Dimensions and capacity
    • 2.2Energy efficiency class
    • 2.3Selecting the built-in refrigerator
    • 2.4Camera accessories
  • 3Review of refrigerators
    • 3.1Samsung Cool-kit
    • 3.2Liebherr CMES 502 COOL Mini
    • 3.3DaiNet
    • 3.4Biszet
    • 3.5XEOLEO 3L
    • 3.6XEOLEO 5L
    • 3.7XEOLEO 7L

Why store cosmetics in mini refrigerators

Any cream, whey, mask and even decorative cosmetics have recommended storage conditions. The shelf life of natural products made by own hands is very small. In addition, they require a special temperature regime.

  • Vitaminized products should be stored at + 5-8 degrees.
  • For creams suitable + 8-10 degrees.
  • A mark of +12 is maintained by means containing elastin and collagen.

Some ladies store perishable creams in a conventional household refrigerator. But the temperature in the chamber is much lower than recommended by the manufacturer, especially cosmetics contact with food. It is unlikely you will like to apply a cream with the smell of sausage.

There is a better way out. You can store cosmetics and perfumes in special devices, where optimal conditions are maintained. Such units can be built in or hung on a wall.

Compact table mini refrigerator for storing tubes with cosmetics

Features of mini-models

What are the advantages of such devices:

  • Cooling method. In conventional refrigerators, a compression method is used where the refrigerant is used. A thermoelectric method is used in a com- metric refrigerator. And the amount of energy consumed is comparable to a conventional bulb - 30-50 watts.
  • The capacity of the department can be chosen in accordance with the wishes - from 5 to 13 liters.
  • It is possible to adjust the temperature from 8 to 12 degrees. Air flows are evenly distributed through ventilation.
  • Method of placement. It can be a built-in stationary refrigerator or a stand-alone refrigerator. Also, there are portable options that are launched using an automobile engine.
  • Bright design. Unusual models become an object of decor, a highlight of the interior.
  • The inner walls of the chamber are covered with antibacterial composition. Individual brands have branches without cooling to store trifles. Inside, you can also put medicines.

A stylish roomy cosmetic refrigerator, containing even bottles of baby food

Features of cosmetics storage

It is necessary to observe the rules and create suitable conditions not only at home, but also during transportation. If you choose a portable unit, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Perhaps, the products can be transported in frozen form. Then it is better to buy a portable freezer.

When installing a mini-refrigerator in the cabin, properly place the products on the shelves. It is necessary to consider the shelf life: products with a longer stand on the back wall, the rest are closer to the door. Any person will take a bottle that will stand closer to him.

The rules of care of the device are exactly the same as for an ordinary refrigerator. At least once a year, he needs to turn off, defrost and wash. To do this, you need to turn off the equipment for a day, get hold of the shelves and wash the walls with soapy water. To eliminate unpleasant odors in the water can add lemon juice.

What can not be stored in the refrigerator compartment

Not all cosmetics need to be placed in such a refrigerator. They can deteriorate from improper storage.

  • Pencils. The soft base dries up and becomes firm.
  • Pomade. Fatty and soothing ingredients in the lipstick will dry. Matte will become unsuitable for use, and mother-of-pearl can change the color and consistency.
  • Ink. Requires the same conditions as lipstick.

The exception is podvodka, which experienced users recommend placing in the cold before use.

  • Powder, shadows, blush. Dissipated products are stored at room temperature. They do not contain perishable components, so there is no sense in putting them in the refrigerator.
  • Perfumery. Some people think that placing the perfume in a cool place helps maintain persistence. Why then in boutiques and shops they do not cost in refrigerators? It's nothing more than a myth.
  • Lucky. From low temperature values ​​they can exfoliate, condensation forms inside, which leads to spoilage of the product.
  • Foundation. When applied to warm skin, the tonal base melts and falls evenly. In the chamber the agent will thicken and will not create the proper effect.
  • Oils and products with oily base.

Convenient desktop refrigerator for storing cosmetic products with convenient shelves on the door

What can and should be stored in a cool

It is recommended to put on shelves:

  • Medical masks, as well as those that contain natural ingredients.
  • Fatty Cream.
  • Serums.
  • Thermal water, tonics, anti-acne remedies.
  • Organic cosmetics containing vitamin C.
  • Water based products.
  • Medications.

Features of choice of technology

What you need to consider when buying a refrigerator for cosmetics.

Dimensions and capacity

The standard dimensions of the models are as follows: the height can be from 60 cm to, m, the depth of the case is 60-80 cm, the width is 60-100 cm. The choice depends on the available space in the room.

Look at the camera's internal device. You can buy a small refrigerator with one compartment and a small freezer on top. Also there are models "Side-by-Side the doors of which open like a cabinet. They are represented by manufacturers LG and Samsung.

Stylish refrigerator for storing cosmetics at home with thick walls and flowing forms

Energy efficiency class

The class depends on how much the device consumes electricity, how long it keeps the temperature. The best option is a technique with a class from A to C. D are practically not produced, because they are not energy efficient.

Reduce the consumption of electricity will help the correct placement and use:

  • Install the unit away from batteries, radiators and other heat sources.
  • Do not keep the doors open and close them tightly.
  • Place the bottles at room temperature.

Selecting the built-in refrigerator

This technique can save space and seamlessly fit into the interior. The depth of the body varies from 53 to 55 cm. The price of such models is usually higher than stationary ones.

