Pepper gogoshara - what is it like to grow?

Pepper gogoshara - for sure, you've heard this intricate name, related to the representatives of the family of the nightshade. The ribbed, slightly flattened shape of these fruits resembles a small pumpkin. Gogoshars are fruitful, not capricious in growing and grooming, are the best option for gardeners, newcomers, as well as for those who reflect, whatever sort of sweet pepper to put on their own site.

  • Gogoshara pepper - cultivation
  • Gogoszary pepper - care
  • How to cook gogoshara?
  • Gogoshara sweet pepper, marinated with honey
  • Gogoshara pepper - Moldovan recipe
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  • Pepper Gogoshara, reviews of gardeners

Gogoshara - what is it? This is a sort of sweet peppers, distinguished by a rounded ribbed shape, thick fleshy walls, a piquant, sweet-pungent taste with a light honey tinge. Another name is Ratunda.

Gogoshara pepper, photo:


The thickness of the walls of the fruit is about 7-8 mm, at the very beginning of ripening the peppers have a dark green hue, which gradually turns yellow or red (depending on the variety). According to observations of summer residents, gogoschars are more prone to blush as they keep up than yellow. If the situation develops so that the unripened peppers must be urgently removed from the bushes - nothing terrible. At home, in a dry dark, warm place, they will mature on their own, in about a couple of weeks.

Gogoschara sweet pepper ripens 95-100 days after pollination, depending on the region of cultivation it is considered a medium-ripening or late-ripening culture. The plant forms strong stalks from 50 cm to 1 m in height. The fruit on the average reaches 100-140 g.

A characteristic feature of gogoshares is the tendency to be re-polluted with the nearby cultivars of hot peppers. If the outwardly the fruit does not differ in any way, then it tastes really bitter, hot, or has an obvious acute taste. To avoid this situation, plant different kinds of peppers at a considerable distance from each other. To be sure in the future harvest, buy seeds or bushes from trusted vendors.

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Gogoshara pepper - cultivation

My first acquaintance with gogoshares happened long ago. One of my good friends has lived in Moldova for several years. I learned how to cook Moldovan food there. Inviting me to visit, put on the table a treat, without saying that this is what it is prepared from. Taste awesome! Something at once pleasantly sweet, with slightly noticeable sourness, sharp, fragrant. I ate almost half a three-liter jar. I stopped only because I felt ashamed. My friend confessed that I ate gogoshara in honey. This is the first time I heard the word "gogoshara".

Every year I plant gogoshars, do delicious preparations for the winter.

Seeds of this variety should be sown before other peppers, for about 10-14 days. The optimal time for this process is the end of February. Grain should be previously maintained in 1-2% solution of potassium permanganate, enough 30 minutes. If you are buying a ready-made suitable soil mixture - excellent, but if you take soil from the site, then before sowing it is better to treat (shed) with boiling water. The container with sown seeds should be placed in a bright place where the temperature will vary within +24.. + 26ºС. In rare cases, the seedlings are illuminated with fluorescent light. According to the recommendations of experienced truck farmers, boxes or containers with gogoshare seedlings can not be disturbed, moved. Let them calmly grow, develop at a pre-selected, suitable place for them.

Gogoshary pepper, photo:


Sheltering with glass or polyethylene film is mandatory, but after emergence of shoots, the "hotbed" should be removed.

Note that gogoshare very demanding of heat! If during the growing the temperature drops at least by a couple of degrees, they can slow down their growth. These varieties do not really like picking, but, like for all such crops, it is necessary. Competently conducted diving gives an incentive to develop a healthy, strong root system, helps a small seedling to become a powerful fruit-bearing bush.

Carry out this process very carefully, as the stems (as well as the roots) in these peppers are fragile. It is noteworthy that pepper gogoshara sweet gives friendly shoots, outstripping the growth of other pepper seedlings. Approximately to the beginning-middle of May (in the Kuban) grown up bushes are transferred to beds, in open ground.

Do not actively penetrate the seedling into the soil, gogoshars do not like it. Then follows care, as for other garden crops - loosening the soil, regular watering (pepper does not like drought), fertilization with potassium fertilizers (if necessary).

