Full description of the variety of apples Glory to the winners


The sphere of horticulture includes a large number of varieties of fruits, especially apples. But sometimes it is difficult to choose the ideal variety that would suit all the parameters.

When this problem occurs, you canApply with a variety of beautiful pink apples called Glory to the winners.


Table of contents

  • Description of variety of apples Glory to the winners
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Region of growth
  • Reproduction of apple trees
  • How to care?
  • Diseases and pests
    • Powdery mildew
    • Scab
    • Fruit rot
    • Milky shine
  • Reviews of gardeners

Description of variety of apples Glory to the winners

It is believed thatnative land of apple variety Glory to the winners - Ukraine. The scientist Simirenko brought out this variety at the orchard and vegetable research station in 1928. This variety was derived when two different varieties were combined - Mackintosh and Papirovka.

When describing a variety, it is important to mention the unusual properties of this apple tree. The fact is that it ripens both in summer and in autumn. It depends on the region in which the apple tree grows.

That is, the inhabitants of the southern regions can eat these apples at the end of July or beginning of August, and in colder regions the harvest can only be expected by September.

As for the tree, ititself tall, strong and tall, the crown is wide and sprawling.

Branches, as a rule, are brown, are to the tree at an acute angle, but then they can expand wider. On middle branches you can see fruit twigs.

The leaves are medium in size, the shape is round or oval, they are curved, smooth, sometimes have a yellowish tinge.

Flowers in a tree are pink, but not yet opened buds of a rich red color.

Depending on the region of growth, the apple tree is awarded to the winners in both summer and autumn

The fruits of apple trees are medium or large, have exceptionally smooth peels, seemingly appetizing. By themselves apples are green, a red flush is clearly visible, which covers the whole apple.

The pulp of the apple is yellowish or cream colored, fragrant, tender and soft. The taste of apples is also interesting,have a sour taste.


Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the variety:

  1. With good care, you can get a high yield, which is enough not only for yourself and home harvesting, but also for sale.
  2. The harvest is stable, that is, there is no such that the apple-tree can not bear fruit for several years, and then literally burst with apples.
  3. Trees well tolerate the winter, almost do not freeze and do not perish.
  4. Fruits look good, have a rich taste and attractive appearance.
To the merits of the variety of apples Glory The winners include the stability of the crop and frost resistance

Disadvantages of the variety:

  1. The apple tree loves water, does not tolerate drought, so in the hot areas there are shedding of not yet ripe fruits that can not be eaten yet.
  2. The crown is too thick, and this can affect the quality of the fruit. Everything is simple, the strength of the tree will go to maintenance in the order of its crown, and apples, in turn, will be small and tasteless. Therefore, the crown should be thinned at least once per season, and such an occupation requires skill and experience, with this, the first time a novice grower can not cope.
  3. To get a crop, next to the apple of the Glory variety, the winners need to plant apple trees that will participate in its pollination. These are such varieties as Antonovka, Borovinka, Melba and others. Reviews about these varieties of apples are also not bad, they can be safely planted on their site.
  4. These apples have the property of falling off, and as you know, after falling apples lose their marketable appearance and deteriorate faster, so you need to know the signs of ripeness of the apple in order to remove it in time. In addition, you will need a special tool for removing apples.

Region of growth

Apple trees can grow and bear fruit both in the southern regions, and in cold, the main thing at the same time is to provide the tree with regular care. It grows well in the Kuban, in Polissya, in the central part of Russia.


Reproduction of apple trees

Jablon variety Glory winners can be propagated by various methods: cuttings, layers, eyes, seeds.

Seed propagation is used only among professional breeders, seeds are pollinated by hand, the procedure is laborious and time consuming, it is not always possible to get the desired result from the first.

