Juicer for high performance apples

Today, high-performance apple juicers are produced by Russia, adjacent countries( Belarus).True, if today's review is devoted to the Slavic models, South Korean Angel Juicer will process a ton of product for a whole year. It may be a slight hyperbole, but when applied to a person’s patience, the period of performing the action will look like this. Juicer for high-performance apples must be characterized by three qualities:

  1. Allow to throw the whole apples.
  2. Work continuously.
  3. Automatically reset the cake.

Let's see if there is a similar product in stock.

Juicer for apples Rossoshanka

Immediately make a reservation, the model is the full equivalent of a juicer for apples Salute. The difference is limited to non-essential details. With a power of 180 W, the device weighs 10.5 kg, equipped with a cylindrical centrifuge. The cake of the product itself is lazy to dump, will have to periodically stop, removing waste.

Apples are cast inside the entire, demonstration video shows: the seeds remain intact. Provided with a relatively rare float. Oilcake is removed along with the internal grid invoice. It looks semi-dry, dense. At a price of 4200 rubles, the spin ratio will be higher than Neptune. We observe a complete resemblance to the juice extractor for apples Salute.

The manufacturer indicates the performance of 70 kilograms per hour, to be honest, they are doubted if the parameter is not confused with the processing speed. The difference is fundamental. Productivity is measured in liters of ready-made juice to a unit of time, the speed of processing is in kilograms of apples. The confusion is complete, I can not believe that the juicer for apples Rossoshanka will give 70 liters( specific density discarded) of the finished drink.

The site of the notorious connoisseur Vladimir says: it still concerns kilograms of apples. They are inclined to trust this person, because he closely communicates with the equipment, modifies, sells. Pay attention: the juicer for apples Rossoshanka works continuously for no more than 10 minutes, then take the trouble to take out the cake, giving the equipment a rest. You want to get mashed potatoes, remove the internal grid, you can not throw in the apples whole. An irreplaceable drawback, it is better to try to use the Neptune juicer( similar price), which makes excellent mashed potatoes from soft varieties. The named model will provide much higher productivity, showing a lower spin ratio.

Please note: during operation, the powerful juicer for whole apples Rossoshanka vibrates strongly, exacerbating a side effect as a large amount of oil accumulates inside the center, concentrated by the centrifuge perimeter. Drop attempts to pre-fill the womb with apples before turning on the device. Imbalance will play a cruel joke with the experimenter. Vladimir recommends fixing the product to the floor with screws, avoiding shaking. More buckets of apples at once( continuously) squeeze out beware.

Juicer for apples Summer Woman

A similar design will serve as the basis for creating a more powerful apple juicer for Summer Woman. Duty cycle is 20 minutes with a duration of 15 minutes( 5 min break).Immediately striking difference from Rossoshanka. Drain from the bottom( not on the side), the size of the replaced capacity will have to be limited. If in the previous case it is permissible to fasten the device to a massive table, here the number will fail because the part of the sole is cut out in a semicircle for the container. Close to the edge of the table would have to screw our Dachnitsa.

With a similar performance, this juicer demonstrates the structure inherent in Rossoshanka. A cylindrical centrifuge needs periodic cleaning. The device is characterized by weight( 10.5 kg), gardeners asked the first question - how to wash the main bowl? The place through which the juice is drained. Really incomprehensible. Bolted to the lower compartment that accommodates the motor. It remains to assume that it is simple to pour water there, to collect from the outlet nozzle with the substituted container.

It remains a different secret - the method of seizing cake. Judging by what is known about this juicer, the design is devoid of internal mesh( or advertising materials are silent).Consequently, the cake will have to be removed along with the centrifuge, you will need to unscrew the plastic screw. The move was made so that the summer resident guaranteed to fiddle with the cleaning process for 5 minutes, which is necessary for the restoration of the device’s performance.

Juicer for a large volume of apples, it is assumed: the operator is able to act correctly. The product is inferior to Neptune, it is cheaper( 3800 rubles).You will take out the centrifuge, turn off the power. In the information provided there are no words regarding protection against inclusion with the cover removed, independent experiments will not end well.

Juicers for apples with shredder

Some models of Sadovaya and Zhuravinki are endowed with the ability to shred, it's great, because they like salad everywhere. Powerful juicers for apples, equipped with additional options, please. Zhuravinka 102 costs 1900 rubles, it is equipped with a cylindrical net, a lever for dumping oil cake. Fundamentally distinguishes the model from the two discussed above. Enough pulp is collected, the juice stops flowing, we simply turn the lever, with one stroke of the hand we send the waste to a container located outside the juicer. Time losses during work are minimized.

The modes of operation of the juicer for Zhuravinka apples have always been interesting. The Belarusian product has become the hero of many films, but not enough information. The grater ruler models are removable, one can shred, the other can recycle apples. The replaceable element is fastened with a plastic screw( cost 85 rubles) on a rubber gasket, excluding the flow of juice to the motor, reducing the level of vibrations. The approach allowed the Belarusians to create a multifunctional device, for one money allowing to chop the salad and drink fresh juice.

Asynchronous motor requires good wiring, Zhuravinka 102 serves for twelve years, twice the size of previous models. As for the question about time, it turns out that Zhuravink meets the requirements of GOST 27570.0 - 87, it can work continuously with normal loading. Hourly permissible to feed the device about 30 kg of apples( highly dependent on the frequency of discharge of meal), to get excellent juice.

Device power is 120 W, weight is about 4 kg. At 2800 rpm every minute the device is noisy, inferior to Neptune, Rossoshanka, Salyut.

Juicer with Garden shredder 302 is an enlarged copy of Zhuravinki. Grown:

  • processing speed( 51 kg per hour);
  • power( 250 W);
  • weight( 6.5 kg);
  • dimensions.

The case became close rectangular, at the bottom there are four legs of the sucker. This will allow you to work on the table without regard to vibration. Work more noisy than Zhuravinki, otherwise the same.

Juicer for apples Neptune

The review is incomplete, devoid of the device that opens the rating of juicers for apples productivity. Neptune, on the packaging box which says "More than others. .. 120 kg / h."At least 120 kg of apples will be processed in an hour automatically. The mode of operation is long, twist day and night. A centrifuge with a conical mesh will release itself from waste; operator control requires minimal: periodically clean the waste collection tank.

Apples are thrown inside, rather wash the crop, and for the cause. The price is affordable - about 4,400 rubles, the spin ratio is less than that of cylindrical models, so there will be more pulp in the bin, waste can be additionally thrown into any auger-type juicer. Thus, the maximum effect will be achieved. Please note: most screw juicers have a short-term operation. May be included for a short period of time.

Instrument power is not as great as expected. A maximum of 320 watts may require a power outlet. With its own weight of 8 kg, the solid size of the product shakes less fellow, equipped with a cylindrical grid. The official website of the manufacturer( Stavropol), the device gives cheaper stores, not described the terms of delivery. Along the way, it is stated: a powerful juicer is designed to grind hard varieties of vegetables and fruits, which is fully confirmed by the summer residents participating in specialized forums. But, as stated above, from soft apples we get excellent mashed potatoes.

Finish the review of powerful juicers for apples. The considered models cover a full range of applications, starting from home, ending with semi-professional mass summer winter billets. The remaining models contain similar structural elements.

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