Seedlings, photo:

How to grow Gogoshara - generalize the features of the process:

  1. The ripening process begins after 100 days (approximately) after pollination, so we sow seeds 2-3 weeks earlier than other garden residents (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, patissons, etc.).
  2. We remember the thermophilic nature of the gogoshars! We comply with the required temperature regime - +24.. + 26 ˚С. We make sure that the mercury column does not go down even to the minimum value.
  3. Also remember the tender roots, the stems of seedlings when picking or transplanting. Piquing is a must!
  4. Extremely neatly we carry out loosening of the soil, we do not forget about the location of the roots in the superficial layer of the soil. For the same reason, water stagnation should be avoided, high beds are the best idea for growing Gogoshara peppers.
  5. The first harvest from the bushes is better to remove when the peppers are not fully matured. They will perfectly rush in a dark, not cold room, but the subsequent wave of harvest will be more abundant, new fruits will become more active "tied faster ripening.

Opinions about the loosening of the soil in the beds are divided: some gardeners recommend carefully loosening the ground, others advise only to cover the soil with organic mulch. It can be compost, humus, husk or straw - a layer of 10-15 cm.

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Gogoszary pepper - care

Fertile soil, moderately saturated with organic fertilizers - the best conditions for this culture. All sorts of irrigation, fertilizer spraying is not recommended, in this case the pepper shows enviable sensitivity, it is sick, and young bushes can be covered with burns. Some summer residents use the method of "increasing productivity" of bushes of nightshade crops - they cut off the first fruits that have just been formed.

In the case of other vegetables, this technique sometimes works, but it is sweet gogoshara (its first crop) that needs to be brought to the state of so-called technical ripeness. Green, unripe fruit will be dosed in the proper conditions, as already mentioned above. Do not forget about regular watering, but do not allow waterlogging the soil. By the way, water should be given to this culture with warm water! To do this, you can pre-fill the buckets, put them in the sun. You need to pinch the ovaries, although the plant does not like it, and pasynkovanie is also necessary. The bush should not be too thickened, as this will negatively affect the quality, quantity of fruits.

In some cases, for example, in the presence of poor soil on the site, a "standard" feeding scheme can be used for bushes. Thus, to increase the green mass should be added nitrogen fertilizers, during flowering - phosphoric, to obtain quality fruits - potash. Gogoshare very fond of potassium - this should not be forgotten.

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How to cook gogoshara?

This kind of peppers is equally successfully used for cooking salads, side dishes, first or second courses, sauces. But in marinated form, and even with honey, gogoshare simply great. Absolutely simple recipe will open for you new facets of taste, try it - you will be satisfied!

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Gogoshara sweet pepper, marinated with honey

Take 3 kg of pepper, remove the tail, seeds, cut into small slices. Prepare the garlic: clean half of the medium-sized head, cut into thin layers. For the marinade, you will need 300 ml of 6% vinegar, 300 ml of vegetable oil (can be olive), 200 g of quality sweet-scented honey, 2 cups of water, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt with a slide, 4-5 leaves of laurel, half a teaspoon of dill fruit, fragrant or spicy peas - at your discretion.

Pour into the pan water, vinegar, vegetable oil, honey, salt, spices, bring to a boil and immediately put pepper. After that, cook for about 10 minutes, turn off the fire, remove the pepper from the pan, and put it tightly in sterilized jars. At the same time we pour gogoshara with sliced ​​garlic slices, pour marinade, in which peppers were cooked, roll.

Marinated fruit, photo:

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Gogoshara pepper - Moldovan recipe

Take 8-10 fruits, 1 large stem of leeks, an average bunch of parsley. For marinade 3 tbsp. spoonful of vinegar (6%), 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar, 1 hour. a spoonful of salt without a slide, 3 leaves of laurel, 4 leaves of mint, 2-3 cloves, a large pinch of cinnamon powder, a root of ginger, black and sweet pepper - to taste. For the filling, prepare mincemeat separately: 3 medium onions (can be red), 2 large carrots, 1 medium parsley root, 3 medium tomatoes, 3 tbsp. spoons of vegetable or olive oil, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, salt and ground black pepper - to taste. Ingredients for minced meat (except tomatoes and garlic) should be rubbed on a large grater, fry in vegetable oil. 5 minutes before the completion of frying, tomatoes (also rubbed through a grater or a fine sieve), salt, pepper are added. Garlic can be passed through garlic or finely chopped.

Prepare pepper gogoshara sweet: cut off the tip, remove the seeds. We make marinade: pour water into the pan, there goes sugar, mint, laurel leaf, salt, ginger root, clove with cinnamon. When the marinade boils, add the vinegar, immediately put the prepared peppers, cook for about 3 minutes. After the specified time, we extract the fruits from the pan, let them cool down, stuff the already minced meat, decorate with parsley and leek. You can show your imagination and stuff the peppers with any stuffing, the main thing is that all the components harmoniously interact with each other.

