Washing machine LG: + rating of the best models to look at before buying

Among a variety of electronic and home appliance products have justifiably attracts the eye of buyers.

Recognizable brand, the range of products offered wide, but since we are currently interested in it washing machines LG, bother to two questions - whether they should buy and which models are the most popular Today.

The content of the article:

  • Subtleties choice stiralok brand LG
    • The LG is different from other brands?
    • Pros and cons of technology LG
    • What attracts 6 Motion Technology?
  • Ranking of the best models
    • Model # 1 - budget F-10B8MD
    • Model # 2 - the machine with steam F-12U2HCS2
    • Model # 3 - the best narrow stiralka F-10B8SD
    • Model # 4 - big drum loading FH-495BDS2
    • Model # 5 - aggregate dryer F-14U2TDH1N
    • Model # 6 - Quiet F-1496AD3
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Subtleties choice stiralok brand LG

Familiar to many Korean LG Electronics has for decades produces quality Byttekhnika. Its washing machines fully meet the stated quality markers, including - reliability, ease of use, creative, affordable price.

We offer to find out how to choose the best model from this manufacturer.

The LG is different from other brands?

Oddly enough, but the price tag is humane causes confusion in some buyers in the first place. Do not hiding there any catch? Maybe we should look at the more expensive brands?

The explanation is quite simple - the company LG Electronics does not rely on innovative start-ups, is not seeking absolute superiority in the implementation of all sorts of innovations.

It is due to this is held in mid-priced "plug", although TEHOSNASTKA washing machines gorgeous.

The range of LG washing machines

A vast difference in price as the base allows you to choose a budget option, and a model with additional functionality and increased load

the value is also influenced by the fact that initially all the products under the LG issued within South logo Korea's industrial capacity is now deployed in hundreds of other countries, including China and Russia, where labor cheaper.

The probability that you buy a washing machine assembled in Russia or China is high, but the quality is almost no effect, but at a price - a pleasant side thanks to savings in production costs, including transport.

In order to more easily navigate the range, you need to master reading character cipher. For example, we explain the designation labeling LG F1296WDSH. So, left to right:

  • F (Letter immediately after LG mark) - a designation of the type of load of laundry ("F", "M", "E" - the type of frontal);
  • 12 (Two digits), - the speed with which the drum is rotated during the spin cycle, for example, 1000 rev / min - 10;
  • 96 (Next 2 digits) - variant design cars, such as Front Panel, etc .;
  • W (Letter) - capacity of the drum, the depth (narrow, medium, standard), the standard in the example;
  • DS - a few more letters, where "D" indicates a direct drive, "S" - steam washing, "H" - drying the laundry;
  • The latest figure (or no) - Color (no numerals - white, 5 - "silver", etc.).

Cars from this manufacturer erase economical as their energy consumption is low even under the most difficult conditions of washing.

Marking washing machines LG

Example of the markings. On it is possible to determine the main characteristics of the product. Marking is usually located on the mind - right on the front panel

Pros and cons of technology LG

Indisputable advantages LG brand washing machines:

  • wide range;
  • management at the level of intuition and ease of use;
  • almost noiseless operation (inverter motors used with low noise generation);
  • productive and effective functional (wash program);
  • spinning quality;
  • purity of the laundry;
  • affordable price.

Certain labor LG Electronics is investing in the segment of "premium" for the development of high-tech equipped, which is controlled in sync with a mobile phone, which will be discussed in more detail below.

But the main force is still spent on improving the quality of the washing process is not very expensive but trustworthy washing units.

Display LG washing machine

The presence display in the LG washing machines makes their use more convenient. Complex display device contributes to more expensive models, and if finances limit your options, you can choose a machine with a simple display

Then LG Electronics is constantly preparing surprises to the consumer useful:

  • "Six concern movements" - a leap forward in washing technology (another name - 6 Motion);
  • RTD (Electronic intelligent control optimization washing);
  • hot steam - similar functions do not have Samsung, Indesit;
  • drum cleaning system antimicrobial treatment;
  • stylish design;
  • perfect ergonomics.

Focusing on the benefits would be unfair not to mention the drawbacks. They are smaller, but nevertheless they are there.

For example, although the company claims that all its products are high quality, washing machines factories in South Korea are more strict control check, but the South Korean model found on sale almost really.

The transfer of production from the parent companies on the territory of other countries, cheaper production costs and, accordingly, the price, but not unlimited - expensive spare parts, materials, components, complex assembly technology and adjustment.

Washing machine brand LG

LG washing machines benefit costs from Bosch, while maintaining the same functions, and in less prestigious brands - not always

Another shortcoming - the lack of the model number of samples with a vertical load of laundry. This lack of conditional, as units with front loading and less space is occupied, and are more convenient when installing / removing laundry.

At the stage of choosing a particular model should be guided by the size, the presence of the necessary functions, capacity, and these parameters are very different.

And we should not compare the quality of equipment of different manufacturers of the country - it is the opinion of users and professionals think of repair services.

