Error F17 in the washing machine Indesit

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Washing machine Indesit gives error F17 on the scoreboard? This means that there is no voltage on the hatch lock.

The model with electromechanical control shows the fault code by flashing the "Spin" - "Delayed wash" indicators, the "Spin" - "Rinse" lamps light up.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error mean?
    • 1.1Checking and eliminating breakage
  • 2How to replace the lock yourself

What does the error mean?

The cause of the error code F 17 can serve as a loosely-closed hatch cover. The "Lock" indicator flashes and the washing does not begin.

Also a sign of a breakdown is that you install the program, but the machine does not work. What to do? Pay attention to other signals:

  • After the de-energizing of the washer, the Indesite door is not unlocked.
  • You want to turn on the wash, but the lock does not lock the hatch, it gives an error F17.

The device for locking the hatch (UBL) is responsible for the safe operation of the washing machine Indesit. While the lid does not lock, the water intake will not start. How to fix it and fix the error, we will tell further.

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Checking and eliminating breakage

Before checking the blocker for serviceability, you need to understand the principle of the lock.

As shown in the picture: after the control unit gives a signal about the door locking, the thermocouple heats together with the bimetallic plate. Heating, the plate lengthens, presses on the latch - the lock is blocked. While there is electricity, the lid is securely closed.

If the UBL normally functions, the plate will cool down when there is no voltage. If there is a breakdown of the locker or triac of the control board, electricity flows continuously, so the door will be locked.

So, you can check the lock device using a power supply. Another way is to use a multimeter. What does this mean?

  • Connect the tester to the lock.
  • Turn on any program and watch for voltage.
  • Power is not present - check the contacts of the control unit with UBL.

How to replace the lock yourself

Perhaps to remove the error F17 in the SMA Indesit and solve the problem, you will need to replace the UBL system. If the hatch cover is open, do the following:

  • Remove the rubber cuff that is responsible for sealing.
  • Unscrew the screws as shown in the photo.
  • Take out the castle. It is located between the tank and the front wall.
  • Disconnect the wires.
  • Install the new retainer in the reverse order.

But what if the door is locked? Without panic:

  1. Remove the top panel of the Impala.
  2. Tilt the machine back.
  3. Slide the lock lever by hand, feeling it between the wall and the tank.
  4. Open the lid and follow the instructions above.

The recommendations should help reset the error of F17, if it is shown on the display, and return the machine to the Indesite operating state. See the video for more information on replacing the UBL:

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