Robot vacuum cleaner: we buy a miracle cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner: we buy a miracle cleaner


With how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner, few are familiar, since this device appeared on the market relatively recently.

Perhaps in your environment and there is not one owner of the robot vacuum cleaner, so there is no way for someone to come for advice. But if it is, it's unlikely that a person can tell a lot, because in order to learn about the product all, you need to be able to compare several models and evaluate their advantages in practice. We are sure to tell you everything about this miracle cleaner.

But first let's think: do you need a robot vacuum cleaner?


  • 1Who needs an automatic assistant
  • 2Criterias of choice
    • 2.1Availability of good service
    • 2.2Waste container capacity
    • 2.3Area of ​​cleaning the device and the time it works
    • 2.4Penetration
    • 2.5Ability to quickly remember the route and navigate
    • 2.6Noisiness
    • 2.7The presence of side brushes
    • 2.8Soft touch mode
    • 2.9Configuring Automatic Operation
    • 2.10Equipment
  • 3Cost of robots: we will not save

Who needs an automatic assistant

If you think that the washing robot vacuum cleaner is able to completely take over the purity in the house, we hasten to disappoint you. It is suitable only for daily cosmetic cleaning, allowing you to enjoy cleanliness, for example, from one weekend to another. Once or twice a week, still have to take in hand an ordinary powerful vacuum cleaner and a mop, because without a thorough cleaning of the apartment can not do.

Almost all robots vacuum cleaners are rather electrovices, since the power of their suction is incomparable with the power of a familiar house cleaning assistant.


But if in your apartment there is a shaggy beast with thick wool and children who consider it their duty to carry crumbs all over the apartment, the robot can become your best friend. It all depends on which robot vacuum cleaner to choose.

So, you should take a closer look at buying a new device if:

  • you do not have long pile carpets; You regularly remove excess items from the floor, and all wires are securely fastened or hidden;
  • you do not have high thresholds (otherwise you will only need to use the device in one room or constantly transfer it);
  • you live in a dusty area and are forced to clean up debris flying from windows and doors;
  • dust prevents you from living (it is better to buy a washing device with the ability to use it as a polisher);
  • you just need to keep clean from time to time, saving the floor from crumbs or wool.

Decided to buy? Then let's figure out how to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner.

Criterias of choice

At first glance, all robots vacuum cleaners are very similar: as a rule, all models are able to independently travel around the room, collecting garbage. But in practice it turns out that some devices are "frightened" even by small thresholds, others are "lazy" to collect dust near the walls, while others even scatter some of the garbage instead of removing it. What should you look at before you choose a similar device?

Availability of good service

Yes Yes! This is the most important factor, since the robot vacuum cleaner is a relatively new product and not everywhere there are organizations for their maintenance. Since the purchase is quite expensive, I do not want to throw out the device just because it does not go out to buy new filters or brushes. So make sure that in the city you (or nearby) have the opportunity to repair the washing robot vacuum cleaner and buy supplies for it. Usually, problems do not arise with the brands iRobot and iClebo.

Waste container capacity

The quality of cleaning depends on this factor. Even for a small room where pets live, you need a garbage can with the capacity of, l. For large apartments it is worth choosing robots vacuum cleaners with a capacity of up to 1 liter. It is desirable that there are no electromechanical parts on the waste basket so that it can easily be washed directly under the stream of water.

Area of ​​cleaning the device and the time it works

There are robots vacuum cleaners that are designed for small rooms, others can cope even with spacious apartments. If you do not specify the area for which the cleaning robot is designed, you can calculate it yourself. How to do it? It's simple: subtract 10 from the device's operating time. The figure obtained is the size of the room with which these devices can be easily handled.


A very important point, since some models, when they see even a centimeter obstacle, unfold in the opposite direction. Best of all, the latest robots are the iClebo vacuum cleaners, which easily jump and after 22 mm. Not a bad result for iRobot 700-series. But Chinese analogues are suitable only for flat floors.


Ability to quickly remember the route and navigate

Here the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot 700-series a little "sagged as it moves completely chaotically, sometimes skipping entire sections on the floor. The robot vacuum cleaner iClebo, on the contrary, methodically passes each centimeter, moving from one wall to another.

There are other models that do a great job cleaning. Usually they are equipped with cameras and sensors that help you navigate. As for the beacons, which have some robots at their disposal vacuum cleaners, then this is not the best invention: they are constantly the batteries sit down, they take up space, and besides the working device tries to avoid them by the side, and as a result around the beacons there remains dust.


In principle, if you plan to have a robot vacuum cleaner working in your absence, you can not even think about it. But if a carapouse sleeps in the house, then this parameter becomes very important.

The presence of side brushes

Many instruments leave dust in the corners and along the walls. Whether your assistant will be one of these "loafers" depends not on his form (despite the assurances of some producers), but on the availability of side brushes. Remember that sometimes they break down and lose their form, so the possibility of replacement is a good argument that will help to choose a worthy model.

Soft touch mode


Some robots vacuum cleaners from overclocking hit the walls and furniture. Because their weight is usually small, it does not cause trouble. However, it is better to look at the robots, which slow down before the obstacles.

Configuring Automatic Operation

Pleasant function: it's enough to set up the schedule once, and the "smart" vacuum cleaner will independently "go out on business".



It is advisable before selecting a robot vacuum cleaner, make sure of the availability of spare filters and brushes. As for the other components, everything depends on you. The remote control is usually an unnecessary thing, as the device should work itself. "Virtual Wall" is only needed if you have vases on your floor or other fragile things that can not be touched. Coordinators of movement (beacons) - a piece bulky and troublesome. It is better to choose robots vacuum cleaners with cameras and other compact means for orientation.


Cost of robots: we will not save

It's worth the robot vacuum cleaner is quite expensive. Especially high prices for quality models, which can easily cope with cleaning. Buy cheap Chinese counterparts specialists do not recommend: first, there is no normal service and opportunities to buy spare parts, and secondly, they do not clean well enough than they can disappoint you in such products for long years.


Perhaps, this is one of the rare cases of buying equipment, when it is necessary to take a closer look not to the average price range, but to a high price range.


The fact is that these products have not yet managed to gain popularity, so few manufacturers have established a mass production. The cost of production remains high, which is reflected in the price. Perhaps the situation will change soon, but so far only expensive models can meet the expectations of users.

But here also a simple rule works: the most expensive robot vacuum cleaner is not the best. For example, the popular iRobot brand is popular because it spends a lot of money on advertising. Sometimes the devices of other brands with similar capabilities are much cheaper. Carefully read reviews, watch video comparisons and then you will definitely make a successful purchase. And let your life with a robot vacuum cleaner become much easier and more interesting!

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