Wasted washing machine: how to determine and eliminate the cause

The washing program started as usual, but suddenly the washing machine is frozen. First of all, it needs to be visually inspected, and only then proceed to disassembly. The sequence of the work will be considered in this article. Asd peer

machines There are many reasons why AGR freezes. You need to inspect the washing machine, try to find and fix the problem.

If she stopped with a full tank of water and linen, then you need to drain the water and hang the laundry.

  1. A drain filter is located at the bottom of the AGR front panel.
  2. Unscrew the door latches with a screwdriver and open the cover.
  3. After inserting the container, scroll and pull out the filter, then drain the water.

Notice at what stage the stop occurred when the washing machine-machine hung.

In case of a failure in the system, the MCA may hang at any stage of the program. Try disconnecting the machine from power for 10-15 minutes. If the cause fails, then after turning on the washing program will resume.

  • Why is the washing machine frozen immediately after switching on and installing the program? The point is overload. Modern cars are equipped with sensors that monitor the weight of linen. Therefore, if the load exceeds the norm, the wash will not start.
  • Program stopped rinsing? It is necessary to check whether the mode is selected correctly. For delicate, hand washing and washing wool, the spin can be turned off. Also, some programs exclude automatic draining of water. Therefore, the car stops.
  • SMA freezes on spin. Perhaps the reason for the imbalance. If the machine itself could not restore the balance before the spin cycle, it stops. Or maybe there is no control function at all in your model. Then you need to open the hatch and distribute the laundry manually.

If there are no problems with the laundry and the regimen, it is probably a breakdown.

Normally, the self-diagnostic system displays an error code on the display. Then you will find out the value of the code to determine the cause of the breakdown.

Typical malfunctions

  • The washer stopped at the last minute of the wash or at the sink. The reason is a breakdown of the heating element or a pump. Heater malfunction is also a hang at the beginning of the wash, possibly at the same time.
  • In case of malfunction of the electronic module, the technician hangs on the first wash cycle or immediately after switching on. These signs also indicate a malfunction of the UBL manhole lock. If the machine does not complete the wash, it also speaks of problems with the electronics.
  • About problems in the drain system( hoses, pump) says hang on the same program - rinsing or spinning. There may be a blockage in the hoses, or the pump is faulty and the water does not drain.
  • If the washer turns the drum 2 times and hangs, or there is a crackling sound and a buzz, it's about the engine. Due to water ingress or overvoltage, the motor could burn out. Either his brushes are worn out.

In the event of a malfunction, a timer or program selector can constantly spin.

How to fix the

breakdown What should I do to get the machine back to work? Not all parts can be repaired by yourself. But it is in your power to inspect them, clean them from clogging or replace them.

Replace TEN

If the hatch remains cold in the washing mode at high temperature, the heating element does not heat the water. You may feel that the laundry smells musty and does not wash well. These are also indirect signs of malfunction of the heater.

In models of Bosch, LG, Samsung, the electric heater is in front. In the Indesit, Ariston, it is necessary to remove the back cover. Progress:

  1. Remove the top panel of the washer.
  2. Pull out the dispenser tray from the case, pressing the latch in the center.
  3. . Unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the control panel, unclip its latches.
  4. Remove the base panel.
  5. Open the hatch door, bend the cuff and remove the clamp.
  6. Remove the two lock bolts on the case.
  7. Now unscrew all the screws on the perimeter of the front panel and remove it from the case.
  8. Under the tank you will see the outlets of the heating element.
  9. Disconnect the wiring from the heater.
  10. Loosen the center nut and push the bolt inward.

Pull the heating element out of the case, conduct its inspection. Use a multimeter to measure resistance. If the part shows infinite resistance, then a replacement is needed.

Check the lock of the hatch

Due to the broken UBL, the hatch door is not blocked, so the water does not start. In the case of replacing the heater, we described how to disconnect the fasteners from the case. To remove the device, disconnect its wiring. The blocking device is also checked by a multimeter.

Remove blockage in the drain system

Depending on the model of your washer, the pump may be in front of or behind the case. Removing the panel, inspect the drain hose and pipe. Feel them with your hand. If a blockage has formed inside, clean it under running water.

To remove the nipple:

  • Remove the bolt securing the clamp.
  • Unclench the clamp with pliers.
  • Disconnect the nozzle from the tank and pump.

To check the pump:

  • Disconnect the pump wiring.
  • Remove the fastening screws and remove the pump from the housing.
  • For inspection, release the clips that secure the pump to the cochlea.

Inspect the engine.

Replacing the motor is required in case of winding problems. Worn electrical brushes or lamellas can try to eliminate yourself. How to repair the engine SMA, we wrote in previous articles.

Consider how to remove the motor for inspection:

  • Unscrew the screws on the rear panel and remove it from the case.
  • To remove the engine, disconnect the wiring leading to it.
  • Remove the bolts( three to four pieces).
  • Remove the motor.

Now you can proceed to the inspection. For inspection, remove the brushes from the motor housing. If the rods are worn, the brushes need to be replaced.

The winding is checked with a multimeter for a short circuit or open circuit.

Check the electronic board

Often the electronics fail due to sudden changes in voltage, high humidity. During a strong vibration of the machine, the contacts of the board may come off. To check it, remove the control panel as described above. Unclip the latches and free the board.

When viewed, are burned out items visible? Contact your service center for assistance.

Summing up, we conclude: you can independently check the details of the washing machine, but only the master can perform accurate diagnostics.

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