Juice of plums in a juicer

It is no secret that the majority of domestic centrifuges in the production oriented to work with apples. Even the parameters of performance are often expressed in the apple equivalent. Juice of plums in a juicer is difficult to obtain. In the presence of a large and sharp bone that does not pass through the auger. Such damage the centrifuge grid due to the rapid rotation.

The use of prune juice

It is believed, plum - comes from Asia. BC grows in Europe. Curiously, the plum botany not see individual biological species, a mestizo, a cross between a cherry and a plum. It gave the world a lot of tree with purple-reddish fruit. Most species of wild plums today. The minimum number of domesticated varieties of these plants. Who plums are prepared jams, jams, juices and other foods. They used the fruit in cosmetics in special masks.

Juice of plums in a juicer

When considering how to use press juicer to get the juice, we mention that in the working capacity will remain a bone with a large number of pulp. Said the hostess will take note and take advantage of blanks during the healing properties of plum:

  1. Improve the color of earthy and loose person will be able to use the pulp of three ripe plums. The milled pulp is added to a teaspoon of lemon juice. The resulting plum jam applied to the face. Rinse with water after a quarter of an hour.
  2. If a summer resident there turmeric powder and a little almond oil, it is easy to prepare from the drain mask whitening face. Obtain from the juicer press four tablespoons plum pulp to fill up at the tip of a spoon turmeric, pour 8 grams of yogurt and similar amount of almond oil. The resulting composition of wear on the face 15 minutes.
  3. If the tomato fruit pulp and two plums from the juicer press carefully grind with each other, get a facial mask. With daily application over a quarter of an hour get rid of acne.
  4. Kefir lovers will be able to rejuvenate. Half of the drink cup plum mixed with pulp from the juicer press. The resulting mask is worn refrigerated for half an hour. To lower the mixture temperature using the refrigerator.

How to squeeze the juice from the plum

So screw the juicer. Auger juicer, similar to Witek, press on the video a number of apricots. During hear easily audible rattle output rushed the dried cake, a glass of juice to collect... flowed thick puree. This is reminiscent of the result of the banana husks. The experimenter draw some about half a liter of mash before the demonstration I was satisfied. As a result, the auger juicer was washed and dried. Then the instrument was dismantled and shown parts.

Juicer plum

Grid auger juicer was slightly bent, the device was able to grind the bones by irreversible damage to the element. We do not recommend trying to skip through any plum auger juicer. Otherwise, with high probability the device unusable.

The online store has got the phrase that Angel Juicer juicer can be processed plums, probably meant that the bones need to be deleted first. Even professional rotor juicer Santos overawed by the solid component of fruit. The manual is written in plain text that pits from apricots and plums relies previously removed. To the best of the ripe fruit is easily handled by hand, but if you harvest a ton... see the sense to buy from truckers already refined raw materials, if carried out, industrial production, own harvest treat independently.

Among truckers no secret that prune juice through the juicer will not receive. Apricots even brushed squeezed hard. For these fruits need a twin-screw juicer, otherwise turn ordinary mashed potatoes. Santos №58 seems able to cope with fruit. Professional juicer rotary cone with the net are quite capable of making apricot pulp drink, and not food.

That oppose domestic manufacturer and related Belarus? The instructions to the juicer Gardening is written that the device is not intended for processing bananas, apricots, papaya, mango and other fruits and vegetables with solid components, including nuts. Who processed fruits plums and apricots juicer, must say goodbye to dreams. Protection against failure of the device is made by careful withdrawal seed. Even after the action is taken, any juicer coincides with pulp. Will puree, which gardeners and seasoned with cinnamon roll on banks. Not a bad option!

Plum for juice

Universally recommended antiquated methods. For example, sokovarka. The unit can process any fruit, the result is easy to roll up immediately.

Industrial methods for the preparation of plum juice

In industry, all delivered in a big way and automated. Distinguish methods of getting rid of the seed:

  • According to the conventional technology special wipes machines with wire whips take in the womb washed and steamed whole apricots. Here the pulp is separated from the bones. Prune juice industrial methods are the same way.
  • In selected cases, exemption from manual methods being pitted.
  • Innovative production involves heating and compressing fruits. Microwave radiation destroys the cell structure at the expense of the latter produces a new kind of plum and apricot juices - without pulp. Transparency is impressive, but the effect of radiation on humans and the products are not fully understood.

From the foregoing it is clear that industry produces plum (apricot) exclusively juice with pulp. Use special devices, extractors and blenders. The latter device for mixing liquids. Present pulp (low viscosity) and syrup. The output is a homogeneous substance, packaged by the packaging.

Juicer plum own

In view of the above comes to mind homegrown method. We are talking about a manual press. Consider a pair of these improvised constructions of centrifuges for draining.

  1. Standard metal or oak barrel will help to squeeze the juice out of the plums or apricots. Pre fruit shown wash thoroughly steamed possible. The juicer press backfilled already cleaned berries and fruits. At the bottom of the tank or just above the slotted hole for collection. It provides a drainage system that collects the juice with all the barrels area. It is required to increase the speed and effectiveness. Better prostelit inner cavity with gauze, as an alternative, be allowed to lay the fruit bales wrapped this cloth. The shape of the piston press juicers must comply with the cross section of the barrel, the result will be the maximum. To create the required pressure using worm gear or jack. Allowed to use a dead weight and press down on top of his hands.
  2. Wooden box with sealed walls serve to create a press juicer. Better fruit stacked bales of it.

prune juice

Juice of plums through juicer press is relatively easy to get, and the device has a high efficacy. The fruits do not need to be cleaned, the preparation is steaming. Either wash plums enough (apricots) with water. Under pressure from the bone giving together, and the juice begins to flow through the gauze of the drainage system in the collection vessel. Manual juicer is considered to be the only solution for summer resident with an impressive harvest of fruits plum and apricot.

Then cook the juice and roll in the banks. Unsanitary conditions press juicers require immediate carrying out heat treatment. On the quality of the juice will not give way, and drunk directly from the container to the collection contains vitamins and enzymes.


It is not necessary to constantly think how to avoid damaging the bone factory juicer. None-to-market model is not suitable for juicing plums or apricots. It is better to take a look at creating a home-made press. The device will squeeze out the pulp quality. In the process, note that the juice from the plums and apricots unclarified always, by definition, non-transparent.

Cottagers luck, we hope that the tips useful!

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