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When studying the question of which sink is better - quartz or granite, it is recommended to understand the composition and properties of each material. They are largely similar in their characteristics, although they have different advantages and, most importantly, disadvantages. An overview of the pros and cons, as well as product comparisons, is presented in this article.

The content of the article

  • Quartz sink
  • Granite sink
  • Which sink to choose

Quartz sink

The quartz sink is made of the same material, which is previously highly crushed and glued together using a special resin. To give a decorative effect, various dyes are also added to the composition.

The result is an agglomerate whose hardness is comparable to monolithic natural stone. If you consider a sink made of ceramic or artificial stone, you need to evaluate the main pros and cons of each material.

When studying the benefits of a quartz sink, you can note the following points:

  • increased strength and wear resistance;
  • completely smooth, sealed surface, so no bacteria or moisture gets inside;
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  • environmentally friendly material;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • fairly easy care;
  • maintainability - if necessary, you can restore it by grinding or attach the broken part to acrylic glue.
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The main disadvantages are as follows:

  • may break or crack in the event of an impact;
  • if you place a hot object, for example a pan, a mark will appear on the surface that cannot be removed;
  • Do not use powders or abrasives for cleaning;
  • the cost of quartz is quite high.

Granite sink

This sink is made of granite chips, which are mixed with an adhesive composition. Thanks to this, it is particularly durable and has a perfectly smooth surface. A sink made of artificial granite has disadvantages, but also has several important advantages:

  • increased strength and durability, including in the event of an impact;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • large selection of colors and shapes;
  • fairly easy care;
  • can withstand almost any load (for example, you can put dishes, pots and other containers, filling the sink completely).
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However, a porcelain stoneware sink has pros and cons:

  • massive product;
  • self-installation is difficult - the services of a specialist are required;
  • quite high price.

Which sink to choose

When considering this or that material, you need to consider several points:

  • price;
  • appearance;
  • strength and durability.

Granite and quartz are almost comparable in cost. Moreover, both products last for about 10 years, although if you use them carefully, the period increases several times. In terms of appearance, it is difficult to give preference to one material or another, since it depends on taste.

If we talk about practicality, then granite wins. It is more shock-resistant, can withstand heavy loads and is not afraid of hot objects. As for quartz, it can chip due to mechanical stress or strip due to contact with a hot object. Therefore, other things being equal, it is better to choose granite.

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