Malfunctions of washing machines Hans

The washing machines of Hans are not so popular as other brands. However, both users and service centers had time to notice typical SMA failures.

After reading the article, you will learn how to determine the cause of the failure by the error code on the screen, how to repair the washing machine of Hans (Hansa) with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Fault codes of the GM of Hans
  • 2Basic problems. Self-repair
    • 2.1Gland system plugging in Hans machine
    • 2.2Malfunction of the heating element
    • 2.3Faulty Aqua Spray System (Aqua Spray)
    • 2.4Breakdowns in the electric washing machine of Hans
    • 2.5Wear of bearings on the washing machine

Fault codes of the GM of Hans

To better understand where to look for a problem, you need to know the value of the error code that is issued by the self-diagnosis system. Thanks to this function, you can quickly determine which part of the machine is out of order. The table below shows the error codes for Hansa machines.

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Error code (for PS series) The meaning (decryption)
E01 There were problems with closing the hatch door.
E02 The water did not reach the required level for 2 minutes.
E03 Washing machine Hans does not drain the water (after the expiration, minutes).
E04 Overflow of water in the tank SM.
E05 The water level did not reach the set mark for 10 minutes.
E06 During 10 minutes the water is drained, but the pressure switch does not send a message to the module.
E07 There was a leak.
E08 A power failure occurred.
E09 Too much foam during the spin.
E11 Faulty triac, which is responsible for the device to lock the hatch.
E21 The engine is blocked. The signal is not received from the tacho- sensor.
E22 The engine started working without a command from the main module.
E31 Short circuit of the temperature sensor.
E32 Faulty wiring of the temperature sensor.
E42 The program is finished, but the door does not open after 2 minutes.
E52 Memory error of the controller.
Error codes (for the PA series) Value
E01 Problems with the door switch.
E02 Within 3 minutes the water in the tank did not reach the first level.
E03 There is no data from the level sensor about draining the water for 3 minutes.
E04 In the middle of washing, the level sensor sends a signal to the module about the water overflow.
E05 The wiring of the temperature sensor is defective.
E07, E08 No tachogenerator data.
E10 Incorrect electrical network parameters.
E11 Short circuit of the motor triac.
E12 There was a leak.
E14 Malfunction of the control module.
E15 Breakdown of the main module. The code appears immediately after the start of the washer.

Basic problems. Self-repair

Consider the typical faults, as well as options for self-repair for popular models SMA: Hansa Aqua Spray (Hansa Aqua Spray), Hansa Dynamic System, Hansa Comfort, Hansa Optimum (Hansa Optima).

Gland system plugging in Hans machine

A blocked drainage pipe, filter or pump may cause poor drainage. Carrying out their cleaning is recommended to prevent breakages. But if you have already noticed a malfunction, then do this:

  • Disconnect the styralka from the mains, shut off the water.
  • After disconnecting the SM from the communications, remove the top panel by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Open the hatch door.
  • Remove the metal clamp by bending the cuff.
  • Fill the cuff inside the tank.
  • Remove the dispensing tray, unscrew the bolts behind it.
  • Remove the drain filter flap.
  • Place the container and drain the remaining water by unscrewing the filter. Immediately check it for blockage.
  • Remove the front panel fixing screws.
  • Unplug the connections of the locking device, remove the panel.
  • Loosen the hose clamps and hoses. At the same time inspect the nozzle for blockage.
  • Unhook the pump connections, unscrew the fastening bolts.

Pulling out the pump, examine it: perhaps a thread, a piece of cloth, was wound around the impeller. Installation of the pump for the washing machine Hans is carried out in the reverse order. This uncomplicated repair, you can fully carry out your own hands.

Malfunction of the heating element

TEN in washing machines Hans quite often fails. This can happen because of sudden voltage fluctuations in the network. As a result, a short circuit occurs and the cell breaks.

Rigid, low-quality water causes the formation of scale. Because of this, the heating element overheats and burns.

To understand that the heater is defective, it is possible and by external signs. If you notice that when the SM is turned off, the automaton in the shield is turned off, or the fuse blown, the cause may be in the heater.

Another sign is that the laundry is not cleaned properly, a musty smell is felt, as the water does not get warm.

To replace the heater, remove the front panel. How to do this, see above, in the scheme for disassembling the washing machine Hansa.

Always disconnect the machine from the mains before starting work!

We carry out repairs by our own hands:

  1. The heater is located at the bottom of the drum.
  2. Unclip all wires leading to the heater.
  3. Loosen the central nut.
  4. Put the nut inwards by pressing the gasket.
  5. Now you can extract the heater and install a new element.

Faulty Aqua Spray System (Aqua Spray)

The function "Aqua Spray" in the washing machine Hans allows you to economize on water and more efficiently wash clothes. Through a special fitting located on top, water under pressure irrigates the laundry, promoting better stain removal.

The disadvantage of the system is a narrow path, through which water is supplied. If it clogs, a malfunction occurs.

How to fix the situation yourself:

  • By removing the top cover, you will find a filling valve.
  • Near the valve there is a tract of the system.
  • Remove the plugs.
  • Gently fill the hole with warm water. If the water goes bad, then the system is clogged.
  • Using a thin wire, clean the path, gradually pouring water.

Did you notice that the water is running out quickly? You had to solve the problem yourself.

Breakdowns in the electric washing machine of Hans

The modern electronic system of washing machines does not always withstand voltage surges. From a malfunction, the control module protects the interference filter, which serves as a stabilizer. In the case of a voltage jump, it takes the whole "blow" on itself.

But it happens that the filter burns out. Then Hans's washing machine may not turn on, and he needs a replacement.

  1. By removing the top cover, in the upper right corner you will see a filter.
  2. After unscrewing the fixing bolts, move the wires from the damaged filter to a new one.
  3. Secure it in place.

More difficult if the control module is faulty: an electrical circuit will be needed to repair it. But in case of a breakdown, it is better to contact the service center.

Wear of bearings on the washing machine

About the problems with the bearings you will learn by the characteristic screeching, noise and rattling while the machine is running.

Replacing bearings in a Hansa washing machine is considered a difficult repair. But if you want, you can do it.

  • Remove the top and front panels as described above.
  • Having unscrewed fastenings, remove lateral and forward counterweight.
  • Remove the clamps of the system "Aqua Spray". Disconnect it from the cuff.
  • Unclip all the tows by removing the bolts, remove the engine.
  • Remove the spout by removing the clamps.
  • Remove the tank from the shock absorbers and place them on a flat surface.

Next, disassemble the tank:

  • Unscrew the nut and remove the pulley.
  • Turn the tank over and unscrew the nuts around the perimeter.
  • After removing the cover, press the bolt inside and pull out the drum.
  • Now remove the bearing from the tank. Replace the bearings on a Hansa washing machine.

You will be helped by video on the topic:


After reading the article, you can try to solve the problem yourself. In some cases it is quite simple and cheaper than to call a master.

To avoid breakage, do not forget to look in the instruction to the washing machine Hans during operation.

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