Choosing a thermo button: a distant descendant of a samovar

Choosing a thermo button: a distant descendant of a samovar


Electric kettles are convenient in many ways, except for one: they cool down quickly together with the water contained in them, and energy is used to heat the water again.

But if you have a thermo-pot instead of a teapot, then from this small inconvenience you will be spared. How to choose a heatpipe to get the most reliable and convenient device?


  • 1Advantages and disadvantages of thermopot
    • 1.1pros
    • 1.2Minuses
  • 2Main characteristics
    • 2.1Capacity
    • 2.2Power
    • 2.3A heating element
    • 2.4Pouring into a cup
    • 2.5Materials
    • 2.6Modes of operation
    • 2.7Number of heating elements
    • 2.8Security
    • 2.9Additional functions
  • 3Advice to the buyer

Advantages and disadvantages of thermopot


  • greater capacity than kettles, and economy;
  • The water temperature is maintained at a given level for a long time;
  • there is no need to lift and tilt the container to pour water into the glass, less chance of dropping and scalding with boiling water.


  • longer heats up to a boil;
  • takes more space on the kitchen table.

Main characteristics


A thermo-pot with a capacity of 4-5 liters is a common thing. This makes it very convenient to use in offices and at home.


The maximum power at boiling water is 1000 W, and very little is used to maintain the set temperature: a maximum of 100 W / h. Less power leads to a slower heating of the water to a boil: a 5-liter heatpot will heat the water in about 15-20 minutes. But then you can use hot water all day long, without wasting time on heating it.

Does it make sense to choose the most powerful device? Hardly. Testing shows that the rate of water heating does not depend much on the power of the device.

A heating element

Open spirals are now practically not used in decent models, since they are the least convenient. Experts on household appliances, who know exactly how to choose the right thermopot, are advised to give preference to heating discs.

Pouring into a cup


Good models are equipped with two ways of pouring water: a hand pump and an electric pump. A hand pump can be used when the power is turned off.

Thanks to the pumps, you do not need to lift the heatpipe and tilt it over the cup. It is enough just to bring it to the nozzle and press the valve or button.



The body parts are made of various materials: plastic, metal, glass. It is better to choose a flask of the chemically safest materials. It should be either metal or glass.

The exterior finish can be plastic or metal, sometimes even wood is used. Which material of the hull to choose, has a value primarily in terms of design.

Modes of operation

In addition to boiling, the heatpot has a function of maintaining the temperature of the heated water. In the most unpretentious models, there is only one mode that does not allow you to set the desired temperature level. To choose such a model means to significantly limit yourself in choosing the temperature of the water that is obtained. In more advanced models can be from 2 to 6 modes. Cooling water heatpot heats up, periodically turning on.

Number of heating elements

Some devices have two heating elements. The average consumer will not notice the difference between the combined heating element and the double one. The difference in power consumption is insignificant, so which of the two types of heating elements to choose will decide your taste and financial capabilities.



All electrical devices are dangerous if used improperly, and the heatpot is no exception. The most important functions that a high-quality thermos-kettle should have:

  • Lock-on at low water level in the tank.
  • Automatic snap-in and lock the cover from accidental opening when the device falls.
  • Valve blocking from accidental pressing.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Lock the lid when the device is on, so that it does not occur to anyone to add water to the operating device.

To ensure maximum safety, it is better to choose models, instructions to which are written in Russian, and on the case there are sufficiently clear and legible signs.

It should be remembered that all devices have a certain resource, after using which the device becomes less secure.

If your heatpipe has worked its life, some functions may stop functioning flawlessly. Especially this applies to the function of protecting against the activation of heating with an empty container.

Additional functions


Some models can filter and purify the water that you pour into them. The presence of a filter increases the cost of the model, as well as the availability of a more complex menu.

However, some additional modes may be useful: for example, a delayed start. You can program the heatpot to turn on at certain times in the evening, and to your motivation, the hot water for the cup of morning coffee will be ready.


Self-cleaning will save you from having to remove scales.

A built-in audio signal will indicate the completion of the program you have specified. The display helps you to see which mode is on.


Advice to the buyer

Be sure to ask the store to have the thermopot turned on. Check that the outside of the cabinet is not hot. Check the reliability and ease of locking the lid and the effectiveness of locking systems. Evaluate the understandability of the menu, the convenience of the handle, the stability of the thermo-stick. If you liked the model with a stand, the heatpot should be mounted on it stably and easily, without effort, rotate around the axis.

Pay attention to how the water is poured into the cup. The jet should not be sprayed, and after releasing the pressed pump valve, the remaining water should not splash.

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