How to choose a juicer

How does the equipment in the USSR? On the principle of work, work and work again. Imported appliances use the motto: just worked - rest. How to choose a juicer if the manufacturer does not emphasize specific restrictions?

Features Juicer, behind the scenes

According to the standards, there are three modes of operation that are relevant for household appliances, all engines:

  • Short-term: short periods of work alternating with rest. Mincer-juicer Zelmer runs for 10 minutes, half an hour of rest. The nozzle of the screw is inexpensive, can be taken once a meat grinder with a juicer. It is not clear how much work cools?

citrus juicer

  • Continuous mode: set the thermal regime, virtually unchanged for a long time. Rotary juicer Neptune shakes the apples without a break all day. In the West, such a mode of operation in rarity.
  • Intermittent or cyclic mode: the machine works longer than freezing. Screw type juicer Vitek 1602 every half hour working requires 15 minutes of rest. Foreign devices of this class operate in the opposite style: 15 minutes of work 30 - 60 minutes of rest.

Similarly working blenders, mixers, meat grinders, mills, grinders, other household appliances. If there is an induction motor, a short operation of home appliances. In a blender blades revolve, in a mixer - tip of the wire. Carefully read the technical description, the fine print specified operation mode. There are no instructions on the network - ask a question on a forum, duplicate contact technical support company.

Sometimes the instructions present parameter relative duty cycle. Measured as a percentage, calculated as follows:

OPW = (Hours / Total cycle time) × 100%;

Feature not allow presentation of particular value uptime, it only shows the value relative to the cycle time. Operation of the device can be controlled by an internal timer, or there is protection against overheating of the engine, regulating mode.

Continuous operation is important:

  1. device performance is directly dependent on the duration of continuous operation of the juicer;
  2. if there is no protection against overheating - at exceeding the maximum duration burns device.

Be aware of these features when choosing a device.

A press juicer

Features Rotary juicer

Rotary juicer emit two types of grid form: conical, cylindrical. In the vertical wall of the cylinder. It dropped through the neck into the fruit breaks into pieces, cake deposited on the walls. The neck does not end at the level cap, it is almost to float. The pulp is pressed by centrifugal force against the walls, rotating until it will not clean out manually.

The coefficient of extraction depends on the share of patience to turn the cake in a circle. The flesh gives less juice, a drop of juice dripping for a long time. When the process of obtaining the finished product slows to zero, clean centrifuge. Two methods:

  1. Special cake reset lever taken out on a rotary cover juicers. This characteristic feature distinguishes cylindrical centrifuge with semiautomatic cleaning. There is also a manual method of cleaning a centrifuge rotor juicers.
  2. The fruits are accumulated in the centrifuge to the amount prescribed by the instruction manual. It can no longer be cast. Twist centrifuge rotor juicer until separated drink. Then stop the engine, manually throw cake from the centrifuge.

Home juicer

The second group of rotor centrifuges working in intermittent mode. While cake is discharged, the engine rests. It is difficult to break the correct schedule.

With conical centrifuge otherwise. The walls of the oblique truncated cone, cake slowly creeps up, transshipped through the mesh edge, going into a special container automatically, without human intervention.

  • It is impossible to control the duration of the spin cake in rotary juicer with conical centrifuge!

Factor spin more at cylindrical models depends on the time spent. Productivity is higher in conical models do not need to take breaks, to dump cake. SynBio for 1000 rubles similar characteristics does not provide, need rest. EXAMPLE cylindrical models lever to reset - Zhuravinka without it - Salute. Models are designed for long service. read the instructions carefully.

Juicer for truckers

Other rotary juicers have waybill fine mesh, which reduces the spin factor, but the juice obtained cleaner. Uncheck the grid - will make good mashed potatoes. In Salute option available. Most rotary squeezers allows throw apples through the neck, is not applicable to large fruit pits (plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, cherries).

Some models with great performance (Neptune) designed to sap buckets. For a single cup is taken rotary smaller juicer (Zhuravinka).

Screw type juicer

Video posted on Youtube: vertical auger juicer grinds whole apricots. Fruits with a light crunch turned into mashed potatoes. Auger juicer to work in this mode, you need a powerful motor. Conventional nozzle to Food processors are screw juicers, horizontal type, usually plastic, whether cope with the task. Metal is better, more expensive, but it all depends on the engine. the safety mechanism of the clutch is usually present, which breaks down when overloaded.

Apricots not smelesh, but less likely to burn the motor. Vertical screw type juicer produce powerful. Vitek 1602 (150 W) can hardly cope with apricots with pits. Auger juicers can not perform this procedure. Bones grind, but deform the mesh, the device will throw out, if you do not find the auto parts.

The auger juicer centrifuge spinning fast. At the bottom is a grater, roughly tearing the fruit. The resulting juice is stratified, however, remains in the juice of the abundance of flesh. In the process of drinking heated, begins to oxidize, destroys vitamin. quality of the drink suffers. Manufacturers auger juicers do not advertise performance. Most models work in short-time, processing speed is low. Before selecting auger juicer for the production of vitamin drinks at home think about advantages, disadvantages.

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