Errors of washing machines Bosch

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The system of self-diagnostics of modern washing machines Bosch will help quickly respond to breakdowns. With the help of error codes, the AGR signals the user of a problem. All you need to do in the case of the appearance of the code on the scoreboard is to decipher it for the primary diagnosis.

Error codes in Washers Bosch, their meanings, causes and remedies

Error code Code Value Causes of breakage How to fix the problem
F01 There was an error or a malfunction with the door of the hatch - it does not close. 1. Malfunction of the handle of the hatch.

2. Skewing of the hinge of the door.

3. Displacement of the locking tab.

4. Deformation, breakage of the guide.

5. Failure UBL.

6. Breakdown of the electronic module.

1. The item is not repairable - replacement is required.

2. Adjust the fasteners to restore the door.

3. It is necessary to disassemble the door, inspect the tongue and the handle. If necessary, replace the parts.

4. Check and replace the part guide.

5. Replace the lock.

6. You need to remove the block and call its elements with a tester. If possible, make a soldering of unusable elements at home. If you need a firmware or replacement, contact the master.

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F02 No water supply. 1. Breakage of the electronic board.

2. Incorrect installation of AGR.

3. The water tap is closed.

4. There is no pressure or water in the running water.

5. Blockage of the fill filter.

6. Damage to the intake valve.

7. Door malfunction: Loose or not locked.

8. Failure of the pressure switch.

1. First of all, exclude the failure of the electronic controller by checking it with a tester. Sew or replace the board in case of damage.

2. Check that the machine is connected correctly.

3. Turn the handle of the tap that supplies water.

4. Check the water supply, make sure it is out of water or low pressure.

5. Clean the water inlet filter.

6. Check and replace the valve if it does not work.

7. Close the hatch more tightly or check the UBL. Replace the interlock if it breaks.

8. Check the level sensor with a tester, replace if damaged.

F03 Problems with draining the water. 1. Garbage filter obstruction.

2. Bend or clog the drain hose.

3. Clogged sewer pipe.

4. Stretch or break the drive belt.

5. Damage to the drain pump.

6. The problem with the control unit.

1. Check drain filter, clean with blockage.

2. Inspect the drain hose at the time of inflection or incorrect location. Install correctly by spreading the hose.

3. Clean it with special tools or call a plumber.

4. Inspect, repair or replace the belt.

5. Inspect and replace the pump if necessary.

6. Recheck or repair the main board. This work is better to entrust to the master.

F04 Leakage of water in the system. 1. Damaged intake hose.

2. The drainage filter is loosely attached.

3. Problems with the dispenser.

4. The rubber cuff was torn.

5. The filling nozzle in the SMA tank is damaged.

6. Inlet valve does not work.

7. The tank is damaged.

8. Worn drain pump.

1. Inspect the hose, replace if damaged with a new one.

2. If you recently cleaned the filter, it might not be tightened tightly - try to screw the plug tightly.

3. Remove the detergent bin, rinse, dry and reinsert. If damaged, it needs to be replaced.

4. If the seal is not damaged too much, try to repair it. In case of serious damage, the cuff needs to be replaced.

5. Tear off the nozzle from the seat, inspect and replace if necessary, putting on a waterproof adhesive.

6. Change to a new one if damaged.

7. If you find a defect in the tank, do not attempt to repair it. The tank needs a complete replacement.

8. If the drain pump seals are worn out, replace them with serviceable parts.

F16 The CMA hatch is not closed properly. 1. The side hinges sagged or twisted.

2. The locking tab has moved.

3. Broke guide.

4. Broken locker, or burned his wiring.

5. The electronic module has malfunctioned.

1. Tighten the bolts of the hinges or replace the hinges - under severe deformation.

2. Correct the tongue.

3. The guide is usually not repairable, so replace the part completely.

4. Inspect UBL and its wiring. Route the wires or replace the entire locking device completely.

5. Check, sew or replace the control unit. Entrust solving this problem to a specialist.

F17 The tank does not receive water. 1. Closed water faucet, tee, supplying water.

2. The filter or water supply hose is clogged.

3. The electronic controller is broken.

4. There is a problem with the intake valve.

5. The failure of the pressure switch.

1. Turn off the tap to full.

2. Clean the mesh filter and puncture the hose in the hose if you find it.

3. If the electronic card fails, check this item. The problem is solved by inserting or replacing the block.

4. Check the voltage supply to the valve coils, replace the part if it is not suitable.

5. Check the sensor and its connection. Replace the pressure switch if it breaks.

F18 The washing machine Bosch does not drain the water. 1. Garbage filter clog.

2. Incorrect installation and fixing of the water drain hose. Perhaps it is bent or broken.

3. Do not turn the impeller of the pump.

4. Board failure.

1. Disconnect the machine, unscrew the filter and clean from clogging.

2. Straighten the hose by installing it in accordance with the instructions.

3. Check: it is possible that threads or other debris are wound on the blade. If the pump is completely out of order, you need to replace it.

