Electric toothbrushes

Laziness - the engine of progress. Progress - a method of saving time, effort. Dentists prescribe brushing teeth 5 minutes of regulation verified, precise movements. Electric toothbrushes are not rid yourself of the hassle, designed for 2 minutes, but life will make it easier.

Teeth cleaning

Ancient people used dental Nose Picker, the ancestors of today's toothpicks made of bone, wood. In the XV century began to use chopsticks with a bundle of bristles at the end, the hairs were removed from the wild boar neck. These delights were available only to aristocrats. The shape of the device resembles a modern toothbrushes. In the twentieth century, it was replaced by artificial bristles nylon, appeared what billions of people are today.

According to the rules, teeth are brushed for 5 minutes. This range is divided into four equal parts, to give turn portions of the jaws:

  1. Bottom right.
  2. Upper right.
  3. Bottom left.
  4. The upper left.

An electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes, acting on the path of progress, offer to spend two minutes procedure. The advanced models, a built-in digital timer that allows you to perform the procedure due time. On each jaw takes half a minute. To sustain the full time (5 minutes), use the electric toothbrush 2-3 times in a row. Practice results are pretty, re-cleaning does not produce.

The principle of operation of the electric toothbrush is based on frequent vibration bristles. Energy is taken from the battery, a miniature motor is transmitted, performing the operation. The bristles vibrate in the upward direction, it is enough to bring the electric toothbrush to the gums, to wait for completion of the procedure. Such movements are called rotational. There are electric toothbrushes, where it is combined with the progressive nature of the movement. Such a device evinces greater efficiency. Conveniently in the morning, when the eyes are closed, bring the brush to your teeth, wait until the accessory do business.

Some combine 3-5 brush cleaning modes refinement rather than need. Do not take immediately expensive model: personal hygiene items can not be returned to the store.

The principle of operation of the electric toothbrush

The principle of operation of the electric toothbrush

Apparatus simple electric toothbrush. The thick handle takes place device main battery (battery). There is a simple inverter, which converts direct current into high-frequency oscillations, and the bristles. Charging the batteries is done through a special adapter. Release the docking station where the bristles are ultraviolet disinfection share. Actually when cleaning without toothpaste. Moist warm environment offering chic environment for bacterial growth, which is fraught with big problems.

The bristles vibrate at a high speed, helping villae effectively remove plaque. The frequency of thousands of oscillations per minute. The electric toothbrushes of ultrasonic frequency exceeds the threshold, an audible ear, approaching the value of 20 kHz (1.2 million per minute - an ideal speed for effects on plaque). Tartar fall off instantly. Minus - take off the old seal. For more information about contraindications informs instruction.

Moving such a rate, the bristles effectively remove plaque. Standard electric models inferior to ultrasound. Fluctuations equivalent frequencies are used in medicine. Penetrating deep into the gums, bone, waves have a disinfectant effect, helping to regenerate, improving immunity. Electric toothbrush can not be considered medicinal, but the beneficial effect observed.


Advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes

Ultrasonic toothbrushes are not recommended for people wearing veneers, crowns. Foreign insert breaks during vibration. Artificial structures in the oral cavity are contraindications. Limitations in the use of the instrument considerable, but advantages are obvious:

  • Savings toothpaste. Electrical brushes may be used in combination with pure water, ultrasonic recommended so. Toothpaste is not necessary! It is possible to enhance the effect of applying a given composition. But it is recommended to use when cleaning balms, tinctures, heals the oral cavity.
  • A minimum of effort. Hold the electric toothbrush to the gums, wait until the device will do the trick. Recall: electric toothbrushes invented for people with limited mobility, atrophy of muscle tissue, fractures, joint diseases. Later products were widely available.
  • The exact timing. Advanced models are equipped with a timer. Easy squeak stop bristles prompt: it is time to move to the next department jaws. With the electric toothbrush eliminated loss of time.

The purchase consideration will be repaid in regular use, take the product to the road, charge lasts for an extended period of time.

  • You can simultaneously to multiple people to use one washbasin. Suffice it to moisten the mouth once, then wield an electric toothbrush for two minutes laid aside. Electric toothbrushes are expensive, often the whole family uses one device, for each person in the set goes its own nozzle.
  • An additional advantage of electric toothbrushes in the abundance of useful tips. Each is designed to solve problems with the oral cavity. Remote areas are given in order of attachment point. There are embodiments of accessories for bleaching interdental spaces, with a thin enamel of teeth, braces. Conveniently: entire family uses one electric toothbrush. Each chooses a suitable attachment, will be satisfied.
  • Electric toothbrushes are protective of the gums. The program tried to clean Malyshev ordinary tomato fruit. The rind is not affected.

Electric tooth brush with a sensor

Additional options of electric toothbrushes

For children is better to buy a light electric toothbrush. Comfortable to hold, easy to use.

Handy to have a charge indicator: allow time to notice that the device is on its last legs. There are models with pressure measurement. Report, how hard should press the bristles to the teeth in order to achieve the desired effect, do not hurt yourself.

How to use the electric toothbrush

Toothpaste on the bristles whipped into a foam. Shaking with high frequency turns jelly-like substance in the milk. There is no need to rub the composition of the enamel. Beating occurs instantaneously, so you should not gain too much toothpaste: drain on the floor, in the sink.

Ultrasound, gouged gums, improves blood circulation, has other beneficial effects for the improvement of the oral cavity. Use nozzles according to instructions.

Do not repair the electric toothbrush by hand. Irregularities may adversely affect the overall health of the oral cavity. Fraught with cost of dentists in excess of the cost of equipment, loss of time and nerves. Put the seal is from 4000 rubles, the implant is 10 times more expensive.

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