Oil heater: the best choice

Oil heater: the best choice


If you do not have autonomous heating installed in your house, then with the onset of autumn cold you will have to think about the source of heat - for example, an oil cooler. Knowing how to choose an oil heater, you can ensure the heating of rooms for many years to come. At least in those uncomfortable periods when central heating has not yet begun or has already completed its functions.

When you, the buyer, go into the store selling household appliances, you are greeted by talkative sellers and slender rows of radiators that look very similar one to the other. If you listen to the consultant, you can conclude that each of the presented models of the oil cooler is the best. And the best - the most expensive. Is it so? What are the criteria for choosing an oil heater?


  • 1How are oil heaters
  • 2Optional but useful functions
  • 3Additional advice to the buyer

How are oil heaters

It is much easier to calculate the important criteria of an oil heater if you know its device.

The basis of the heater - TEN, immersed in mineral oil. The oil is filled in flat sections, so that the heat is more efficiently transferred to the air of the room. The following parameters are important for good performance:

  • The power of the device. The area that the device can heat up depends on this parameter. For small rooms it is enough, kW, but it is better to immediately buy a more powerful device whose power is from 2 to, kW and allows you to warm up to a comfortable temperature air in the rooms of medium and large area. Typically, the power of the oil cooler is calculated by a simple formula: 10 m² is required for a power of 1 kW. In this formula it is meant that ceilings in the room are not more than 3 m.
  • Number of sections. The more they are at the oil cooler, the more efficient the heating of the air will be.
  • Thickness and width of sections. The narrower and thinner sections heat faster and quickly release heat into the air. In thick and wide sections, the oil heats up longer, but it cools down more slowly. For models with thick sections, a large heating power is required, and accordingly the energy consumption will increase.
  • The amount of oil poured into the sections. If a large oil heater turns out to be relatively light, this is a bad sign: it means that there is not enough oil in it. Insufficient amount of coolant makes the device less durable and less efficient. The weight of the radiator is affected by the thickness of the metal walls: the thicker they are, the better. Hence the conclusion: it is better to choose heavier models.
  • Presence of protection against overheating. This is a prerequisite. Otherwise, the device may overheat and cause a fire, especially if the power is large enough.
  • Presence of heating temperature adjustment. This is optional, but desirable. It is better to choose a model that can be included in at least 2-4 operating modes, regulating its power.
  • The presence of wheels to move the heater around the apartment. It is better to choose a heater that has rubberized wheels: this will protect the floor from scratches and make the movement less noisy.

Optional but useful functions

The availability of additional functionality will necessarily be associated with an increase in the cost of the device. Do you need additional functions - decide for yourself, but some of them are really useful.

  • Fan. The presence of a built-in fan will make it possible to warm up the room in a much shorter time. True, this will add not only heat, but also noise: the fans do not work silently.
  • Water tank. If the seller will convince you that the oil cooler does not dry the air - do not believe it. He is either sincerely mistaken, or lying. Any heating device reduces the moisture content in the air. Reduced humidity causes a lot of unpleasant consequences. Deciding how to choose an oil cooler is more practical and functional, take this into account. Otherwise, you will have to choose an air humidifier in the next section.
  • Remote control. This is a function for lazy people, which is too much to hide... And the opportunity to lose another control panel. But to switch off the already unnecessary oil heater right from under the blanket, without getting up - also a pleasure. It is understandable the reluctance to deprive yourself of such small pleasures.
  • Holders for drying clothes. It is impossible to hang things for drying just on the device itself: this makes air circulation more difficult and can lead to overheating of the heater. And if you hang a wet laundry after washing on special bracket-holders, then it will be safe and convenient.
  • Thermostat and the system for adjusting the degree of heating. Just useful and convenient.
  • A long power cord. It is not recommended to include the oil heater in the network through extension cords. Therefore, it is better to choose models with a long cord, which can be hidden in a special box, if necessary.
  • Timer. Its presence allows you to program the inclusion of the device as you like.

Additional advice to the buyer

Oil heater - the device is quite simple, but it is still better to buy goods from a well-known manufacturer with a good reputation. At least, you will be provided with a normal warranty and after-sales service in a good service center. The most famous companies producing oil heaters: DeLongi, Polaris, Ballu, Heller, etc.

  • Do not operate the oil heater in a bathroom or other room in which the humidity of the air can be increased.
  • Do not store the oil heater on a balcony or in any other unheated room, such as a barn, a terrace, a garage.
  • Do not leave a hot radiator in a room with young children. The surface of the appliance is heated to 150 ° C and a touch can cause burns. It is better to purchase special protective screens that, like mesh shields, cover the surface without interfering with air circulation.
  • It is better to take a device whose power slightly overlaps the parameters you need. Heaters are durable devices, it is better to have spare capacity in case of need. Do not choose a model whose power is minimal.
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