Tips on how to choose an electric toothbrush for yourself

There are three types of brushes: traditional, electric and ultrasonic. Consider today the advanced ideas of the industry of hygiene. Part of the audience will refuse to buy a novelty, others will decide for themselves how to choose an electric toothbrush.

Varieties of Toothbrushes

The Oral-B ad says: the head of an electric toothbrush performs rotational and oscillation movements. In practice it means: a circular row of bristles rotates around the axis, taps on the crowns. Causes the positive effect of an electric toothbrush. Everyone wants to increase speed. If you take Megasonex, then the company says that the branded toothbrush produces per minute:

Electric brush

  1. 18,000 revolutions.
  2. 9000 revolutions.
  3. 0 turns.

In terms of speed, electric toothbrushes are fast, like centrifugal juicers. An electric toothbrush at zero speed does not work like a manual one. The Magasonex Brush contains a quartz crystal ultrasound generator inside. The bristles vibrate at 1.6 GHz.

Ultrasound is called the wave region in the medium from 20 kHz( the hearing area of ​​the human ear) to 1 GHz. The latter is prohibitively high frequency. Cell phones work on the same wave, only electromagnetic. The range of ultrasonic frequencies can be divided into three areas:

When working, a toothbrush makes a special sound.

  • Up to 100 kHz - low ultrasound.
  • 100 kHz-10 MHz - midrange.
  • 10 MHz-1 GHz - high frequency ultrasound.

Electric toothbrushes are placed in the second category. This area is used in medicine. Electrical devices operate at ultrasound frequencies.

In physiology, a power density of 0.2-1.2 W / cm2 is assumed, an area above 0.8 is already considered to be beyond the limits. Studies conducted on rabbits show that at densities above 5 W / cm2, the following effects occur:

  1. Impact on the brain causes tissue necrosis, a triangle with the apex facing the cranial box.
  2. Embryonic and newly formed tissues die. Mothers have a miscarriage, or else early childbirth occurs. And the chance to get pregnant again clearly decreases.

    A variety of electric toothbrushes

  3. Connective tissues come into complete chaos, it takes a long time to recover.
  4. After several sessions of the ultrasound “therapy”, the bone marrow begins to die off, and the skin burns for several minutes.
  5. Possible hemorrhages of the internal organs: liver and kidney.

More information can be found here: http: // 20903

For 30 years of using ultrasound and using physiotherapy, the mechanism of action of small doses has not been thoroughly studied. Satisfied with external signs. In ultrasound - the reflection of the waves by the shells of internal organs, stones are found. In physiology, effects are used:

  1. Massaging tissues. If a large dose of ultrasound causes internal hemorrhages due to cell rupture, then a reduced quota simply quickly compresses and decompresses the membrane. The effect is caused by different tensions of fluids at the interface. It differs from the microwave oven: the action goes on every water molecule.

    Electric toothbrush with mouthwash

  2. The effect of warming up is due to the transfer of acoustic energy into heat due to friction forces and other related phenomena. Blood circulation is improving.
  3. The chemical effect of ultrasound is poorly understood. The wave serves as a catalyst for reactions that do not proceed under normal conditions.

Advertisers focus on the antibacterial effect of ultrasound. But remember: do not give electric toothbrushes with ultrasound to children, pregnant women, people with brain pathologies, diseases of the nervous system. In the latter two cases, consultation with an experienced physician is necessary.

Crystal electric toothbrush generator smeared with petroleum jelly. In case of loose contact, ultrasound energy is transferred to tissues in an incomplete volume. Significant doses of ultrasound with time cause in the bone tissue degenerative changes, fractures.

Features of cheap electric toothbrushes

Not every electric toothbrush produces ultrasound. In simple models, a motor is attached to the battery contacts - a safe option. Not all electric brushes are expensive. At the address, you will find a model from China for 4200 rubles( 10 times cheaper than the brand Oral-B): http: // FREE-SHIPPIN-4-Color-Electric-Revolve-Toothbrush-With-4pcs-Toothbrush-Head-And-Base / 1219477063.html Not all attachments are working, but with this come four pieces.

In the case of electric brushes a hole is punctured - a specific means against a sharp increase in pressure inside or drainage of moisture. In practice - the entrance to the liquid. Take an electric toothbrush with a solid body. In Chinese models, just close the gap. When choosing a glue, evaluate food compatibility and health safety.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric types of brushes suitable:

  1. Lazy, inept people.
  2. Children. Like novelty, fascinates the process of using an electric toothbrush.

    Electric toothbrush

  3. For persons with limited mobility( disabled, sick) who simply can not properly perform the cleaning process.
  4. People with braces.
  5. With increased bleeding gums. Electric brushes help reduce.

The advantages of an electric toothbrush - in speed. In most models, there is an indicator of time - beeping at the right moment, urging to stop cleaning. The duration of the procedure when using an electric toothbrush is 2 minutes. For 30 seconds for each of the quarters of the jaw. Have time to attach the bristles to the outer, to the inner, upper parts of the crowns - for 10 seconds at each position.

Electronic assistant Oral-B is designed as a pager, communicates with a brush by means of electromagnetic waves. The information on the

  • cleaning time is transmitted to the LCD screen of the keychain of an electric toothbrush;
  • charge remaining;
  • pushing force.

Brush speed

The most valuable option is the indication of the pressure force. With excessive pressure inside the circular indicator of the cycle, a sad smiley lights up - it helps at the beginning to learn how to use the device. Children's electric toothbrush necessarily has a reduced speed mode to get used to the effects. In the first period, use soft bristle tips.

At first it seems that the brush is beating against the teeth, as if you are sitting in the dentist’s office. Ultrasonic models with stones sometimes snap off seals.

Toothbrush from the network

Purchase of an electric toothbrush

There is no high voltage inside the brush: do not use appliances from the 220V in the bathroom. Inside the electric toothbrush you will find:

  • AAA mizinchikovye batteries;
  • batteries.

A good brush is sealed: the presence of batteries is already a disadvantage. Remains gaps in the outlines of the loading tray for batteries. A non-contact battery charging method( inductive energy transfer) with battery is used. The body of the Oral-B toothbrush "Triumph" is sealed, except for the nozzle. At this point, the engine drive goes outside, a small gap is left in the nozzle - the water flows inside. After cleaning, you need to remove the head, wipe the motor shaft with a dry cloth.

As for contactless charging, this is the future. Today, we design electric cars that are gaining strength as needed on the way!

The configuration of an electric toothbrush varies from region to region. Immediately it is worth taking the softest. In order not to confuse the different nozzles - marked with a marker ring, like the irrigator. Do not forget: the tips change periodically. Some bristles are erased and turn white - signals that it is time to go to the store. Nozzles are inexpensive.

Each has a specific purpose. Common for Oral-B "Triumph" round shape. Rotating, tapping his teeth - flies stone. In the whitening nozzle, the middle bristles are replaced with rubber ones, creating increased vibrations. Do not start bleaching immediately after purchase.

Variations of toothbrushes

Weaknesses of electric toothbrushes

The main disadvantages of electric toothbrushes:

  1. The high price - from 6000 rubles.
  2. Complicated repair in an airtight brush. How to get inside. Read the warranty terms carefully. Maybe the device can not be repaired in service.
  3. Fast bristle movements can dislodge fillings.

Better to take rechargeable models with battery. Otherwise you will spend more on batteries. Although standard batteries are more convenient on the road. Batteries can be bought in the store, and a 220 V outlet is not always available.

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