What attracts 6 Motion Technology?

6 Motion It is a technology that LG Electronics is the eighth year will present new models with Direct Drive - motor with PP (direct drive).

It is about six special modes of operation of the drum, patented design engineers.

6 Motion Technology

6 Motion - drum with varying strength, speed, change of direction and the nature of movements that allows you to find the best way to wash for different tissues and contaminants

Modes 6 Motion:

  • base - the usual rotation of the drum;
  • scrub / reverse rotation - Whirlpool pouring water jet instantly dissolves detergent and great washes their residues;
  • filtration / saturation - rotating the drum while the water spray mode facilitates uniform wetting the laundry loaded into the drum;
  • swing / rocking - mode for delicate laundry (fine woolen cloth). Things rocking gently in the water without touching the walls;
  • rolling / torsion - wet laundry drum rolls over the walls and give the required due to friction with the rough surface mode is no flip-flop despite the fact that lingerie is constantly submerged in water;
  • stepping / smoothing - Linen is evenly distributed in the drum, formed during the washing and rinsing straighten jams that will facilitate ironing.

All six modes combine to simulate hand washing. They work only in the presence of a washing machine of a new motor inverter - the motor is a direct drive and electronic control system.

Thanks to the electronic engine provides a drum sharp and precise movements. No noise, since it is not provided for in the design of the brush.

Motor Direct Drive

Right - motor with belt drive, left - Inverter Direct Drive (PP). Repair of motor inverter is unlikely you will need the warranty is given for 10 years

washing program based on 6 Motion cover and wash the children's clothes and stuff with fluff.

there is a laundrysportswear and "Caring for Health" - a program for people who suffer from excessive skin sensitivity. This program is generously and repeatedly wash away the remnants of detergent.

silent washing program allows you to turn the car at night, not afraid of waking a sleeping infant or disturb neighbors.

And do not be surprised to the presence of a logo WOOLMARK - Yes, this is the international quality certificate, indicating the careful treatment of wool and silk fabrics in a delicate wash.

Undoubted benefits and gives control penobrazovaniya avtobalansirovochnaya system. The machine itself will weigh the laundry, pick up under the given parameters of washing water rate, powder, power consumption. Information is displayed on the display, including errors and delayed start.

Yet in each washing program has the ability to set up and remember to use in the future, the heating temperature, rotational spin speed, how many times to rinse and others.

It is possible that very soon we all appreciate the convenience of a washing machine incorporating a smartphone. Enough to bring a touch screen to a special label, and then earn a new wash cycle.

Smart Diagnosis system

Smart Diagnosis - is a revolution in service. Why suddenly capricious washing machine, you can find out with the help of its own smartphone

In washing machines with 6 Motion provides super system Smart Diagnosis. Appliances of failed delivers the characteristic sound signal, which is forwarded to a conventional telephone service center. There's the sound of determining damage.

the call goes to the master with the understanding that he will mend, and carries with him the necessary tools and spare parts.

In case of minor faults in the phone comes a prescription of what to do to troubleshoot the problem with their own hands. 6 Motion - the perfect choice for those who need to regularly wash.

Ranking of the best models

To our readers get a full idea of ​​the described techniques, we offer a thorough analysis of the most popular consumer brands.

Model # 1 - budget F-10B8MD

On the "budget" business - a category relative in relation to LG. The owner of the brand delivers on Byttekhnika market at prices not below certain levels.

To date, the lower price bracket is set at around $ 300, but for the money you will surely become the owner of good-quality domestic helpers.

LG F-10B8MD - freestanding model with small size, elegant design and full functionality.

The machine is equipped with an inverter motor and almost no noise, overall dimensions - 60smx44smx85sm, front loading, the maximum tank capacity - 5.5 kg.

the spin cycle in the LG F-10B8MD model is regulated at an interval of 400 rpm. Such a move is great, but it is normal for the budget execution. Maximum - 1000 rev / min.

The model is removed the top cover, it can be built into furniture under the countertop.

Other features of LG F-10B8MD:

  • power consumption cells. A (efficiency);
  • high otstiryvaniya (washing efficiency - Cl. BUT);
  • protection from leaks;
  • Autostart timer;
  • protection of children (except for power on / off);
  • RTD;
  • drum cleaning function;
  • 13 programs - including washing down jackets, children's and sports things, economy mode, etc..

Everything is provided to the last nuance - a soft LED light display, tune at the end of the washing process.

From user feedback: This LG model is a profitable and inexpensive substitute for washing machines, end-of-life. The unit erases fine, quiet, intuitive to operate.

The disadvantages of users is called the inability to lock the power switch so that the child accidentally turned off the machine.

And also not very clean Rinsing in some modes. Therefore it is necessary to put extra rinse or use the mode "Super rinse," "concern about health."

Model # 2 - the machine with steam F-12U2HCS2

This class models improved data on roominess, energoraskhodu, the quality of the wash / spin, and have ultra-modern additions - steaming, remote PU.