4. Call the control unit of the tester, also check the wiring connecting the module to other parts. It requires the maintenance of the wiring, firmware or replacement of the unit, depending on the nature of the failure.

F19 Error of water heating. 1. Low voltage in the mains.

2. Because of the scale or voltage jump, the heater burned out (it can also punch on the housing).

3. The temperature sensor has failed.

4. Board failure.

1. The machine is working - normalize the voltage or wait until it normalizes itself.

2. You need to check the heating element with an ohmmeter, replace it when it is completely unusable.

3. The thermistor must be checked and replaced in case of a malfunction.

4. Reboot the AGR if code F19 is not missing from the display. It is likely that the card is out of order and needs repair or replacement.

F20 There is an unplanned heating of water (even at a low-temperature mode). 1. The heater relay has failed.

2. The temperature sensor is broken.

3. The programmer failed.

1. A defective part of the electronic board must be replaced.

2. Need to replace the temperature sensor.

3. As in the cases above, with a failure of the control card, repair or replacement of the module is necessary.

F21 Do not spin the drum. 1. The drive belt is to blame - it could stretch out or completely break.

2. Control board failure.

3. Wear of engine brushes.

4. Engine breakdown.

5. In the tank, a foreign body is stuck, blocking the rotation of the drum.

6. Bearings were worn and worn out.

1. Check the integrity of the drive belt - it may just need to be corrected or replaced with a similar one.

2. Check the wiring and the control unit itself. Route maintenance of wires and contacts or replace the board completely.

3. If your AGR of the Bosch brand is equipped with a collector, rather than a direct-drive engine, carbon brushes could wear in it. They are not subject to repair and require replacement.

4. Diagnose engine problems, repair or replace with new ones.

5. Disassemble the stylus casing and remove the foreign object.

6. Completely disassemble the washing machine and replace the bearings.

F22 The machine stopped heating water. 1. The connection to the water pipe is broken - the water in the system does not circulate sufficiently, so the heating does not occur.

2. Insufficient voltage in the mains, or the machine is disconnected from electricity.

3. Damage to the controller.

4. Faulty electric heater.

5. Trouble with thermistor.

6. Failure of the level sensor.

1. Restore the connection - check the integrity of the water inlet hose and its location.

2. Wait until the electricity network is normalized, for the future - install a stabilizer, which will "smooth out" the voltage surges.

3. Check the electronic board, it may need to be repaired or replaced. The contacts and wiring of the module could also burn, in which case an electrical circuit would be required.

4. Check and replace the heater when it burns out and is unusable.

5. Check the operation of the temperature sensor and replace the element in the event of a breakdown.

6. Ensure the operation of the pressure switch. If it is broken, a replacement is required.

F23 A leak was found in the system, Aqua-Stop was activated. Could be broken (broken, damaged) such details and components of the AGR:

· Water inlet hose;

· Pressure switch;

· Filler nozzle;

· Solenoid valve or its hose;

· electronic board.

All of the above nodes need to be checked and replaced in the event of a breakdown.
F25 The turbidity sensor has failed. 1. There was a blockage in the jellied or draining tract.

2. The scum formed on the sensor, which made it difficult to function.

3. Dirty water comes from the water pipe.

4. The level sensor or pump is broken.

1. Clean the systems from clogging - a jellied and drain filter.

2. Replace the sensor or descale.

3. Run out the system by running a single wash with the highest water temperature. Install a flow-through filter on the water pipe, or consult a plumber.

4. Replace the broken parts according to the results of the inspection.

F26 The machine does not fill and / or drain water. 1. The pressostat is broken.

2. Electric circuits in the AGR are broken.

3. Faulty electronic module.

1. Check and change the pressure switch.

2. Carry out maintenance and replace damaged areas.

3. Sew or replace the board.

F27 The pressure sensor is not working properly. 1. Solenoid valve is broken.

2. The sensor itself has failed.

3. Refused UBL.

4. The board is failing.

If a part is found to be damaged, replace the failed unit.
F28 The flow sensor is defective (there is no water in the tank). 1. The sensor itself has failed.

2. The access to water is blocked. The drain hose is clogged.

3. Low pressure in the water supply.

4. Solenoid valve or board is broken.

1. Change the sensor with a new one.

2. Clear the blockage, normalize the flow of water.

3. Wait for normal pressure in the water pipe or contact the plumber.

4. Replace the broken part.

F29 The flow sensor does not pass water. 1. Incorrectly installed AGR Bosch.

