To wash or not to wash? All about the choice of a washing vacuum cleaner

To wash or not to wash? All about the choice of a washing vacuum cleaner

To wash or not to wash? All about the choice of a washing vacuum cleaner

Technical innovations that help us in everyday life, attract like a magnet. Everything seems - this is what I always dreamed of! Here I will buy this piece for the house, and at once life will become much rosier and happier! And the thing moves from the store to the house, in exchange for money. And then - in the pantry, because it turns out that not so much she is home and needed. This often happens with vacuum cleaners, as it is not sad. Aggregates buy, not figuring out to the end with their capabilities, advantages and disadvantages, not knowing how to choose a washing vacuum cleaner, and whether it is able to in principle perform what is expected of it.

You can choose a great expensive model, and do not use it. Because even the most good washing vacuum cleaner can be designed not for those functions that you need. Yes, they have shortcomings, and the buyer should be told about them first.


  • 1Washing vacuum cleaner: disadvantages and advantages
  • 2How does washing work?
  • 3What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner
    • 3.1Cost
    • 3.2Power
    • 3.3Volume of water tanks
    • 3.4Constructive elements
    • 3.5Rating of producers

Washing vacuum cleaner: disadvantages and advantages

This device for targeting cleanliness is not universal. It is not suitable for washing thick, fleecy carpets, especially of natural wool. The washing vacuum cleaner simply can not remove all the water from the carpet after cleaning.

If there is no way to dry the carpet in the open air, after a few days the remaining moisture will start to emit an unpleasant smell. In the worst case, a non-dried carpet will become a place where mold will start to thrive.

In addition to carpets, it is not recommended to vacuum the floor with parquet (and simply wooden) floors. For the same reason - the vacuum cleaner will not be able to collect water completely, it will remain in the cracks, and the wood can begin to rot.


After every cleaning house you have to spend another 15 minutes to launder the vacuum cleaner. Tanks for water must be washed thoroughly and wiped dry. If you leave dirty water in the vacuum cleaner, then to the next cleaning, the entire device is so saturated with a stale unpleasant odor that you will want to throw it away.

The washing vacuum cleaner is heavier and heavier than usual. Not everyone cares about him.


If one can attribute high costs to shortcomings, then we consider one more drawback.

Now about the advantages and benefits, which are much greater.

This device will help you perfectly wash all smooth surfaces, from the floor to the window panes. Laminate, linoleum, stone or ceramic tiles, glass will be washed off without problems. You can clean the carpet if it is not too fluffy. Some models can help in watering flowers or cleaning the sewer.

The system of work is such that the unit collects not only large enough fractions of dust and dirt, it also filters air. This is especially valuable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Allergic users to use a conventional vacuum cleaner is generally not recommended, as a minimum, an aggregate with an aquafilter is needed. But the washing vacuum cleaner is an even more perfect device for creating a comfortable cleanliness in the house.

How does washing work?

In the body of the vacuum cleaner there is a place for an electric motor, a filter system, and two tanks with water. In one of them you pour clean water, if desired, add detergent and flavoring additives. In the other tank, dirty water is collected during the harvesting process.

The cleaning solution is supplied to the surface being cleaned by a hose and a rod with a nozzle at the end. The bar can be assembled from several parts, expand like a telescope, or be a continuous tube of unchangeable length. The nozzle is designed in such a way that the water is sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and immediately pulled back together with the dissolved dirt.

After the end of the process, you pour out the dirty water, wash both containers and enjoy the cleanliness of the house.

cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner

To choose a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. You need to consider several criteria by which you will evaluate certain models. Here is a list of basic criteria to help those who are ready to choose a detergent for their home.


When evaluating this parameter, you need to consider not only the amount you will spend on purchasing, but also other expenses. Many manufacturers supply detergent vacuum cleaners in the basic configuration, giving the buyer the right to decide which of the additional attachments and accessories he may need. For example, the most convenient turbo-brush is usually not included in the basic kit, and it has to be bought separately.

Additional costs include spare cassettes for filters. And if you decide to choose a good vacuum cleaner with a dry cleaning function, you will have to take care of the stock of disposable replaceable bags for the dust collector.


Do not spend money on cheap vacuum cleaners. The experience of numerous consumers shows: cheap models often dust in the pantry, because they do not work very well, yielding to the functionality of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter.

In addition, in more expensive models, manufacturers use much more reliable components, and from this the service life significantly increases. For example, expensive Rainbow vacuum cleaners have a warranty period of 8-10 years, and their resource is designed for a quarter of a century. During this time, it repeatedly repays its considerable price. If finances permit, it is better to choose an expensive model with a long warranty period.


The power consumption is usually indicated on the body of the unit, but it is not so important as the suction power provided by the washing vacuum cleaner. In fact, the suction power determines how good the unit can suck the water applied to the surface to be cleaned.

Than this indicator is higher, the drier will be the surface after washing. The recommended suction power is from 250 to 400 W.

carpet cleaning with vacuum cleaner

Volume of water tanks

Experts on household appliances believe that cleaning a house of up to 50 m² requires a capacity of 2-3 liters of water. On three or four bedroom apartment up to 100 m², it will take up to 5 liters of water. For a large house or office, the area of ​​which exceeds 100 m², it will be necessary to purchase an assembly of a more solid size. In its tanks should include up to 10 liters of water.

And here it is necessary to pay attention to other factors: dimensions and weight. Carry along the stairs to the second-third floor bulky and heavy vacuums - a pleasure below average. Therefore, many prefer to choose medium or small models, even for a large cleaning area. Simply in the process, you need to add a new portion of water to the tank, and pour it already soiled.

If you decide to go this route, pay attention to the location of the water tanks. They can be located side by side, and it's convenient. Convenient and does not cause problems location, in which one tank is located inside the other.

The most inconvenient location - when a tank of clean water is located over the tank with a dirty solution. Then, to drain the waste water, you will almost have to disassemble the entire device.

Constructive elements

It is necessary to choose the right boom of the vacuum cleaner. The most reliable is an integral and non-folding one-piece bar. Compound and telescopic can eventually begin to flow at the joints. But the one-piece bar is not so convenient for washing and storing.

The vacuum cleaner should have a sufficient length of power cord - at least 7 meters. It is desirable that the cord is unwound automatically, located in the body.

It is necessary to have several attachments to the vacuum cleaner. Usually the kit includes:

  • nozzle for cleaning / washing the floor and carpet;
  • nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture;
  • a nozzle for cleaning in narrow slots and inaccessible places;
  • device for washing glasses;
  • nozzle for cleaning wooden polished surfaces.

It is recommended to purchase a turbo brush, especially if the house has animals. This nozzle excellently collects from the floor and combs the wool from the carpets.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaners have a wonderful nozzle that combines the functions of electric beating, brushes and sinks.


Rating of producers

The quality of cleaning is in the lead of the Rainbow brand. These almost perfect aggregates not only remove dirt, dust, bacteria and spores, but also aromatize and ionize the air. For an allergic, such a device is a dream. If not for high prices ...

However, among high-quality cheap models is not observed in principle. Take, for example, quite high-quality vacuum cleaners of the famous brand "Kirby". Excellent devices, but completely discredited themselves by overly aggressive sales. Agents "Kirby" obsessive flies, and did not disdain ethically unacceptable methods vtyuhivaniya its expensive goods.

Very good work and look great vacuum cleaners brand Thomas. Reputable vacuum cleaners of the brand Karcher use a solid reputation, but they differ in the most cumbersome sizes. True, the quality of cleaning is immaculate.

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