Selection of kitchen hood noise level

We set out to decide which to buy a filter for exhaust. Read! Recently Ufa was closed for two months, the restaurant... the smells, smoke kitchen hood prevented residents around the location of the apartment. Flying past the windows of the kitchen odors that provoked olfactory receptors hungry residents. Flowers compared with the fact that the new 2015 presented Reutov. In violation of the Declaration of building basement ranked restaurant. Round the clock started to function karaoke immediately loved by talented singers neighborhood... Let's discuss the topics of the day, along the way we'll decide what to buy a hood for the kitchen.

Problems of kitchen hoods

Kitchen exhaust noise. Problem: everyone wants the device more powerful, forgetting asynchronous motors that meet the requirements are expensive. Inside give shaded pole motors (Shaded-pole motor), because of noise reduction techniques invent sound pressure. Compare on state standards with other appliances that use a class collector of power plants:

  1. Vacuum cleaners.
  2. Washing machine on the spin cycle.
  3. Drills.
Extractor fan in the kitchen

Extractor fan in the kitchen

Now readers are approximately chrevatost enable the commutator motor of the household appliance. Residents of homes Reutov once satiated with karaoke until the date months tolerated the noise... the kitchen hood. Was chosen by the institution basement, rumble is brought to the lower floors, the first office space. The spectrum of sonic vibrations of the engine is relatively low. For comparison, 50 Hz corresponds to the note G sharp kontroktavy. Bass, not every man's throat, even drunk, is able to reproduce - complement the theme of karaoke. Vibration electric motors are in the range passing through walls.

We get the first selection rule hoods for the home:

  • the noise level should not irritate the tenants of the apartment.

Even asynchronous motors produce as much noise can hardly be tolerated. Portal kitchen hood resembles a mouthpiece. Enhances the vibration noise insulation forgotten. Have a talented director of restaurant Deputy (humble servant of the portal too dumb, according to employees HR), would have had the sense to impose plates premises, tenants unsuccessfully tried to enjoy the singing of local talent. The works are planned, and now apartment owners decided to go all the way, to cover the institution. following arguments:

  1. Nobody gave consent to place a basement restaurant.
  2. Re-planning of premises for the institution carried out illegally.
    Kitchen Exhaust System

    Kitchen Exhaust System

  3. Kitchen exhaust system is carried out with violation of the rules, placing blocks access to the electrical equipment, water supply house (typical provisions relating to gas and communications).

Well, and other reasons already quoted above. How to make kitchen hood does not make a noise. In the case of an industrial embodiment that is used in a restaurant Reutovo, pose special dampers. We discussed the varieties of these devices, so we will not dwell on this. Shock absorbers are appropriate when the weight of the cooker hood is so great that it is able to announce the support structure oscillations. The weight limit is defined walls pictures.

For example, wood elastic enough insulates sound. Obviously, the shock absorbers are powerless to help. Do soften the vibration load walls. Since concrete is not the case. With regard to the cooker hood, the noise is generated by vibration of the walls. To block the negative effects, weighing thin steel. Suitable timber, cork. If the paste over the outside wall of the hood decorative elements, the kitchen will be more fun to shake steel ceases.

If the supply of an induction motor, run, listen to this: a well oiled machine works silently. Extractor hood rattles, buzzes, producers too costly breach of the system entering into resonance with sound frequencies. What recommend.

Simple kitchen hood

Simple kitchen hood

Listen to the advice number two:

  • It is better to buy cheap kitchen hood with a relatively small capacity asynchronous motor. There are chances to eliminate the noise, having rework products with their own hands.

Of course, the advice is only good rukastogo part of the public, such as an induction motor. Others adjust themselves. Try to take silent cooker hoods, typical residents of apartment buildings is not necessary to pursue productivity. Convenient device to eliminate unpleasant odors shell, when the typical Mole against the blockage does not help. The water goes, toilet scents rush to flood the kitchen. At the same time tolerate hum drawing not everyone will have the patience. Recommended sacrifice performance, pleasing silence.

Choose the right cooker hood for noise

Job household appliances characterized by the level of acoustic noise, measured in Hz. For kitchen hoods according parameter ST SEV 4672-84 not exceeding 72 dBA (spectrum C). Standard device called an air cleaner. Believe me, 72 dBA (corrected noise), a resident of the apartment will be in the throat. The norm of the day for the dwelling is 40 dB (A Region, country of residence), at night - not more than 30 dB. Tomsk Oblast fined lover of music: in the apartments of neighbors volume reached at the surround speakers to the limit of the critical values.

Avoid taking the cooker hood does not provide the requirements of sanitary norms in volume for premises.

No wonder the manufacturers of refrigerators are fighting for setting implementing inverter technology. Show at least one device, where the engine manifold. Say, refrigerator working day and night, extractor included as needed. Let us point out the federal laws, saying, "make noise after eleven" is prohibited, except in cases where activities are carried out aimed at preserving life, human health. Suppose there was a stink at night... Including, the court will prove that the neighbors paid for their silence stink? Arguments will be only at the top, get there when disgruntled lose value.

We discussed, taking into account that not everyone knows: the seller is not responsible for the manner of the buyer to use the equipment. Suppose, extractor hood is separated from the bedroom by two doors down the hall, the sound is heard through the walls. According to the vent noise will disturb the neighbors. It is proved that the level of the night in the home of neighbors is 30 dB, far before the trial.

In fact, it seems Fil'kin tales. Inspect Yandex-market, more than two hundred models hoods stronger noise of 70 dB. The roar of the washing machine during the spin cycle. We heard spinning drum neighbor's apartment? So, the night will notice spitpoisons operation of the equipment. whether the engine is worth asynchronous shaded pole, before you buy, check specifications. It is useful to check with the builder walls attenuation coefficient (rare idealist would say). If necessary, before installing perform additional work on soundproofing.

Wide hood for a large plate

Wide hood for a large plate

Is there a relationship between the performance of the cooker hood and the noise level. Both parameters can be optimized, the price will increase. Sellers say, the performance of the cooker hood must be three times every hour to update the air in the room. For example, Khrushchev enough (see for a typical kitchens. calculations) 100 cu. m / h. In fact, the numbers are much too high. Provides for conditions when conducted renovation, the ceiling laid polyurethane snow-white tiles, walls plastered with wallpaper (a condition not to harm the environment).

However, please note that the method of counting will promote winter cooling of the room. Ask - 3-5 normal speeds extractor hood provide. Answer - why take a powerful, avoiding the use of capabilities to the max? European models are designed for studios, should work when there is cooking. Russian realities fundamentally different from these conditions. From shells stinks winter batteries have a temperature slightly higher than ordinary human skin. Avoiding equal to Europe with relatively mild winters. There are standards for battery temperature of 60 degrees, the house is often designed for mechanical ventilation. Cooker hoods of these dimensions and features are appropriate.

Extractor hood with his hands

Ask if you can buy a motor for drawing separately, assemble the unit to taste. You can design and create, eliminating vibration. EXAMPLE cited above. What is the extractor hood. The engine, a pair of nets, catching fat, smell, plus dock exit duct. Buy aluminum filter for extraction separately if not required recirculation. Will be captured exclusively fat. Known constructions wherein air is discharged in a channel. No regulations No kitchen hood performance is improved. Incidentally, note: with each turn of the duct 90 degree power system loses 10%.

If you care about the parameter, the work goes on recycling, purchase a carbon filter for exhaust. Save the kitchen of odors. It remains to buy a fan for drawing - design assembly.

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