Built-in features an economical power consumption, since their body is better insulated.

The doors can be repositioned. A special scheme is attached to the instruction for hanging the facade.

Camera accessories

Mini-refrigerators are also equipped with a defrost system. She happens to be drip and Know Frost. Shelves are usually made of plastic, but it is better to stop the choice on shelves made of impact-resistant glass.

Portable refrigerator for storing cosmetics with a convenient folding handle and a glass insert on the door

Often an electronic control unit comes with a remote control. With its help, it is possible to regulate the climatic conditions. Some models are even equipped with "Quick cooling" modes.

How to track the shelf life of cosmetics? The electronic calendar will help you. This is an additional function that "remembers" the date of placement of funds in the office and the date when the storage period ends.

Review of refrigerators

Consider the most famous models.

Samsung Cool-kit

A well-known manufacturer of equipment could not stay away and released a novelty called Cool-kit. Dimensions only 3, × 3, × 2, cm. In fact, this is a smaller version of a conventional refrigerator, since cooling is performed by the compressor.

Stylish modern compact refrigerator for cosmetics with a display and interesting design

The large refrigerating compartment has capacity, liters. A small compartment on, liter does not cool, can be used for small things.


  • The temperature in the compartment is controlled by an electronic display.
  • The defrost system is No Frost, and the type of refrigerant used is HFC-134a.

Stylish design allows you to find a decent place in the room. The cost is from 5000 rubles.

Liebherr CMES 502 COOL Mini

A universal model can be used to store both cosmetics and soft drinks. The installation is stationary or suspended - in the latter case, the refrigerator becomes an interesting decor object. The height of the body is 6 cm, width 4 cm, depth 45 cm.

A stylish and roomy household refrigerator for cosmetics with shelves of metal grilles

The total volume is 45 liters, and the useful volume is 42 liters. Three shelves are made of impact-resistant glass, two of them can be adjusted in height. Doors are also glass, which makes it possible to inspect the contents. The case is made of stainless steel and looks stylish and modern.

Power consumption is 107 kW per year. Cooling type - Know Frost, works on the compressor. Inside the LED-backlight is organized. The control is mechanical, the front legs can be adjusted.

The price is from 60 000 rubles.


In Russia, the DaiNet technique is supplied by the Korean firm Royaks. The series consists of 12 models. The simplest version is DaiNet Clock, the most expensive and luxurious is DaiNet Elyte. Instruments support the microclimate in the compartment (temperature and humidity).

Design refrigerator for storing cosmetics in the form of an ancient chest of drawers with imitation of gilding

The capacity of the cells varies from 5 to 13 liters. Model DaiNet Pearl is presented in a plastic case, weighing only 3 kg and dimensions 2, × 3, × 2, cm.

The chic version of DaiNet Retro is designed in a retro style and decorated with natural wood. Cabinet dimensions: 23 × 35 × 29 cm, weight kg. Externally, the unit resembles an old chest.

The work of all models is based on the thermoelectric method, so they work silently. Power consumption is only 30-50 watts. The temperature is adjustable from +8 to +12 degrees.

The prices vary from 5000 to 10 000 rubles.


Biszet offers two variants of refrigerated cabinets: B7 - suspended, B11 - floor. Elegant models are made of stainless steel. Doors made of glass.

Variant of location of an industrial refrigerator for storing cosmetics on the weight and on the floor

Each shelf in the compartment has its own climatic zone:

  • The top supports +12 degrees.
  • Average: + 8-10 degrees.
  • Lower: + 5-8 degrees.

Therefore, in the department you can simultaneously store various cosmetic products, as well as medicines.

The cost is from 8000 rubles.

The next three models you will find in the online store Aliexpress.


Mini-box can replace a portable refrigerator bag. Inside there are two compartments: one larger, calculated for 3 liters. The temperature in it is regulated by a digital timer from +8 to +18 degrees. The second chamber serves to store small elements.

Horizontal refrigerator box for storing cosmetics with two cameras and an additional lid with a mirror

Portable "chest" is convenient to take with you on a trip for the safety of natural creams and serums. The size of the product is only 35x15x25 cm. Electricity consumption per day is, kW.

The price is from 8000 rubles.


Compact portable device with a size of 35x25x1, An interesting model with rounded corners has a common camera and a small shelf on top. The capacity is 5 liters. As in another version, the digital timer helps to control the climate inside (+ 8-18 ° С).

Stylish small rounded desktop refrigerator for cosmetics with two shelves on the door

In a small cell, the Noë Frost system is installed. There are two additional shelves on the door. Weight, kg.

The cost is from 9000 rubles.


A portable refrigerator that can be connected even in the car. The work is based on the thermoelectric method. The device has one compartment with a capacity of 7 liters. A fan is installed in the compartment to distribute the flow. There are two additional shelves on the door.

Deep and roomy professional desktop refrigerator for cosmetics and several levels

The No Frost defrost system, so you do not have to worry about condensation on flasks and bottles. It is connected to electricity and consumes, kW per day. The digital timer allows you to adjust the temperature from + 8 ° C to + 18 ° C.

Dimensions of the case: 35x25x1, cm, weight - 4 kg.

The price is from 10 000 rubles.

If you previously did not know about the existence of refrigeration technology for cosmetics, then now think about its acquisition. Every woman who loves to take care of her will find it a worthwhile investment.

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