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A modern person values ​​his time very much, so the usual ironing of clothes is not the best thing to do. It is for this situation that a steam generator was invented, with the help of which you can simplify this task as much as possible. This is no longer a luxury item, but an everyday household appliance.

The difference between a steam generator and a conventional iron is that, in fact, a steam generator is a stand for an iron. Such a device is capable of delivering a large flow of dry steam with a minimum of moisture content. Ironing with such a device is many times faster, because clothes do not require additional moisture. You don’t even need to buy an ironing board additionally, it’s enough to buy a good iron in 2021, and you can literally iron from the hanger, and curtains without removing them from the baguette.

If you still don’t know what the best steam iron of 2021 should be, we will tell you a few secrets on choosing such a household tool and present several models that turned out to be the best according to users networks.

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  • Best Steam Generators 2021 - Judging Criteria
    • Price
    • Manufacturer brand
    • What is the outsole made from?
    • Steam generator pressure
    • Liquid tank volume
  • Steam generators - what was included in the rating of 2021 according to users

Best Steam Generators 2021 - Judging Criteria


Depending on the capabilities and design, the price of such devices varies significantly. It is also affected by the starting equipment, because some manufacturers neglect the quality of the device and overestimate the price only because of the huge number of nozzles, some of which are useless.

Manufacturer brand

When choosing a really high-quality generator, focus on narrowly focused companies that understand the equipment sold and all the intricacies of ironing clothes. These, in our opinion, are the Italians Polti, Eurometalnova, Comfort Vapo, Lelit, Stirolux, French steam generators from Domena and, where without the Chinese, Termozeta.

What is the outsole made from?

The sole must have two qualities: wear resistance and durability. The main parameters that you definitely need to look at:

- is the sole stable after ironing clothes with zippers or other metal elements;

- Does it deteriorate with a sharp change in temperature.

The main materials for production are aluminum or stainless steel, because today they are the only ones that satisfy manufacturers in all respects.

Each has its own subtleties, advantages and disadvantages. For example, a stainless steel iron will last longer, while aluminum will heat up and cool down faster after work. The ideal solution is to find an aluminum sole with a stainless steel or Teflon overlay or overlay.

The Teflon lining is comfortable when ironing on a delicate setting. The iron does not stick to clothes and evenly smoothes the surface.

Steam generator pressure


For the full operation of the best steam generator for the home in 2021, it is necessary to constantly maintain the water in the tank and the pressure indicators. Stable working pressure for this type of equipment is 3-6 bar.

During operation, standard steam consumption rates are up to 50 g / min. Depending on the power, the devices can give out both 20 and more than 100 g / min.

Liquid tank volume

This parameter is important, since you are choosing a steam generator - a device that will iron clothes using water vapor.

The minimum that should be in the device is half a liter. It is better if you choose a model with a tank of 1 liter or more. If you still don’t understand why this is so important, an example: after several washes, there was a lot of unironed laundry - a steam generator with a working tank of a liter or more will work for about 2 hours, which others cannot models.

Steam generators - what was included in the rating of 2021 according to users

In terms of price-quality ratio, active users have identified several models, among which your brand new device may be. Here are six of them:

  1. Morphy Richards S-Pro IntelliTemp 332103
  2. Philips GC9682/80 PerfectCare Elite Plus
  3. Braun IS 7156 BK CareStyle 7
  4. Philips GC7920/20 PerfectCare Compact Plus
  5. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care
  6. Braun IS 7155 WH

All models are distinguished by their high performance and performance. And what steam generator would you recommend to our readers? We are waiting for answers in the comments.

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