By the way, already stuffed gogoshares can be hidden in the freezer compartment. Thus, you will receive a semi-finished product, which you can defrost, extinguish and enjoy the taste!

Stuffed fruits, photo:

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Gogoshara pepper with onion and apple forcemeat

This is another variation of pickled fruits that can be eaten immediately or canned for the winter.

For the seizure take:

  • 2 kg of gogoshares;
  • about 400 g onions (can be red);
  • 2 kg of sweet apples;
  • 2-3 teaspoons of salt without a slide;
  • about 80 grams of sugar (to your taste, remember that apples are sweet);
  • 100 ml of 9% vinegar;
  • 200 g of vegetable oil (better refined);
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • about 10 peas of black pepper;
  • 2 medium lemon (from which you need to squeeze juice);
  • 1 medium parsley bunch;
  • 4-5 laurel leaves;
  • 100 ml of water.

My pepper gogoshara is sweet, cut off the top, cleanse from the seeds. Remove the peel from the apples, remove the middle and grains, rub it on a coarse grater, add juice from two lemons. Finely chop the onions, mix it with apples, get stuffed densely stuffed peppers. Now we take a large deep container (a pot or a cauldron), spread the gogoshars, make sure that the fruits are placed quite tightly, the filling should not fall out of them. Between the peppercorns evenly place the diced garlic and parsley branches cut in two.

We prepare marinade: vinegar, oil, sugar, salt, water, laurel with spices, mix in a separate saucepan, bring to a boil. After this, we fill the gogoshara with the resulting marinade, set the medium-fire regime on the plate. The extinguishing time should be at least half an hour, preferably - 40-45 minutes, it is desirable to cover the container with a lid, after boiling the fire on the stove should be reduced. After the specified time, the fruit should be carefully extracted from the pan, put into sterilized bottles, pour marinade and roll. For a couple of days, the preservation can be covered with warming material.

To summarize, I want to say that pepper gogoshara sweet is not only tasty, unpretentious in growing and grooming, but also very useful. Like his relatives - sweet peppers, he is rich in vitamin C. The presence of vitamin P in the fruit, especially in combination with vitamin C, has a pronounced strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels.

Ratunda, different sorts, photo:

Gogoshara pepper has all the valuable qualities of sweet pepper, while it is a real godsend for a beginner gardener. Try and you plant in your dacha this delicious, fruitful and unpretentious variety.

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Pepper Gogoshara, reviews of gardeners

This pepper is called Ratunda. Indeed, it is sweet and juicy... Size can be up to 15 cm in diameter... I plant it almost every year. This year, planted yellow-yellow Golden Tamara. A growing seedling is the same as all peppers... I did not notice the difference... I used to always have good harvests of this pepper.
Dachnitsa with experience
I also tried to plant it only last year and the result is positive. Not only that the taste was awesome, duck wall of 8-10 mm. Thicker, I did not see the peppers. The disadvantage is that there are few fruits on the plant - 5-6 pieces. But it is possible to put more densely. Seeds brought from Tiraspol - the name Gogoshar Ruby.
serg = 224 & amp; tart = 360
Once we got the seeds of these peppers, so they became our most favorite variety. Every year we plant it, and as harvest time arrives, we are looking forward to these pepper-tomatoes. One appearance of what it costs, such sympathetic! The bush is medium-sized, the fruits are round, we had them up to 8 cm. And, of course, the most valuable side of this variety is its meatiness. The wall thickness is from 7 mm to 1 cm. The taste is sweet, juicy, pleasant, not bitter. Like any sweet pepper, rattundu (gogoshara) can be added to a variety of dishes, but when it comes to lecho... you lick your fingers! Due to the fleshiness and juiciness of pepper, the taste qualities excel at times other varieties. If we talk about marinades, then I did not have to try anything more delicious. If you meet some seeds of Ratunda or gogoshara, do not hesitate to buy it. Very good grade.
Gogoshara, we all ate my childhood. They brought us usually from a rest in Moldova. There, I learned not only the recipe for the stuffing, but also the widespread recipe for marinating for the winter. It's simple and tasty. For 10 kg gogoshar, l water, 1 bottle of oil, 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt, 1 glass of sugar, bell pepper, sweet pepper, bay leaf. Gogoshara clean, cut slices (by segments), cook in the marinade for 15 minutes. Then we put it in sterilized jars, fill it with boiling marinade and then turn it over. All! I usually make half-liter and one-liter jars. Bulgarian peppers can also be made, but gogoshara is more delicious. And the marinade can then be used in cooking, when the gogoshare is eaten.

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