For the inoculation and subsequent breeding of the Glory variety, it is better for Winners to use wild apple trees

Horticultural gardeners and gardenersmost often propagate apple trees with the help of cuttings, and this is done as follows:

  1. First, prepare the apple tree, to which the apple tree will be planted Glory to the winners. For this, any apple tree, both grown in the garden, and wild is suitable. If there is such an opportunity, thenfor grafting it is better to use wild apple tree, since it is more frost-resistant than the apple orchard.
  2. For reproduction, cuttings of an annual tree are needed, which must be prepared in the morning.
  3. By themselves, cuttings should not be large, on one stem should be a maximum of 5 buds.
  4. It is necessary to pay attention to the cut of the cuttings. It should be white-green in color. If the cut is yellow or brown, then it is better to throw it away at once, it will not be suitable for reproduction.
  5. Cuttings are made to be harvested in February or March, until the tree has awakened completely.
  6. The lower part of the cut should be cleaned of vegetation. If there are a lot of leaves on the top of the cut, then they need to be cleaned.
  7. After the stalk is planted in the soil,you do not need to cover it with dirt, otherwise it can just not get accustomed.
  8. For planting it is important to choose the right place on which the apple tree of the grade of Slava the winners will feel comfortable. This place should be protected from the sun, but not too shaded and cold, provide access to inland waters, but that the tree does not get infected with scab. The place should not be too dry, so that the tree is not dry and the apples do not fall off ahead of time. A good place for planting an apple tree is a hill.

How to care?

In the first 2-3 years of apple growth, provide abundant watering, remove weeds from under the apple tree.

The tree needs an annual feeding, animal manure is suitable for this.

Yablon in time must be treated against pests.

Each spring, prune the old, dried branches, while trying not to cut anything superfluous. The crown should be thinned once a season.

Apple tree of the Glory type Winners need an annual fertilizing, thinning of the crown

Diseases and pests

Powdery mildew

It shows itself as a raid and leaves, first it is white and easily removed with fingers, and then turns into brown. This makes the tree weaker, it ceases to grow and bear fruit, the leaves turn yellow or brown, do not fall out in time.

Helps from this disease copper oxychloride, iron vitriol or boric acid. The processing of the tree can be carried out both before the flowering begins, and after harvesting, this will be equally effective.


This disease affects the yield leveland is considered fungal. With it, the leaves fall and twist, the fruits are full of black spots.

To save the tree from this disease, the topaz will help.

Fruit rot

If apples decay more than usual, thengo to the garden store for a drug called Hom.

Milky shine

This disease affects first the leaves, and then the branches and wood. If you do not fight it, the tree will inevitably die.

Fight it will have a long time, one can not do without spraying, we will have to find and process wounds on the tree with special glue, without this the apple tree will die.

Apple tree of Glory type The winners are susceptible to scab, milky glitter, powdery mildew and fruit rot

Reviews of gardeners

Felix, Perm, 40 years old: "I tried the apples of the grade Glory to the winners and fell in love with their taste. I dream of planting an apple-tree on my site, but I can not find seedlings for sale yet. "

Natalia, 35 years old, Smolensk: "We have a plot of the apple tree of the grade Glory to the winners, it just stunningly smells in the flowering period! I do not regret that I bought it. Apples are large, tasty, smooth, juicy, but sourish. We, squeeze juice out of them for the winter, make compotes with the addition of berries, some apples go for baking. From fresh we prepare fruit mousses, jellies, cook jelly. "

Marina, 57 years old, Vitebsk: "The apple tree is growing in the country. Glory to the winners, the taste of the fruits is excellent, only they are kept poorly, either they must be eaten immediately or processed. If apples stay longer, then brown from the inside. At us they e lie, as children adore them. I noticed that in one year 2-3 apples grow, and literally the next tree is bursting with fruit. In spite of this, I recommend to plant such an apple tree, it will decorate the site and bring joy. "

Reviews are taken from the site http://sortoved.ru/yablonya/sort-yabloni-slava-pobeditelyam.html.

In this way,Apples Glory to the winners are loved by many people, and many just want to have them on their site. In any case, these apples are worth trying at least to taste their unusual taste.

Apple tree of the grade Glory to the winners:

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