Repair hoods for the kitchen with his hands

Extractor hood is a fan, centrifugal more than axial. Some models are a significant amount of money, in practice fee goes to the external design, noise reduction and other delights. The functional basis is an asynchronous type motor shaded pole (Shaded-pole Motor) or outer rotor. As a rule, there is a control board, filters, lighting and a couple of small things. Repair hoods for the kitchen with his hands is not a matter of looks tempting, if you remember about the price of the equipment. Take a tour of the guarantee.

Apparatus kitchen hood

Shaded pole motor with putting a number of reasons:

  • reliability;
  • ease of production;
  • increased torque (including start);
  • increased operating period.


Irrespective of the fact, the device operates in recycling or hood, the process runs asynchronous motor. This electric motor (usually single-phase), the speed of which is easy to flexibly adjust the number of methods. In complex kitchen hoods inverter control is used, reducing the noise that increases efficiency. When this is subject to change the repetition frequency of the control pulses. For the result of the input voltage is rectified and then converted into the desired shape. Frequency generator flexibly changed in cascade. In fact, for setting the limits of a single-phase motor is not as great as, for example, welders or induction hob.

Apparatus kitchen hood

Another method of control is much easier. In winding induction motor pulses are applied in the correct phase with the mains voltage frequency, but the amplitude is regulated, for example, the thyristor circuit. Obtained three speed provided by the manufacturer. noisy method, if the pulses are square instead of sine wave. Plus efficiency falls, but the ease of implementation and low price are for amplitude regulation. Craftsman gather such power supply of a potentiometer and a few diodes. It would take another couple of passive components.

Fans in the extractor hood are axial or tangential:

  1. Axial fan is similar to a propeller aircraft. The blades are tightened air. Air masses are along the axis of rotation of the motor.
  2. Tangential fans more interesting. Blade - like the first steamships: many blades arranged in a circle at regular intervals. Due to the rotational speed the centrifugal force throws the air to the periphery. Withdrawal is a circle, then a stream flows into the duct.

tangential fan

Tangential fans are common in the industry. Meets with external rotor motor, showing a higher efficiency due to the operating principle. Big head so hard fans create. But the speed is stable. Because elected lower power engines show better performance than low-end models that consume a couple of top tens watts. Naturally, preferably a tangential fan.


The charcoal filter is put on the circular input window of the engine, reducing the area, reducing the price. In contrast, in low-cost models, rectangular carbon filter and large size. Placed after a fatty on special metal brackets. Accessory larger mean and high price.

Grease filter is placed on the grid for the entrance portal. There were cloth or polubumazhnye, now products are made of thick steel mesh coated with aluminum. Deposited on metal fat that results in high efficiency of the device. The charcoal filter is placed, while the unit is recycled. Especially for the case, in the housing or cabinet telescopic kitchen hood settling number of slotted holes. When working in the air discharge ventkanal elements are closed by special covers, or changes the direction of air flow, depending on the design. For example, on the motor cover is worth a special mode switch.

Oil filter

The control panel and lighting

manual control panel or the touch is performed en bloc. If multiple speeds, there circuit generating a control voltage. To repair their own hands will be needed knowledge from the field of electronics and electrical engineering. Complements the design of the three types of lighting:

  1. incandescent lamp.
  2. Halogen lamps.
  3. LEDs.

Types of lighting fixtures are listed by the growth of efficiency and service life. Cooker hoods are equipped with smoke detectors and temperature even gas. For example, the equipment may instruct the smart house complex block blue fuel supply in case of fixation in the presence of methane or other characteristics medium. The options are many, sometimes products have complete control panels.

Repair of kitchen hoods with their own hands

If you purchased a cooker hood, please note that the burning gas hob from below without pots or other utensils - death to the kitchen hood. If the home is often a similar situation, extractor breaks down quickly.

Kitchen hoods

Filters kitchen hood is recommended to clean or change, read the instructions. Sensor detection helps to replace the component. Lights light or buzzer beeps when it is time to update the activated carbon filter. Check out the alarms on the subject of whether it is time to change the filters. The main types of damage to the engine.

If the cooker hood does not turn on, first check the peephole to keep track of the food chain. If it works, it covers the motor or control circuit. We have said that the single-phase induction motor start easy. Phase voltage on the windings (working and launcher) differs by 90 degrees. For this, both combined in parallel but in series one capacitor is included. Shaded pole motor action is not necessary: ​​a rotor embedded in the core, which is formed in a sectional alternating magnetic field direction.

The capacitor is fixed on the engine (thin elongated cylinder), it remains only to energize. To understand where a contact is recommended to read the inscription on the motor housing.

If you accidentally hit a three-phase asynchronous motor windings are connected in a triangle. Action is drawn in the vicinity of the conclusions on the nameplate. On the Internet there is a perception that it will take frequency converter, but the unit is not to run, and the smooth adjustment of the rotational speed of the induction motor with squirrel-cage rotor. If the motor is alive, we begin to explore generating circuit tester strains. Find easy enough from there come the motor supply wires.

If the motor operates at a single rate of 90%, which has broken the control circuit. It is easy to check the frequency converter, CPM - 2.5 too, will go. Briefly replace resistive divider for voltage:

  • 100 V;
  • 160 V;
  • 220 V.

This is typical of various denominations to create turnovers. Ascending and speed drop is determined by ear. To make the repair of kitchen hoods, it is recommended to peruse the textbook on electrical engineering.

Other faults

network is lost often 220 V. Check the tester on the spot whether the power supply to the equipment. Inside the majority of devices hidden fuse. Start by proring conductors. Cord with plug sitting on the board, in this place make undocking and evaluate the voltage using a tester. Repair extracts fault takes place in a typical style for any instrument. Major damage to occur in gaps of electrical contacts. In the motor winding burn. Peel off the track circuit boards swell (electrolytic) capacitors, torn wires. There are more useful thoroughness during the inspection.

A typical set of tasks is to clean and change the filters and insert new bulb, inspect the electronic board for damage, but the power of the Trust the professionals. Repair of kitchen hoods Crohn's economically justified, and instead of the old Hansa OSC 611 WH is better to buy a new one.

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