How to choose the irrigator

Before the story - a couple of words about the irrigator. Ignorant people are wondering why you need a device. Consider the principles of operation, explain the key benefits. Hopefully, readers will be able to decide how to choose the irrigator. Proceed.

How does irrigator

The instrument is needed for people with sensitive gums and fine enamel. In the course of the narration on how to use a toothbrush forget to tell about the unconditional harm. For example, in the early 20th century used for hygiene purposes soda, sodium hydrogencarbonate crystals are abrasive. Today sand scraped shelly plaque from the bottoms of ships, water cut granite. It is important to properly dosed to obtain the correct result.

Action dental assistant

Action dental assistant

Regarding trivial toothbrush bristles causes bleeding gums and too frequent need for treatments provoke dental visits. Irrigator is designed to allow it:

  1. The stream of water is much softer bristles. From pollution manage is relatively easy to get rid of. irrigator processing can not replace 100% clean, but to reduce the contact time with the teeth allows the bristle. The result is stored in pristine condition enamel, gums feel better.
  2. The ability to adjust the pressure of the device allows you to choose options for their needs. The more modes, the easier it is. Use separate settings for the teeth, gums and tongue, if the opportunity is provided by designers. In the case of metered pressure with a toothbrush is difficult.
  3. Special forms of nozzles designed to solve their own problems. This explains why, instead of irrigator is impossible to use an ordinary shower head. In many ways, the selection process is considered from the point of view of the arsenal of options.

In accordance with a set of tasks and functionality for the user is issued a few lines irrigators. In addition to differences in the number of tools and accessories destination devices are:

stationary irrigator

stationary irrigator

  • Stationary. They have a large tank of water, abundant number of nozzles. Positioned as a device for family use. The same nozzles are duplicated and are marked with its own color. That family members are not confused. At the same time a relatively roomy tank will allow to do without recharging. Regular irrigator feeds electric current 220 (through the adapter). The main body includes a water supply regulation mechanisms. From the tank leaves a long hose, which dress up the nozzle. In this regard, note that the Voltage 220 devices in the territory of the bathroom does not apply. There is a standard that describes how it should be carried out the use of electrical appliances. stationary type irrigator definitely not be placed on the bath area (even on the shelf above the sink). It would be better to put in a corner to the hose reached for the conch. There are a number of regulations. The connection must be maintained through an isolation transformer (current) or differential protection device.
  • Hand feed irrigators safe voltage of 12 V. This translates into a higher class of instruments electrical (III), which automatically allows the use of the territory of the bathroom without any restrictions. Limit described body protection (ip class). The manual is written, whether the device is allowed to dive and water dripping on the hull. According to the document, use the manual irrigator. Battery powered device, although we can not exclude the possibility of the existence in nature of products propelled by standard batteries. It is worth remembering that the adapter 220 is not in place in the bathroom. Charge the manual irrigator need in another room. The device has a lower capacity than the steady-state. Positioned as a product for individual use. However, the difficulty is not to buy a spare interchangeable attachments. tank capacity is enough for one use.

Good irrigators which allow to fill the tank in addition to water: weak solutions balsams, solutions, infusions herbs. This will allow for treatments at the same time hygienic. With regard to the principle of action, almost all irrigators are the same. Contain a vessel from using the pump liquid is pumped to the hose nozzle.

The irrigator well as an ordinary soul

Ordinary shower head to give a strong jet. Why not be used as irrigator? First, the back side of the teeth and not be able to clean the remote gums. It is difficult to regulate the pressure of the jet and choose the right. Above said that excess hurt.

In the description powerful irrigators it states that the maximum jet pressure is 650 kPa. I'm sure most readers information about what does not speak. For comparison mention that liquid under the pressure of 400 kPa (4 atm) flows inside the water pipe. The test pressure during the fall in the input heating operation is 800-900 kPa (actually depends on the construction of house and radiators). Irrigator will pressure halfway between the test for heating networks and work from the tap water.

Shower and irrigator

Shower and irrigator

These conditions are difficult to obtain an ordinary shower. The cross section of the ducts at the tap on the biggest crucified small. You can seal the holes part. Then it is necessary to accurately calculate the jet dosage or invent the method of measurement. In this case it is easier to apply the Chinese gun (like used in compressors and spray gun) with a pressure gauge.

Pay for security + dosage effect. Shower can achieve the desired pressure without difficulty, but it's hard to blow where required. Not to mention about the hydraulic jumps in the water system. Finally, try to calculate the area of ​​the holes to be correlated with the testimony of a Chinese pistol with a pressure gauge or flow section of the mixer tap.

We believe that there will be on sale irrigators, nozzles on the shower. The method of adjustment even more difficult. Cost of common irrigators bites. For Moscow 6000 rubles a little, but the vast majority of people in the province think differently. People would like irrigator without electric current and infinite water charge. The more costs are low. According to the manufacturer, 160 g is sufficient for the needs of one user.

Brushing teeth and gums

Brushing teeth and gums

How to conduct choice irrigator

We believe that this is enough to decide how to choose the irrigator. We emphasize the main points. Nozzle for cleaning the tongue is more exotic. Those that are necessary for the brackets and gums are an option most of the instruments.

How to distinguish a tip. Standard made in the form of plastic tubes, bent at its end. Gum equipped with a rubber tip to make it possible to massage. Useful quality irrigator in the presence of gingival pockets. Nozzles for braces pointed. Thus manages jet concentrate on a limited portion of the dental enamel.

The manual irrigator try to take one in which minimize the chance of falling water on the electrical parts. This is especially true of contacts. Nice to see the available charge indicator - do not want to remain without a favorite among irrigator procedure. We are confident that with regular use of the machine to replace the lion's share of household toothbrush holder. In addition to oral irrigator is now suitable for the nose.

If bad breath is often struck by the mucous nasopharynx. In addition to the antibiotic treatment, it is recommended to wash the nose to the yogis system. Then it will become clear sense nasal irrigator nozzle.

We hope that the review will help readers choose the irrigator. We remind that the electrical apparatus must be equipped with a means of monitoring performance. Wrong mode in this case, lead to unpleasant consequences. We recommend to take irrigators with a visual indication of serviceability (by performing a self-control device).

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