How to make your own hands juicer

Gardeners are constantly looking for how to process the harvest as quickly as possible. Advise just take the store juicer rotary Neptune for 4400 rubles, plus shipping. If the lights in the chest inventive spark, enthusiasm and a great deal, tell you how to make a juicer of the washing machine with front loading. Description taken from the network, processed in accordance with our considerations. We hope to solve the problem a little more advanced. In particular, consider the detail design of the juicer.

Washing machine and juicer rotary

What is needed from a washing machine

Typical Rotary juicer domestic work a maximum production at 3,000 rpm. Speed ​​enough to squeeze the pulp of the centrifugal force on the mesh walls of the centrifuge. Fruits and vegetables are thrown in through a special spout to supply fruits. It provides a rather big to pass the whole apples, carrots, beets. The horizontal centrifuge bottom is grater in the form of a circle. Engaged in grinding the fruit to pulp, then squeeze.

The faster rotation and the greater the radius of the centrifuge, the intensity of the process. Typical juicers will not exceed the diameter of the drum of the washing machine, the motor or gearbox will be needed by 1500 rpm (see. below). This is a normal operation mode during the spin cycle, the mechanical part is not affected.

The design of the juicer

Choosing a narrow model of the washing machine with a belt drive. Modern direct drive are not satisfied. From the depths of the washing machine is directly dependent on the size of the drum. The diameter is almost unchanged, the height of the walls will be less. When the mechanism is put vertically, low setting provides a modest transverse load from possible distortions on the bearings and seals. Therefore, the longer the homemade juicer from the washing machine. Juicer for apples, made by his own hand, require automatic victims:

  1. Drum.
  2. Tank (casing).
  3. Pulley under the belt.
  4. Belt.

We take out of the washing machine together with the mechanical part of the bearings and seals.

The question is, why not use a motor home. Answer - if you can set up to 1800 revolutions per minute, a variant is perfect. Pulley have to shoot from a native of the motor.

Preparing the washing machine parts

Tank washing machine is made of plastic or steel. For reasons of strength a better experience on the latter option. Buck shows the number of holes. We need only, through which the drained juice. To understand the idea, describe the principle of the future of home-made rotary juicer washing machine.

We are going to turn the unit to the horizontal to the vertical load. Turn over the tank and drum up round window. I get the actual mechanical part of the rotor without the juicer cover and motor. In future bottom of the drum (in the initial state - a distant rear wall) would be strengthened homemade grater for shredding fruits. The pulp will be squeezed to the side walls (cylindrical surface) and drain through the holes in the tank, where only leave an opening for draining the juice.

Washing machine drum

Now it is clear that one will have to leave a hole in the far wall of the tank. If not, the rest are sealed, the necessary equip using a drill. Proceed. Thin rubber is taken, enough 1 mm thickness. Closing the opening in the tank, except for a single assembly plum juice in the container. For these purposes, we use:

  • Stainless steel staples;
  • nuts and bolts made of brass or stainless steel.

The result is a sealed container in which the bottom (or close to the bottom) only done drainer. Connect a hose of suitable diameter here, or substitute container directly below the rotary homemade juicer from the washing machine. Obviously, under construction will have to collect the solid frame. Allowed to create from the board, but it is better to make steel with a protective earth.

Dimensions get out of the tank size and the motor. Speaking of the engine. You can use any electric motor, capable of delivering 1500 - 3000 rpm. Please note the desired speed of the drum is given by the ratio of pulley diameters. For the engine to 3000 rpm pulley will need twice as less than put on the centrifuge. Motor rotor obegat two circles become one in the drum, providing a rotation speed of 1,500 rpm. Belt is permissible to take home. As for power, the author recommends that the ideas set at 1.1 kW. Apparently, the value will suffice.

The motor of the washing machine

Drum will need to finalize. Device openings are too large, will begin to penetrate the flesh. As a result of the self-made Rotary juicer washing machine will mash. To avoid this, we find steel mesh with small mesh size (less than 1 mm) and impose figurno internal drum bends. Fastened with rivets. Reservation, if the cylindrical inner surface of the drum is smooth without any projection (which is rare), it is permissible merely to lay down a grid shape in one piece and not fastened. This is done in a separate domestic rotary juicer. The equipment will be easier to clean. Accuracy fitting piece provides an ideal, or persuasion will not work.

Further details of the juicer for the washing machine

Repair juicer does not present difficulty for anyone who will master The following operation.

Let's start with a grater. Please note, the rear wall of the drum, and now has become a bottom, often it finds not a smooth shape, which is so convenient to fasten a flat circle of steel. With the drum can not be helped. We recommend to follow the experience of the Belarusians. They are under the grater lay a solid rubber gasket. It remains to go to the store or at a flea market and find a ring that can compensate for irregularities. Look at the economic.

Allowed to cut rubber ring desired thickness independently. Two main requirements:

  1. Strict symmetry and the correct form without flaws.
  2. Dense with a supply fitting to the floor of the centrifuge and a grater.

Repair juicer with their hands

Now, when the gasket has explained that the rasp of steel juicer homemade rotor of the washing machine does not have sufficient elasticity, under it make a pad of steel. Both items are made from a sheet material 2 mm thick. Circles made clear symmetrical. Size select from conditions - diameter of drum minus 20 cm. Cut carefully (perhaps a chisel), then equaled by any available means. Avoid burrs and protrusions. Any burr able to get into the juice.

Thus, to make steel grater circle nakernivaem its sectors (20 pieces of 360 degrees) every 15 mm along the diametrical lines. We conduct the countdown from the center hole located at the intersection of all the sectors. At each point is drilled a hole diameter of 5 mm. Now relies impart a serrated shape. Put a circle on a large board, wielding a triangular or square punch.

We suspect that the reader will not find gizmos. Suitable thick and sharp steel dowel with a pronounced conical tip. We divide each hole until the back of the hole does not become like a grandmother grater. Take the hammer. If there is a better way to take, do not hesitate. This self-made rotary squeezer from the washing machine, there is a wide space for improvisation.

Fasten the two circles, and grater steel gasket (paving rubber ring) with four bolts to the bottom of the centrifuge. Mounting necessarily symmetrical about the center. The bolts are fastened with nuts outside, should not loosen during operation. Feel free to be placed under each two washers - GROWER (for elasticity and durability of the compound) and flat (for strength). GROWER closer to the nut.

Still needed neck PVC tubes 10 cm in diameter. It must come close to the bottom. Does not reach to the bottom within 4 cm. The fruit will go on a grater, keeping low sitting neck. Consider this fact and carefully fasten the pipe in several parts of the steel. Allowed to make the cover of PVC. Needed to apples lumps are not flying out.


Sorry, do not apply a manual juicer. Unusual not demonstrated in our self-made design. The result was a cylindrical squeezer rotary centrifuge need to clean the device periodically. This is the main disadvantage of the design.

We would like to thank the author of the idea of ​​E. Jablonski ...

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