2. There is no pressure.

3. Badly closed hatch.

4. Clogged filter mesh.

5. The jammed valve broke.

6. Outage the pressure switch.

7. The electronic module is crashing.

1. Reinstall the machine, following the rules, - straighten the hoses.

2. Provide a good head.

3. Cover the hatch more tightly or replace the lock.

4. Clean the filter and rinse it.

5. Replace the part.

6. Check the part, install a new one if necessary.

7. Contact the wizard to diagnose the module, it may be a difficult repair or replacement.

F31 Check the water in the tank. 1. There was a siphon effect due to incorrect installation and connection of AGR.

2. Sowing due to incorrect hose position.

3. Broken: pressure switch, water intake valve, pump or board.

1-2. Normalize the position of the hoses, correctly install the styralka.

3. Check and replace the failed part.

F34 The door of the hatch is not closed, there is no lock. 1. The latch broke.

2. The hinges were twisted.

3. The guide was worn out.

4. Broken UBL.

In all cases, a disassembly of the door is required.

· If the lock and guide are damaged, parts must be changed.

· The hinges can be adjusted.

· The lock should be changed, as well as its wiring - there may have been an interruption.

F36 Broken UBL. Check and replace the interlock.
F37 There is no heating of the water through the fault of the temperature sensor. 1. Could the sensor itself break or "fly" its wiring leading to the board.

2. Do not exclude failure in the electronics.

You need to check and reinstall the sensor, inspect the control card.
F38 Short-circuited temperature sensor. 1. The thermistor is broken.

2. There is no tension.

3. The module breaks down.

1. Check and replace the sensor with a new one.

2. Normalize the voltage.

3. Check the board.

F40 The machine does not start. 1. Low voltage.

2. I knocked out plugs or a machine gun.

3. Tripped RCD.

4. Breakage of the power cord, plugs or sockets.

5. Breakage of the start button.

6. Board failure.

1-4. Contact an electrician to solve such problems.

5-6. Check and replace the parts.

F42 The permissible speed of the electric motor is exceeded. 1. Broken trapezoid.

2. The engine itself has failed.

3. The triac fails on the control board.

1. Replace the speed sensor.

2. Check and repair the engine and its wiring.

3. Repair the section of the electronic board.

F43 The engine is blocked, or the SMA Bosch drum is not spinning. 1. Drum bearings stuck.

2. The tachogenerator is broken.

3. Failure on the module.

4. The drum is blocked or overloaded.

1. Disassemble the housing, lubricate or replace the bearings.

2. Replace part.

3. Check the module and repair the defect.

4. Unload the drum or remove from the tank thing that could block the rotation.

F44 The motor turns to the other side. 1. The triac failed.

2. The reverse relay is broken.

3. Module failure.

4. Imbalance of the drum or tank overload.

1. Replace the triac on the board.

2. Change relay with new part.

3. Flash or reinstall the block.

4. Correctly distribute the laundry or get extra.

F59 The 3D sensor does not work. 1. Controller error.

2. A loop of the electronic module departs.

3. The sensor itself is broken or broken.

1. Fix the error by flashing the module.

2. Correct the cable, conduct the maintenance postings.

3. Replace the item with a similar one.

F60 Flow sensor failure. 1. There is no water in the water supply system.

2. Low pressure in the water supply.

3. Problems with the priming valve.

4. Level sensor failure.

5. Breakage of the lock.

6. Problems of the drain pump.

7. The heater was burnt.

8. The board is failing.

1. In the case of piped water, it is easy to solve the problem on your own or using plumbing.

2. In other cases, it is necessary to diagnose all the specified units and replace the defective parts.

F61 The hatch does not lock, washing does not start. 1. Broken wiring or broken UBL.

2. Board failure.

Checking and replacing defective parts of the wiring, replacing the blocker, flashing or repairing the module.
F63 Functional protection. 1. Software error.

2. CPU failure.

In both cases it is necessary to conduct a full diagnosis of the control module. This error indicates problems with the electronic part of the AGR.
F67 Damage to the controller. It is necessary to re-encode the board or replace it with a new working part. Sometimes repair is possible - under condition of completely serviceable processor.
E02 Critical error!

If you do not pay attention, there is a risk of ignition of AGR.

1. Graphite brushes of the electric motor were rubbed off.

2. Broken rotor bearings.

3. Problems with the sensor Tahoe.

If any of the listed parts are found to be damaged, a replacement is required.
E67 Breakdown of the control unit. 1. Unstable voltage, network drops.

2. Breakage or burnout of flip-flops, capacitors, fuses.

3. Disorderly clicking on the buttons on the control panel.

4. Violation of the integrity of the wiring.

1. Normalization of voltage, installation of the stabilizer.

2. Diagnostics and repair.

3. Repair or replacement of the board.

4. Posting and replacement of defective areas.

Now you know what to do by discovering any error on the AGR display of the Bosch brand. Do not tighten with repairs - and the machine will work for many more years.

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