Irrigator dentifrice

Some people believe that the best things in the world invented for lazy lazy. Irrigator dentifrice - cool thing.

Why invented the electric toothbrush

Little known that the hand brush your teeth cleaned at least two minutes. Ideally, the total procedure time is two and a half times more. And it is necessary not only to drive the brush from side to side, as do the described dental movement. He describes in detail the doctor.

It is not surprising that appears asleep in a person's mood to drive briskly from side to side with a brush, making the correct movements. It seems likewise felt inventor Dr. Philippe-Guy Vug. First electric toothbrushes appeared in Switzerland in 1954, and originally planned to sell accessories for people with limited physical mobility. For example, people with a fractured collarbone. Devices are recommended to use orthodontic patients - brace in the teeth prevents clean enamel ordinary brush.

Good irrigator dentifrice

In 1959, the invention flew over the ocean, and a year later appeared the first model of General Electric. Thing has worked without wires fed by a nickel-cadmium battery. In view of the limited capacity of the batteries last time the first American electric toothbrush looked bulky. The then the battery capacity losses suffered effect due to incorrect charging mode, which introduces some inconvenience in using the device.

As a result, there are two types of electric toothbrushes:

  1. Vibration.
  2. Rotational.

The first applies largely similar to manual. As for the rotational electric toothbrushes, the bristles required to translate from tooth to tooth, while the villi do business.

In both versions the bristles vibrate. In the first case back and forth along the handle, the second - in the transverse direction, as if rotated by hand. Moving bristles so small that barely perceptible eye, any electric brush cheerfully humming, calling the owner to take action.

vibration frequency is 40,000 times per minute. This is twice as much as, for example, the rotation speed of the rotor juicers. Selected models are powered by the network, but in some countries 230 V in the territory of the bathrooms is prohibited, manufacturers have to make tricks.

Electrical brushes are provided with soft bristles, without harming the teeth and gums. Even a thin peel tomatoes damage incapable. Electric toothbrushes are considered safer than manual. for appliances Toothpaste is also needed.

The impact on the irrigator teeth

Ultrasonic toothbrushes

Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes, but differ from younger counterparts: the frequency of oscillation of bristles rolls over 1 million per minute. This effectively removes plaque and jest cope with rocks and other sediments in the oral cavity. According to Malyshev, a man for the first time felt the effect of the product, when rinsing is surprised to find in the shell of many small stones. This is the effect of said toothbrush.

By increasing the frequency efficiency of the device considerably higher. So much so that even toothpaste may not be used. Models expensively equipped with timer functions. For example, the recommended total cleaning time is 2 minutes at the specified time and configured electronics. Upon completion of the interval the device is switched off. Smart Brush divide two minutes for another four equal intervals:

  • the lower jaw on the left;
  • the lower jaw to the right;
  • the upper jaw on the left;
  • the upper jaw on the right.

Compact dental irrigator

Thus, the master of life is simplified to the limit. Remains could move the device along the teeth. In addition, experts say that the ultrasound in a moist environment kills germs, not only on the surface. Wave penetrates into the thickness of the gum in the oral cavity and crannies holds global disinfection. It involves professional physiotherapy treatments. Ultrasound has:

  • soothing;
  • antispasmodic;
  • absorbing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiallergic;
  • healing action.

Of course, it is difficult to promise that an ordinary toothbrush will maintain such a powerful effect, but the outlook is definitely there.


Science moves forward, it released the first home device to the teeth - irrigator.

Irrigation - artificial irrigation fields. Well, water irrigators irrigate our teeth. And not just irrigate and emit a jet of pressurized washing away plaque and leftover food. Toothpaste is not required, the device does not harm the enamel and gums.

Dental irrigator gets water from the tap or in the manner of a steam ironing station has its own pump, where the fluid is filled in advance.

Both schemes evince benefits. If you take water from the central network, the pressure tends to be high enough. In this case, there is no need to worry. Irrigator for teeth is connected using a special nozzle to the same place and shower. Necessary equipment is sold in stores. In the future, enough to open the valve, the irrigator ejects a jet of water. The teeth are easy to clean when taking a bath.

Model with its own pump have an adjustable head. The system pressure is at least 7 atmospheres, or insufficient cleaning effect. Moreover, experts recommend to vary the magnitude of the pressure that is provided by the pump regulator. Typical irrigator with four positions, which is enough for all occasions. However, for the one that is connected to the water supply, do not worry. Pressure in the system enough, only varying parameter problematic. In this type of device to break nothing, except that the integrity of the hose broken.

Irrigator with its own compressor is charged with water with special additives, balms. This achieves an additional therapeutic effect.

The jet of pulsating irrigator, the method provides a striking effect device.

Electric irrigators are divided into two types:

  1. Portable.
  2. Stationary.

Shoe teeth irrigator

The last group of the whole family enjoys. In the device a number of interchangeable nozzles, each designated by its own color, confusion excluded. There are two nozzle sizes - small and large. As for portable irrigators, electronic gadgets are more suitable in the road. Water is poured into a massive handle, battery powered instrument. No replaceable nozzles. Both models can be supplemented with UV disinfector. Within seconds, the high frequency wave kills harmful microorganisms.

Irrigators are different:

  • number and type of nozzles;
  • Battery mark;
  • the size of the water tank;
  • modes;
  • possibility of hanging on a wall;
  • design.

Those who suffers choice (irrigator brush or ultrasonic) explain: irrigators applied after thorough cleaning of the teeth by any type of brush. Why do they then need? Brush brushes 30% of plaque that is deposited on top. The remaining 70% between teeth to clean the irrigator. Do not forget about the healing balms used option instead of the clean running water.


Recall contraindications. People with embedded fillings, veneers, crowns and other artificial inserts are not recommended devices. Slowly but surely, it will reduce the shelf life of the results of the work of dentists. People with diseased gums and whitish spots on the teeth should be exercised twice cautious. Desalination can quickly go into decay from exposure to vibrations. In addition, ultrasonic brushes contraindicated girls in the early stages of pregnancy. By the way, when wearing the fruit is recommended to use irrigators.

Simple rules:

  1. Use only as directed irrigator. Dentifrice. Children should not play with the appliance or spray on objects. Hanging in the bathroom mirror process stream is also not recommended.
  2. Electric toothbrush with irrigator complementary. Do not think about what the unit prefer, they have different purposes.
  3. Try not to swallow the water from the jet irrigator, this body must be kept at an angle of 60-90 degrees to the tooth surface.
  4. Use the irrigator every day, once a day, for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Regularly therapeutic sessions with the irrigator, adding special balms in water.


A toothbrush irrigator - oral hygiene, complement each other. Do not forget about the contraindications for the use of electric models, to prevent damage to health. Note the portable models irrigators, convenient for travel, stationary models for the family.

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