What to buy a juicer

Read the article carefully and will be able to choose a juicer, rather than buy a pre-programmed by advertisers.

Difficulties juicers

Systematically discuss the typical difficulties of centrifuges, which manufacturers forget to describe the race for the buyer. Let's start with the rotor! Weaknesses of the goods supposed to know. We do not intend to express a negative, vote weaknesses and avoid the misuse of the equipment. Major manufacturers of centrifuges are listed on Yandex-market, directly above the column parameters. Proceed to the identification of the structural and fundamental flaws species.

Auger juicer

Auger juicer

What's wrong with auger juicer

Any auger juicer leaves a maximum of vitamins - it's true! In addition, in the apparatus of high efficiency. But the relatively high price is not considered the only drawback of these models. The engine has a tendency to overheat. Fans and vacuum cleaners working indefinitely. Similar concerns cooker hoods and dryers. In the cases described, the motor has a forced cooling. Able to work long Sanstos, but other models of screw speed. Do not try to use the same scheme.

A common drawback of screw centrifuges becomes limited during engine operation. Often have to make a break. In addition, despite the praise campaign in the said segment, auger juicer still require careful preparation of fruits, including apples. For example, Saturn in the instructions written that even need to clean off the peel.

Justice requires additions: a skin screw still cope, despite the instructions, but it will take all means to remove the core. Such an approach is considered to be a common disadvantage Juicer with a single screw.

Auger juicer Green Star

Auger juicer Green Star

What happens in the screw juicers:

  1. In horizontal auger juicers are often no separate housing. They come in the form of nozzles of the meat grinders (sometimes it's better to buy a food processor with juicer). Those supporting protection against mechanical overload. In practice, said means, if the vertical auger is reversed when the horizontal jamming instantly breaks the safety sleeve. Both types of juicers can not cope with apricot pits. Invariably comes failure.
  2. When choosing a horizontal juicer, take steel. Say more, let grinder with steel gears (hard to get). In this case, the mechanical strength is increased, the need to monitor visually, so as not jammed. Or burn engine. Decide what is more appropriate: a complete security with frequent small repairs or visual inspection with a serious failure in the event of negligence.
  3. People now want to buy a juicer Motor Sich. The device from Zaporozhye little different from the manual meat grinder. But squeezing juice. Consider the pros. Firstly, the operation is limited exclusively by men might plow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest. Second, it allowed not much fear for the stop: cast iron or aluminum models hold punch well. Third, the device does not need a power that the country will appreciate. For the rest, there are limitations auger juicers.
Juicer Motor Sich

Juicer Motor Sich

For a large number of products auger juicer fit poorly. But will fans full of tasty and fresh juice. Remember, the device is difficult to clean, although in selected commercials says about self-cleaning. Perhaps the bay into the water and allowing the auger to spin minute, prepare for the transition to a new kind of juice. Cleaning such a juicer is difficult, plus the portion of the product is stuck in vain.

Disadvantages juicers with two screws

Only two drawbacks:

  1. Juicer with two screws is extremely expensive. While professional equipment can not be called cheap.
  2. Engine twin-screw juicers are still collecting requires cooling.

Screws made of steel, the gap between them is adjustable, and is so small that allows you to get the juice from any product. Selected models allow us to press oil from seeds. Reverse mode available, if presumptuous cottager sunet foreign object accidentally. Twin-screw juicer - the best choice for those fasting.

Benefit who wish to improve their health. Juice of various plants, as well, and bagasse, used for healing many ailments lists. The process is simplified very much. In the case does not require significant amounts of twin-screw juicer will be unopposed.

What's wrong with rotary squeezer

Rotary juicer presses faster than anyone else. Unless, of course, to choose the right model. Give preference to Russian producers. Unlike Western:

  • A large tank.
  • Low speed.
  • Hardy engine.

The import of such combinations is not. Any Neptune for 3500 rubles to easily wipe away Santos nose. Quiet engine is good at the bar, ergonomic design does not put to shame in front of the oligarchs. But in the country more truckers are not the owners of the restaurants. Advantages of Neptune and these are undeniable. Lack of knowledge will help evaluate the situation. So Rotary juicer:

Rotary juicer and juice

Rotary juicer and juice

  1. It has a small coefficient output product. From 1 kg of apples we obtain about 450 g of the juice. For comparison, the cheapest auger juicer Saturn gives 700 grams. The percentage of the smaller, the more the drum slant. Juicers rotary type may throw their own cake. Therefore slightly beveled wall of drum, by centrifugal force pressed debris squeezed out to the periphery, over the edge of the urn is reset. Good for bartenders, not for truckers. With the people's point of view favorably with Rotary juicer with manual reset cake. This model, like the Belarusian Sadovaya Rossoshanka. In the latter case, the cake discharge difficult, but the engine speed is better.
  2. The noise level increased. Other juicers operate at 80 revolutions per minute, there is a value capable of off-scale for 10,000. For example, similarly noisy vacuum cleaner, washing machine on the spin cycle. We heard about the induction motors used in industry, where the noise level is lower. To such delights go for a simple reason: fire safety. When sparking commutator motor (standing inside juicer) any leakage gas is costly. Asynchronous motors have said disadvantages, but lead to a more expensive device. In typical juicers rate, e.g., thyristor regulated long-known circuitry responsive to the level of arcing.
  3. High speed accompanied by an increased level of vibrations.

Buying a juicer is not considered a matter of simple. Listed features, and most importantly - the shortcomings. We add that the aluminum model is worth to drop to the side as far as possible: on the metal rapidly oxidized vitamins. Take the cast iron or steel. This applies to parts: screws, nets, buildings, centrifuges. Please note that the varieties of juicers in the review are given not in order of increasing prices. The difference in cost is more, by appointment: more professional.

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