Rotary juicer

Rotary squeezer term in the jargon does not exist. Characterized epithet motors, grinders, shavers. Juicers are screw and centrifugal. At any location of the engine, therefore, the rotor is present. However, some translators and screw model called the press, there is confusion. The brochures, as the rotor, refer to centrifugal juicers.

In the name of justice to say that Champion model exactly replicates the rotary chopper for rocks. Apparently, this is due to the origin of the term. Instead of the screw on the motor axis fits cylindrical shaft with four longitudinal protrusions. Projections, revolving, squeeze the juice. In the domestic literature rotor for unclear reasons, called centrifugal model. Devices called proud term - squeezer rotary type.

So long derogation is intended to set the record straight on, and now proceed to a brief review of models for manufacturers.


Cone centrifugal rotor (!) Juicer Polaris PEA 0508 costs $ 50, providing the necessary minimum of means to obtain juice from most products.

multifunctional juicer

Convenient sectional stainless steel separator is provided with stiffening ribs. For a particular type of product is easy to pick up their own speed. Two speed, but more usually it is not necessary to wait. Neutral traditionally located in the middle, there is no need to hurry, switching speed.

Housing white plastic, smudged, but a tall glass to collect the juice does not dye to reach matte white. Commendable. For example, Champion said in the video appeared entirely in the beet drops. It looked unattractive. The juicer Polaris there is even a clear plastic cover over the glass.

Whatever legs equipped with suction cups from the bottom, the height of the bottom is 10 mm from the surface. Impressive described in rotary liquefier neck size. It is round and decent diameter. Small apples will be held inside without difficulty. Transparent plastic makes it easy to keep track of what is happening under the plunger.

A number of longitudinal grooves are applied as guides. They do not allow the pusher to tilt, rotate. Useful option in the light of the bottom of 20,000 rpm. It seems a little grape pops back of a monstrous mouth like a bullet, but a carrot Rotary juicer to overpower Pyaterochka.

I am glad the included toothbrush, clearly aimed at the thorough cleaning of the separator. At the same time regard as a hint that the wash inside the juicer completely complicated.


People wonder - as a company, constantly thinking about us, it manages to produce so great juicer. Juicer Tefal does not differ a great originality, lying in the middle ground of options and features.

Model ZN355C ELEA Duo 2 differs from simple ZN 3501 ELEA few:

  1. stainless steel housing, providing easy cleaning.
  2. Nozzle for citrus.
  3. Metallic gray.

On this distinction juicers are exhausted, the similarities begin:

  1. The inner groove in the base, which is hidden cord.
  2. Two speed - I and II.
  3. Locks for the cover snaps into place, from the inclusion of uncovered juicer protection.
  4. 500 watts of power.
  5. The conical separator made of stainless steel and special brush included for cleaning.
  6. Rubberized feet and feature drop-stop.
  7. Built-in capacity to cake 0.7L.

Juicer Tefal

With a price tag approaching $ 60, the owner of devices provide juice of any vegetables and fruits. Not recommended in a simple configuration abused beets and carrots, or juicer body (at least inside) acquires the characteristic color.


Professional juicer Rotor Vitamat PowerJuicer worth $ 2000. What explains the price:

  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Optional automatic cake discharge under the table in a special container.
  • 1500W power, rotating conical stainless steel separator.
  • Plus version is equipped with a round-shaped neck and a decent diameter may quickly make juice for the whole football team, is located at the tables.

The relatively low spin speed is selected so as not to scare visitors to excessive noise is compensated by a large outer radius. The system is protected from inclusion uncovered when the cover and the motor overheating. Solid weight - 21 kg - allows juicer stand stably on a surface.

Continuing the line of rotary juicers high-end, the company is pleased to introduce Rotor bartenders (Typical citizen assembly would be too big) 8000 rpm with soft start and class Electrical I. engine manifold aims for continuous operation, which is not typical for centrifugal models, is equipped with a powerful fan. It is noticeable that the producers are counting on a stormy party and hard, hard work bartender and juicers. In addition, the motor is protected from overheating.

Additional cooling is achieved powerplant cast aluminum housing. But the continuous operation period is not limited. It is recommended to continuously monitor the behavior of the unit. Any suspicious vibration capacity means that it is time to clean the centrifuge. In spite of the conical structure, periodically clogged.

Fontanelle or Zhuravinka?

CIS countries are actively involved in the struggle for the segment rotary juicers. Fontanelle and Zhuravinka issued Belarus. Mogilev Plant motor almost half a century to create similar devices, so the quality is guaranteed. Juicer SPRING longer require advertising in the State of origin.

A curious feature is considered to be a careful conspiracy. Nowhere it is not expressly mentioned, who exactly is engaged in manufacturing models. And sellers are silent, having no exclusive rights.

Juicer separator

Cylindrical separator has a sly Zhuravinka feature. He is able to purify itself, which is not typical for this type of juicer. Slightly rounded edge of the container, through which rolls over cake when accumulate a lot. Nets within no trace - solid wall of metal, in appearance resembles aluminum. At the bottom of the holes of the separator to drain the juice. Capacity to climb out the cake is placed on the side. To help flesh off the juicer, the lid reinforced with a special mechanical lever. Effectively operates when typed much waste inside.

Like most of centrifugal juicers, the device tries to spit back the grapes. But in general, it gives excellent results. According to eyewitnesses, juicer Zhuravinka almost do not need to rest for an hour or so is capable of grinding 30 kg of apples. At a price of $ 50 device will delight truckers gathered to do twists.

Refrigerator or juicer, Belarus always on top. It is of the opinion that the product is called the country in advance is attractive from the standpoint of good quality.

Pomegranate juice

For hard seeds, grasses, leaves and pomegranates need a model auger juicer. Do not try to get the good from the centrifugal models, it is only blunted knives on a grater, and the device will become worthless. Screw model is crushed and pressed, not cut. Juicer-Grinder joking cope with any raw material.

Pomegranate juice from juicer

In contrast to the top-end model in popularity VES 3005, standing at around 50 $, integrated units are not considered a budget option. Such a juicer is easy, you can:

  • make butter;
  • produce minced meat;
  • create pasta;
  • shred and chop up fruits and vegetables.

Multifunctional device based on an electric rotary motor. Therefore, appropriately referred epithet mentioned in the title, a model auger. Juicer squeeze pomegranate juice, 300 g of three fruits average size. A good result, given that the bulk of the grenade falls on the skin and bones.

The last argument, taken up by raw foodists and nutritionists, it was the maximum preservation of nutrients in the juice. Auger juicers run at low speeds and does not heat the pulp. Increasing the temperature becomes the main cause of destruction of beneficial vitamins and enzymes.

Juice bar should be equipped with auger juicer. More precisely - models with two screws. Acting as a press axis being squeezed dry anything that gets between them. Special magnetic materials further contribute stabilizing factor for the biochemical composition of the product. Ferromagnetic bottom and fitted with a glass of juice collector - in expensive juicers!

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