LG F-12U2HCS2 - model with dimensions 60smx45smx85sm, the ability to embed and tank capacity 7 kg.

Its advantages and characteristics:

  • energopotpotreblenie of cells. A + (sverhekonomichny);
  • Washing efficiency contaminants;
  • spin speed - Cl. B (1200 rev / min);
  • protection from leaks;
  • safety interlocks (except power on / off);
  • RTD;
  • delay start timer;
  • self-cleaning of the drum;
  • 14 programs - incl laundry black things paroobrabotka, wash things with down, hypoallergenic laundry and others.

Users enjoy the steaming function and quality washing feather, wool, silk, terry products.

Model LG F-12U2HCS2 has no disadvantages, except for parents of young children discontent over the fact that the power button is not protected from tripping due to accidentally pressed.

Machine can be controlled from the smartphone, including and to perform troubleshooting, install their own washing modes.

Model # 3 - the best narrow stiralka F-10B8SD

LG F-10B8SD - small compact washing machine that fits in a small bathroom area. Has dimensions 60smx36smx85sm, tank holds 4 kg of laundry.

Stiralka LG F-10B8SD consumes little power - 0.19 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry. There is also a protection against leaks, and child lock and accommodation option under the table.

Simple intuitive interface, washing of cells. A display with a flashing countdown time, electronic control, the ability to manage through smartphone timer for delayed start, 13 washing regimes.

The disadvantages include the efficiency of the spin class C and a long pause before the start of the washing process that occurs after switching on.

Stiralka LG F-10B8SD consumes little power - 0.19 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry. There is also a protection against leaks, and child lock and accommodation option under the table.

Model # 4 - big drum loading FH-495BDS2

LG FH-495BDS2 - in this powerful machine depth of just 64 cm with a tank capacity of 12 kg of laundry. In this combination, perhaps, can boast only the brand LG!

Dimensions 60smx64smx85sm certainly not small, but in a large room washing machine does not look bulky. It consumes very little power and operates quietly.

Energy Class A +++ Spin 1400 rpm / min, the system invert direct drive, The selection of washing programs for any needs, the ability to wash the blankets, quilts, coats and other big things - such a machine can be bought safely if there is a place for it.

This washing machine uses up to 75 liters of water - consumption is not so high, because of its capacity.
In the treatment of hot steam are removed completely settled odors, bacteria are neutralized, smoothes wrinkles and folds in clothing.

Members also raise plus washing black items, stain removal, stripping and the ability to control the operation of stiralki smartphone.

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting only the high cost of the model, although for a large family to acquire it will be a real saving in laundry days.

Model # 5 - aggregate dryer F-14U2TDH1N

drying system for washing machines - fresh innovation, but they have gained popularity quickly.

Upon completion of the cycle, you get dry laundry that does not require hanging on a rope or lattice-dryer.

Washing and drying machines are presented in the "premium" segment. The price of premium-class Byttekhnika LG lower when compared with counterparts from other brands.

drying mode LG F-14U2TDH1N model is adjusted in all programs allow you to use "washing" + "drying". In some programs, laundry drying mode is not connected.

LG F-14U1JBH2N - big car with dimensions 60smx58smx85sm, a tank with a maximum load of up to 8 kg and an integrated dryer for 5 kg of laundry.


  • +++ energy efficiency class A;
  • otstiryvaniya of cells. A (high);
  • Spin - Cl. A (1400 rev / min);
  • is - wool wash program;
  • steam - there is;
  • delayed start and others.

In this model, the drum has an automatic balancing and self-cleaning. As well as the opportunity to perform a mobile diagnostics - Smart Diagnosis.

People leave positive feedback about the washing machine of the drawbacks referred to only some inconvenience the need to manually set and adjust the program.

Model # 6 - Quiet F-1496AD3

LG F-1496AD3 - model a little more compact with dimensions of 60x55x85 cm, the ability to wash 8 kg and 4 kg of dry laundry.

As with the previous model - high quality washing of cells. BUT, extraction efficiency of cells. A (1400 rev / min), the RTD, start delay timer, low noise generation and others.

Power consumption cells. B, protection of children, 13 programs, self-test, the top cover can be removed for installation under the table top - it's all the positive characteristics of this model.

And attracted, no doubt, right in the drying drum without having to finish drying and hanging clothes in drying rooms, on balconies, on the street.

Drying in the LG F-1496AD3 model is configured into three modes - standard (dry), under the iron (slightly wet) and eco-drying. During the drying cabinet is heating up and cooling down for a long time. Luke closed until cool clothes.

Disadvantages quite subjective. Some people point to the accumulation of water under the sealing rubber of the door of the tank, while others - too big step spin speeds adjustment. Indeed, only two speeds - 800 and 1400 rev / min.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the essence of LG 6 motions will tell the next video:

Stylish to look at washing machines LG brand are good to use and well equipped technically. Brand has won and confidently holds its own niche in the market. whether it noteworthy? Of course yes. Moreover, each customer can choose the model that functionality which is able to meet its needs.

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