How to make a juicer from a washing machine

Thinking about buying a juicer? You can make a juicer from a washing machine with your own hands - we'll tell you how. You practically get a device for processing fruits and vegetables in house juices almost free of charge, and you will also find the use of an old washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Design Advantages
  • 2Instructions how to make a juicer at home
    • 2.1Preparation for work
    • 2.2Prepare the case for remaking
    • 2.3Modify the drum
  • 3How does a homemade squeezer

Design Advantages

If you have an old, unnecessary washing machine with a working centrifuge, consider that you have found it to be used.

The essence of the standard juicer is that fruit and vegetables are thrown into a special hole. It should be wide enough for a whole apple, pear and other fruits. Then the fruit gets into a centrifuge, on the bottom of which there is a grater. After grinding, juice is squeezed out.

Advantages of the styralki as a fiddler is that the volume of its drum exceeds the capacity of conventional instruments. And if you use an engine that produces 1500 rpm, then you can quickly and efficiently grind the fruits and get 10-20 liters of juice per hour.

Instructions how to make a juicer at home

Independently, the juicer can be made from any washing machine - automatic - with a front or vertical loading. The main thing is that there should be a belt drive, since the all-wheel drive model will not work.

If you have a front-loading fumbler, you have to put it on your back, hatch up.

Preparation for work

First, remove from the body of the machine all parts that are no longer needed: pump, pressure switch, intake valve, drain filter and control panel.

To facilitate the work will help in advance prepared drawings and drawings. So you can consistently perform all the actions, referring to the scheme.

Prepare the necessary details:

  • two metal grids measuring 30x6 cm;
  • bolts with nuts for 3 mm;
  • dishes for collecting juice;
  • drain fitting;
  • rubber stoppers.

You will also need tools:

  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • pliers;
  • a hammer;
  • scissors for metal.

Before you put the machine, prepare the bars-stands, on which it will be fixed.

Prepare the case for remaking

How to do it:

  • First remove the drive belt from the pulley. With one hand, pull it toward you, scrolling the pulley.
  • Bending off the sealing rubber of the hatch, remove the metal clamp. Remove the rubber cuff.
  • Unscrew bolts and remove shock absorbers. Also remove all the parts that prevent the tank from getting out of the hull.
  • After you have got the tank, it needs to be dismantled. Unscrew the bolts around the perimeter, using a screwdriver, unclasp the plastic latches and remove the upper part. If the tank is not collapsible, use a hacksaw for metal (Bulgarian) - cut it into two halves.
  • Clean all parts of the tank and drum from scale, rust and other debris.
  • All unnecessary openings in the tank (for example, from the TEN) are closed with rubber plugs. As a result, only the drain hole for the finished juice should remain.

To create a juicer at home, it is advisable to take a drum from stainless steel. However, the plastic drum is also suitable.

  • All openings in the drum must be welded, as they are too large.
  • Drill a number of small holes around the perimeter of the drum.
  • Now collect the tank back by screwing the screws. If the tank was non-separable, it is necessary in advance to prepare holes for self-tapping screws.

Put the tank back into the housing, replace the sealing rubber and springs-shock absorbers.

Modify the drum

Since the manufacture of a juicer itself will need most of the details from the styralka, it will cost you almost for free. But that the drum became a full-fledged shredder for apples and other fruits, it needs to be finalized.

Make a grater. The fact is that the holes located on the drum surface are too large. They will turn fruit into puree, not juice. Therefore, take the harvested strips of the grid, set them in a circle, between the edges of the drum. Secure the mesh in place with small screws. If necessary, you can remove the grid and clean it.

Grind fruits and vegetables will help the ribbon maker, which needs to be further sharpened. Do not forget to attach the nozzle to the drain hole. The design is ready, it remains to connect the motor.

Since the control panel is removed as superfluous, it is necessary to connect an additional switch.

To properly connect the engine, you need to act according to the electrical scheme. We have already described this in other articles, so watch the video on the topic:


How does a homemade squeezer

After connecting, check the device: the drum rotates evenly, how tightly the housing is fixed. This is important, because it will be unpleasant if the body will turn over from the vibration together with the fruit.

Now wash the fruit and load whole fruit through the loading hatch. Do not need to stuff the drum to failure, otherwise the fruit will not crush, and the device may be damaged. Place a bowl under the drain pipe to collect the juice.

Run the centrifuge for 2-3 minutes. Rotating at the speed of spinning, the fruits will be broken about the drum, which will contribute to the ribbing. After the fruit porridge through the grater will flow into the drain pipe, and then into the container.

For one hour of work you can get from 10 to 12 liters of juice. In this case, you do not need to cut, clean the fruit, just wash it and put it into the drum.

Pay attention to the type of fruit: if it's apples, pears and other solid fruits - they need to fall asleep no more than half. While soft fruits and berries (plums, grapes, strawberries) can fill a larger volume of the tank.

So, unnecessary technology will bring even more benefit than the new device. It is not difficult to change a washing machine into a juicer. And most importantly - cheap, because you will need a minimum of additional components.

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