Which twin screw juicer to buy

Where to find a range of twin-screw juicers, and which model to choose. On Yandex-market there is only one well-known brand Angel Juicer.

How to find a twin screw juicer

We begin with the search Yandex-market, there is often possible to find the best deals. With the twin-screw juicers will not work. No parameter sieve these models. Let's try to put a price of 18 thousand. rubles cheaper twin screw juicers do not occur.

Twin-screw juicer by Kempo

Twin-screw juicer by Kempo

Indeed, caught with five "angels". Let's see the differences and discuss the video on YouTube William Polonyaka where a comparison of twin-screw models with a hydraulic press. The difference between the models Angel Juicer 7000 and 8000 a quarter of the cost - about 22,000 rubles. expensive equipment. What's the Difference? Card product on Yandex-market explanation does not contain. I asked to go to the store and see.

Shops situation becomes clearer. The only visible difference - the steel grade. To pay for it 85 thousand. instead of 63? Thank you! Let's give a chance to the equipment, look for information on foreign websites. Fears were confirmed, the difference in brand surgical steel. Models have an automatic reverse, include, should slow down the rotation of the screw. In the demonstration video shown that carrot Angel Juicer presses with an efficiency 67%, against 47% in the juicer 1 auger. This is an excellent result. However, time and spending more.

We conclude that the Angel Juicer - a good thing, but do not need to pay 63 thousand and 85 thousand.. incomprehensible. The promised video William Polonyaka Angel Juicer is compared with the last modification of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press with electric drive. William convincingly show that the pomace auger juicer with two turns even good quantity of beverage.

Norwalk Juicer

Norwalk Juicer

For comparison, in a pointed carrot shreds at Norwalk and shakes her press. Recall that similar units on the left side is the similarity grinder, and the right - a table on a hydraulic piston. Norwalk cost beyond the topic of conversation, but shakes it better and faster Angel Juicer, definitely.

Juice extractors are equipped with two screws impressive array of accessories: cleaning brush, a scraper, optionally nozzle for mash. Laundering juicer with two screws can not be called simple. However, this also applies to vertical auger modifications. The victory left for Norwalk, to clean for 45 seconds.

The Angel Juicer is different from its competitors. Primarily steel. From it are made almost all the details. Engine unpleasant buzzing - it does not matter. When you have to work actively use the pusher from the kit, and the device is constantly leans over and beats the tailgate on the surface of the table, could attach the suction cup. From previous reviews it is known that worms are magnetized, but more on that in the goods cards word. In fact, a useful quality. Firstly, lets bummer pieces stick to the bottom of the cup, equipped with iron plate. Second, it gives a liquid (according to advertisement) healing properties.

Juicer Angel Juicer

Juicer Angel Juicer

Norwalk authors like. We add that the model Angel Juicer in appearance no different - beware of imitations! To distinguish real expensive steel sus316 from cheap models in 7000, read the label on the screw.

Alternatives Angel Juicer not?

Overseas Korean pioneers are not alone in the market. Indeed, Angel Juicer is releasing twin screw juicers since 1982 on the rights of the creator, and that's what can be seen:

  • Green Power Juicer is a twin-screw line. It is surprising that given pressing force. It is 4 horsepower. Devices are 600 dollars to 20 thousand crisis. rubles, but now the amount had increased to 40. Still get cheaper Angel Juicer. The site offers a warranty of 2 to 12 years. Frankly - not bad! It is evident difference: Green Power augers partially of plastic. This is not the grinding and sealing steps. Whether it is dangerous? Unfortunately, we do not undertake to say. Housing, by the way, made of plastic, unlike Angel Juicer.
    Juicer Tribest Green Star Elite

    Juicer Tribest Green Star Elite

  • Tribest Green Star Elite is at a similar price. Different external shape but within two screw. Not seen in the benefits of advertising. Everyone says how great the device shakes, but the qualitative and quantitative comparison with other brands are not available. When buying, be careful. American models are powered by an AC voltage of 110 V and are atypical for the Russian plug. The warranty on the equipment is impressive. Note that on the Russian sites about Angel Juicer is silenced.
  • Samson Ultra is not as popular as previously discussed devices. And the company offers a line of Green Power. Of advertising is not obvious, we explain separately. If desired, can be found in a twin screw sale juicer. The warranty is 10 years. Reviews for approval, quiet model. To agree on the form, this twin-screw juicer is not loud noise. The cost of the device for $ 70 (35000 rubles) below, and the bundle includes a training DVD (with Green Star comes thick magazine).

From the foregoing, we conclude that the competitor presses in the West believe Angel Juicer, which means that this is the best twin-screw juicer. It is compared with other types of devices, and the victory is not always after her. There are three firms juicers manufacturer with two screws.

The process of selecting RF short, twin-screw manufacturers juicers are scarce. Can be Amazon or e-bay to get cheaper devices, but less quality. It now goes about Green Power and Green Star. No Medical steel and auto reverse. In general, the unit praise.

We do not argue, the advantages of twin-screw centrifuges for Russia are obvious. We have seen that abroad of their activity is closely press. Testing quite convincing. Presses have working surfaces of steel. Unlike Green Power and Green Star, get dirty from beet juice and carrot. Not a good prospect for 40,000 rubles. But also to pay 85 thousand for medical steel expensive. Disadvantages twin screw juicers in the high price and low speed.

All varieties of juicers twin screw tight wheat germ, soy milk and other indigestible things. The same does a hydraulic press. Twin screw have a home juicer is not profitable. The point is price. Steel press will not break like plastic Angel Juicer. It turns out, the press is more profitable and preserves vitamins and enzymes.

In the West, it offers a solution: to produce vitamin drinks use a blender Vitamix. Indeed, the cost is cheaper, but the possibilities are excellent. But as a result, the glass will not juice, and crushed the whole plant. However, many it will arrange to pay less. By the way, apple seeds beast is not a hindrance. Despite the generic name of the device, the blades move at a significant rate. These arguments are exhibited to the public in relation to the centrifugal juicer.

We hope to have helped with the choice of twin screw juicer.

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