F25 error in Bosch washing machine

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Washer Bosch gives an error code F25, what does this mean?

If your machine displays Fault code F25 on the display, it means that there is a problem with the turbidity sensor. In this case, the machine starts the washing process, but can not finish it or stops in the middle of the program and does not respond to commands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the machine shows error F25
  • 2How to reset the code
  • 3Checking and replacing parts
    • 3.1Water level sensor (pressure switch)
    • 3.2Drain pump

Why the machine shows error F25

How to fix the situation and fix the error code yourself:

  1. Clean the drain system from clog. To do this, at the bottom of the Bosch washing machine, remove the drain filter and clean it of debris. Also check the drain hose. It can be rinsed under the tap water pressure.
  2. Check the turbidity sensor (Aqua-Sensor). As a result of scale, it ceases to function properly, so do not forget to carry out prophylaxis with means of scale.
  3. The sensor can work if dirty water gets into the drain. To solve the problem, set the wash mode to 60 or 90 degrees and start the washing machine Bosch for rinsing.
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How to reset the code

In order to remove the error F25, which burns on the display panel of Bosch stilalki, do the following:

  • Try rebooting the system. What to do: completely disconnect the SM from electricity for 15-20 minutes. Turn on and check. Did F25 error again appear in the Bosch washing machine? Then go to the second item.
  • To reset the error, turn off the machine with the button on the control panel. Now turn the knob to the "Rinse" mode. After the code light up, hold down the spin button and turn the knob for seven hours. Hold your finger on the button for exactly 15 seconds. Turn off the Bosch sturalko on the panel and pull the plug from the socket. After switching on, error F 25 should disappear. Help videos on the topic:

If the recommendations did not help to solve the problem and remove the error, check other details of SM Bosch.

Checking and replacing parts

Possible causes of the problem are:

Water level sensor (pressure switch)

It is necessary to exclude a malfunction of the level sensor, which means - it is necessary to check it. To do this, unscrew the top cover of the machine and look at the wall pressostat. Check its wires and connections, and then the device itself.

Disconnect the pressure switch hose and install a small tube in its place. After blowing into the tube, you should hear clicks. This means that the sensor is OK. If in response to your actions - silence, you need to replace the sensor.

Drain pump

To make sure that the drain pump is malfunctioning, remove its filter and look into the hole. After lighting the flashlight, you will see the impeller of the pump. All you need is to make sure that the impeller rotates during operation. If so, the pump is OK. If not, you need to get to the pump and find out the cause of the problem.

Lastly, you can check the turbidity sensor, since the device breaks very rarely. If a fault occurs, install a new one.

After carrying out repairs, start and check the Bosch washing machine. If the wash is normal, error code F25 is not displayed, it means your efforts were not in vain.

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