How to make a circular out of a washing machine motor

The working motor from the washing machine-automatic machine should not be dusted in the garage. Even a home master can find him an application. We will tell you how to make a self-made circular from the engine of a washing machine.

Such a tool will help you to burn firewood, to learn the carpentry. However, be careful: careless use of a self-made machine can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, before you get down to work, you must be completely confident in your abilities.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which engine to choose to make a circular
  • 2Circular with the engine of the washing machine own hands
    • 2.1Preparation of electrical parts
    • 2.2Manufacturing of frame and frame
  • 3How the device works

Which engine to choose to make a circular

The choice of the engine for creating a mini-circular depends on its power. It is advisable to use an engine with a wedge-shaped belt that will allow its speed to be transferred to the saw blade of the machine.

For a 350 mm disk, 1 kW of energy is required to run. A disk with a diameter of 170 mm will require about 500 watts. Therefore, you can put the motor from the old styralki.

It is important to adjust the engine speed, otherwise instability in operation will cause the disc to tear the material.

In the washing machine, the revolutions are controlled by a gear-box, which controls the control module. But the module can not be connected to the circular, so install a voltage regulator. Use the wiring diagram to correctly install the motor.

Circular with the engine of the washing machine own hands

You figured out what engine you need and how to connect it. Now consider the design of the circular saw.

For a circular made at home, the absence of a bearing unit is permitted, which will greatly simplify the design.

The main load will be on the moving elements. It:

  • saw shaft and electric motor;
  • a motor pulley and a saw shaft;
  • drive belt.

Let's consider features of each of them:

  1. The belt of the drive does not have to be taken from the washing machine, other belts can be used. The main thing is that they have notches, like a wedge type belt.
  2. On a small pulley, flow grooves need to be made. They will be clinging to the belt during work, which will avoid slippage.
  3. A larger disc is welded onto the large pulley, which will not allow the belt to come off.
  4. To fix the circular saw use the shaft, where it is inserted, as well as the washer and nut, which is fixed. It is recommended that you select or take this kit from the factory setting to ensure that the drive is safely secured.

Creating a design, you need to consider that it is designed for the three-hundredth disc. Of course, the self-made circular machine is suitable only for domestic use. Therefore, try not to overload the engine.

Preparation of electrical parts

To start the saw, you can install a starter. If the thermal protection is provided for exceeding the current, the jamming will automatically switch off the circuit breaker. A button from the door lock will do.

Often, such machines are stored in the yard, on the street, so protect the electrical part from moisture.

Manufacturing of frame and frame

The frame is made of a metal sheet 3 mm thick. Before you make a frame, prepare a metal corner for 30 mm.

As shown in the photo above, the master mounted the frame in homemade racks of pipes. Now you can adjust the height of the device. However, it is recommended to perform a solid frame, welding pieces of the corner between each other. Strong vibration over time loosens the fastening of bolts and other elements.

When making the circular, consider the possibility of repair. All moving parts should be conveniently lubricated. Before starting work, it is advisable to prepare detailed drawings.

Please note that the mini-circular saw differs in size. It is much smaller than usual and can fit when stored in a pantry.

How the device works

An engine starts, which drives the shaft with a pulley. As a result, the drive belt rotates, transferring the revolutions to the pulley of the circular saw. The saw starts to spin, allowing you to saw the material.

A self-made circular loom is always useful in the household. Due to the fact that it can be made from improvised means, it will cost you almost for free.

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