Which air humidifier is better to buy

The principle of operation is important for buyers. On the Internet, incorrect information is sometimes given. The housewife who bought the Orion humidifier said: the device works by heating the water. In fact, Orion humidifier works due to oscillations of a quartz plate, steam is cold( room temperature).

Why do we need an

domestic humidifier? Buyers ask: why buy a domestic humidifier? These are recommendations of doctors and TV shows, mastered practice. In conditions of low humidity, attention is disturbed, working capacity falls, sleep becomes restless, and fatigue overcomes.

Home Air Humidifier

Orion Air Humidifiers

Hungarian company Orion Electronics Ltd, founded in 1913 for the serial production of light bulbs, belongs to Tharkal concern since 1997.The Tarkal family from India, having moved to Japan before World War II, began producing household goods. According to the concern, Orion is:

  1. Reliability.
  2. Strength.
  3. Incredible design.

Orion air humidifiers are made in five versions, from the sea dolphin to the green apple, look stunning. For example, in a frog tank in the shape of a head, the regulator of the amount of steam looks like a suit button. The most original is an apple. Below the middle you can see the similarity of the face:

  • eyes-beads - indicators of water scarcity( red, located on the left) and power( green);
  • round nose in the form of a steam regulator;
  • smiling mouth is formed by a drawn scale showing the direction of growth of steam supply.

Orion Apple

Humidifier It turns out the head with a huge turban in Indian, where the owners of the company come from. The design is cosmopolitan, on Pyaterochka. Orion air humidifiers have a capacious capacity that affects the operating time without refueling. The smallest in the line - a dolphin, lasts for 6 hours.

The device was equipped with an electrical insulation class II enclosure. Reinforced( or equivalent) operational safety measures have been applied. The device has no ground terminal, when the insulation is old, the class will be reset. A humidifier will become dangerous. For an accurate forecast, you should disassemble the device. Carefully read the instruction manual, find the shelf life of the product. The document is available from online information sources, there are no specific numbers.

Inside the case is a fan. Takes air through the slots of the body, feeds upward into the intermediate chamber. The oblong groove is located between the water tank and the electric compartment; it has a recess at the bottom, where the fluid gradually flows. At the top of the tank - the apple - a hole for steam. Through it, customers try to fill the humidifier with water. Big mistake!

Orion Air Humidifier

The recess at the bottom of the intermediate compartment overflows, the level passes over the edge, liquid flows through the air inlet from the fan to the electrical unit. We'll have to dry the humidifier for further use.

How to fill the humidifier? Under the bottom of the tank a small hole with a lid. Pour water through it( for an apple - 3.9 liters).Liquid comes out through a curious valve. The float rests on a special notch, poisons a little. When filling the recess at the bottom of the intermediate compartment, the valve closes.

In the electronics compartment is a level sensor. In the absence of water in the deepening of the intermediate compartment, the device will automatically stop working. The main element of the Orion humidifier is a quartz plate. The crystal consumes 28 W of energy, enough to produce 350-400 g of steam per hour. In the process, the humidifier should not be tilted. After drying the electronic compartment, the apple is again ready to work.

It is easy to calculate working hours by dividing the total capacity by the selected mode. The humidifier is not recommended for the nursery: the device has an attractive design, children probably want to see what's inside. These humidifiers are ideal in children's hairdressing, at dentists to distract the attention of kids.

Humidifier Scarlett

From the point of view of humidity control, Scarlett models look good. Each device has limitations on the conditions of use. Scarlett recommends maintaining a humidity of 40-60%.The device operates until the vapor content level is set to the specified one, the adjustment is in the range of 40-75%.

According to the technical department of the manufacturer, the possibilities of the air humidifier are as follows:

  1. The device serves 50 square meters of space. Draft takes away moisture, it is necessary to plan ventilation properly.

    Humidifier Scarlett

  2. Built-in timer for 12 hours, a full reserve when generating 300 ml per hour is enough for two thirds of the day - more than the typical Orion humidifier.
  3. The tank is cleaned with running warm water. Excess salt will settle white on the furniture.
  4. There is no information about the possibility of aromatherapy.
  5. Night lights help you see the device in the dark. The ray serves as a kind of sconce. Power consumption - 30 watts.
  6. One button with backlight turns on or off the ionizer. There are three positions of alternating or simultaneous operation of the ionizer, the backlight.
  7. The water container supplies the liquid with silver ions. This blocks the growth of bacteria inside, has a positive effect on the condition of the room microclimate, it is useful for people.
  8. The manufacturer promises: a ceramic plate has a significant resource.

The price of air humidifiers

Basic ultrasonic air humidifiers start at 1500 rubles, without discounts and promotions, from proven companies. Scarlett SC-986 costs from 2500 rubles, Orion - 2000. The price varies. Some humidifiers simultaneously work filters, multifunctional.

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