How to choose electric curlers and use them correctly

How to choose electric curlers and use them correctly


If you dream of lush, beautiful ringlets, which can be done literally in half an hour, it's time to choose electric curlers. It's very easy to use them, and the result will appeal not only to you, but to all your acquaintances. The main thing is to buy the right curlers. What kind? Now tell. But in order to better understand the device, first get acquainted with the principle of their work.


  • 1How Electro Lots Work
  • 2All kits are different
  • 3Which brand is better
  • 4Rules for using electric curlers

How Electro Lots Work

Modern electric curlers work on a very simple principle: when plugged in, their inner part (usually wax) melts and heats up to a certain temperature. After you wind the hair on the coils, they remain hot for a while, for which the curls have time to take the desired shape.

So the thermobigi worked well familiar to our mothers. Only they needed to be heated in boiling water, and then show miracles of ingenuity, so as not to burn your fingers when winding. Fortunately, modern models are more concerned about the health of women of fashion: with their proper use, the risk of burns is reduced to zero. Remains only

choosethe right kit.

All kits are different

Electric curlers differ in many respects:

  1. Power. In good sets, the power ranges from 350 to 450 watts. More simple and cheap curlers have only 35-45 W of power.
  2. Diameter of the roller. There are kits with identical hair curlers, the diameter of which varies from 8 to 34 mm, and there are kits with different rollers. Which one to choose is up to you. Do you prefer large curls? Buy large electric curlers. Do you like small curls? Then pay attention to the small rollers. Kits with different in diameter hair curlers are suitable for complex hairstyles.
  3. The material of the coating. Aluminum rollers have a worse effect on hair, although they are cheaper. It is better to give preference to ceramic rolls with Teflon, velor or tourmaline coating.
  4. Clips and fasteners. It is most convenient to use light "crabs which do not put pressure on the hair and do not leave unnecessary traces.
  5. The heating indicator, overheat protection and ionization function will also facilitate the work with the curler. It is desirable that the cord is not short, and the storage and heating box is easy and convenient.

We have considered the general parameters. Let's pass to the manufacturers review.

Which brand is better

Most of all positive responses were received by the French brand BaByliss. Especially popular are its electric curlers BaByliss 3021E. They have something to praise:

  • a convenient form for safe use;
  • beautiful, stylish box with a switch and a charging indicator;
  • 20 ceramic rollers of different diameters (from 19 to 32 mm);
  • there is a heating indicator;
  • heated for 5 minutes, after which they keep the temperature for another quarter of an hour.

The only thing you can blame for this model is the weight of 2 kg. Hard for travel.

Next on our list is the Remington KF40E kit. It has similar characteristics:

  • heating for 4-5 minutes;
  • remain hot for about 15 minutes;
  • there is a special protective band against burns;
  • 20 rollers with a diameter of 19 to 27 mm;
  • Teflon coating and ionization function;
  • convenient "crabs" for clamps;
  • weight of the set is about, kg.

The ORION curlers OR-FCB01 boast the following characteristics:

  • weight without package, kg;
  • 20 rollers of three different diameters;
  • heating time - 5 minutes;
  • cool for 10-15 minutes;
  • there are "crabs and metal clips;
  • convenient handbag for storage and transportation.

Other well-known manufacturers:

  1. Stylishly look electric curlers from the company Vitek. This is 20 coils with the ionization function in the form of pot-bellied kegs, decorated in a gently pink and gray color. There are easy clamps, a heating indicator and a special compartment for the cord.
  2. You can also choose a set from the Swiss company Valera: a set of 24 curlers with a velvet coating of different diameters.
  3. The company Binatone offers women of fashion several sets at once. All of them have common features: two dozen coils with a heating indicator and a protective rim guarantee the simplicity and safety of use, and a special coating protects the hair from overheating.

As you can see, there really is plenty to choose from. Armed with our advice, you can find the perfect kit for yourself. It remains only to learn how to use them correctly.


Rules for using electric curlers

How to use the kit:

  1. First, wash, dry and carefully comb the hair. It is advisable not to use any "heavy" air conditioners.
  2. Then apply a hair conditioner to the hair.
  3. Switch on the kit and wait 4-5 minutes. During this time, you can divide the hair into three parts: left, right and center.
  4. Start to gently curl the locks on the rollers, starting from the central part of the head. If the set has different diameter coils, the center and up are bigger curlers, and on the sides and below are placed small ones.
  5. Wait a quarter of an hour and carefully untwist your hair.
  6. Put them with your fingers and fix the finished hairdo with varnish.

We hope that now you can create your ideal hairstyle. Experiment with pleasure and be always stunning!

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