How to make a wax from a washing machine

If you keep a small apiary, then you will definitely need a wax-up. In order to process a small amount of wax, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of a new apparatus. You can make a wax from the washing machine yourself.

The homemade device will perfectly cope with the processing of the honeycomb, the cut of frames or outgrowths from the walls of the hives.

Content of the material:

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  • 2Instructions: how to make a wax pot with your own hands
    • 2.1Sequence of assembly
    • 2.2How is a wax-up made from a washing machine

Pros and cons of home-making

The advantages of making a steam voskotopki is that you can use any old washing machine. Most often, Soviet-made machines are used - their thick, sturdy drums are perfectly suitable for making the device.

Moreover, you will save money using the details that are at hand.

Why is it better to use a steam, rather than a solar wax-up:

  • With the help of steam, you can produce much more quality raw materials.
  • You can use the device at different times of the year in any weather.

The cons of a homemade voskotopki before the factory in a lower capacity and capacity. Also it is not so convenient to use. However, if you do not manufacture wax on an industrial scale, then the factory machine does not need you.

Instructions: how to make a wax pot with your own hands

Let's analyze the example of a washing machine, how to make a wax-up at home. All you need from the car is:

  • the body;
  • a tank and a drum;
  • sealing hatch;
  • drain fitting;
  • intake hose.

All other parts need to be removed. How to disassemble a washing machine, we wrote in other articles.

After disassembly, prepare such components:

  • flask in volume of 15-20 liters;
  • trough (preferably metallic);
  • a plug made of rubber;
  • silicone sealant;
  • a plate for heating (gas or electric), it is possible to build a fire.

You will also need a metal cover - a diameter larger than the drum opening in the washing machine. The very same design can really be assembled in an hour and a half.

Sequence of assembly

From the body of the stylalk you will need only two side and rear walls. The front panel is removed.

If a service hatch is provided in the rear wall, it must be unscrewed and removed. If there is none, then make a hole yourself, based on the diameter of the drum tank. Additionally, fasten the walls with bolts for durability.

Then mount the housing on the side walls, rear panel up. For stability, you can place it on special spacers. Then proceed as follows:

  • Drill a few holes in the back of the tank. All other openings that were provided by the manufacturer (except the opening for the drainage pipe), close with rubber plugs.
  • Install the drum tank on the hole at the top of the casing.
  • Secure them in place with the bolts.

It remains to refit the jar. If you use a large cannon, then it has a "native" lid, in which you need to make a hole with a diameter, like a filler hose. If it's a simple jar, you need to find a sealed lid and also make a hole.

Connect the drain hose to the tank. Insert the filler hose into the jar cover and connect the other end to the nozzle. Secure the joint with silicone sealant.

Everything, steam vosktopupka has made the hands. It remains to understand how the apparatus functions.

How is a wax-up made from a washing machine

We have already dismantled the structure of the steam frame wax-up. Now consider the principle of work.

The dried wax waste is loaded into the drum, then fill the jar with ¾ volume water. Then place the jar with water on the heating source: a stove or a fire. Tank the waste with a lid and install the top of the press so that the steam does not come out. From the bottom of the tank, install the trough.

After the water in the jar boils, steam will start to be produced. Passing through a hose and a branch pipe, the steam will flow into the tank and heat the wax. Wax along with hot water will drain from the drum into the tank, and then into the trough. Cooling down, it will float to the surface, where you will collect it.

Here in such a simple way you can process wax waste in your own apiary. At minimal cost, you will get a quality wax for your needs or for sale.

On average, the extraction of wax takes from 3 to 4 hours. But if you adjust the heating force of the jar, you can reduce this time.

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