Garden vacuum cleaner for leaves

If there was a lawn near the house, then, will have to follow the order. Garden vacuum cleaner for leaves helps to restore the purity on the plot or the area adjacent to private ownership. Wipers longer would fit unit for construction waste, helping to quickly get out of the territory. Building cleaner - even from other industry segments.


Savvy manufacturer often combines the two things in one:

  • blower;
  • a vacuum cleaner.

Except for the design on the lawnmower chassis models are devices, a combination of said elements list (heavier apparatuses may include a chopper). The engine runs on gasoline, equipped with a propeller. The result is a turbine that drives the air in a predetermined direction. On this basis, and runs the vacuum cleaner for leaves.

cleaning leaves

Engine dressed into the housing of a durable material - plastic or steel. It allows convenient handle to grasp the device weighing 5 kg. cleaner air intake for the leaf is located right in front of the impeller, which greatly simplifies the flow path of dust and debris. All items are made available as much as possible:

  • candle hidden under a sealed cap;
  • the air filter is covered with a neat grid;
  • Gas button located on the handle, the lock latch in a selected position, if necessary;
  • fuel tank capacity, on the average, 0.5 liters sometimes made of plastic.

The air intake of the engine is separated from the main path by logical obvious reasons. a whirlwind of dust is not the best environment where permissible to supply the moving mechanisms necessary oxygen. Lubricated with oil, added to gasoline 1:50. Running am recoil starter, the throttle valve is regulated by a number, a small lever.

How it works equipment

The principle of operation is based on the garden vacuum cleaner aerodynamics laws. You should not hesitate to have associations. Aircraft science uses gas dynamics, most known under the name specified above.

The impeller rotates and draws air through the channel. There is disclosed the use of duality garden vacuum cleaner. The jet aimed at the leaves, carrion blows, it turns the blower. The vacuum cleaner operates, if the bell carries his tract on the opposite side - at the entrance.

Sleeve blower is narrower, so that the operator did not know fatigue, ergonomic strap allows the device to throw over his shoulder. Baggy socket cleaner mounted on the air inlet place previously removed cover. Instead blower hose attached bent knee with a bag to collect waste. Durable strap worn across the shoulder, so the team packing their own weight falls on the neck of a gardener. Capacity under the debris reaches a volume of 100 liters, with no additional support is indispensable.

It is worth mentioning that the structure of the bags can be different. Lightning allows conveniently to extract the contents. The only problem - the content immediately falls to the floor. Sacks, removes completely convenient in terms of storage. Change in turn as the filling, after work get away again. Or enlist the help from the outside and easy to surf the garden area with a vacuum cleaner, while the debris safely reaches the containers.

Two types of garden vacuum cleaners for leaves coined designers:

  1. With grinding.
  2. Without grinding.

Difference in design concept. In the first case, the impeller is complemented by a knife that cuts indiscriminately gets inside. It is pertinent to note that the garden to collect leaves a vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning areas from small stones, especially metal objects. It will soon bring an impeller failure. Present species, devoid of a knife - the second group on the list. Strong pieces - fruit peel, bark may be entirely in a garbage bag.

garden vacuum cleaners

Note that the garden vacuums without knives are equipped with a solid impeller. Designs vary from model to model. But the metal objects and stones to be collected prior to the janitor work or to drive off in the direction of the blower. Demonstration Bosch model video shows the ease with which the jet moves hefty large bricks.

Gardener, blowing the leaves and other debris into a pile, and later will bring the waste into a bag. This is an effective technique. From under the firs scrape debris impossible. But the garden with a vacuum cleaner hose blower easily cope with the task.

For large areas it is recommended to purchase a garden leaf vacuum cleaners with wheels at the end of the funnel. Hard hours of wear in the hands of the unit with a trash bag hanging on his shoulder. A pair of small rollers greatly simplify life if sleeves roll edge on grass or concrete.

mobile model

In the narrative of the garden vacuum cleaners can not keep silent about the mobile models.

The advantages and disadvantages are obvious:

  1. easy to mow the lawn at the same time remove the leaves;
  2. no need to carry heavy accessories on the shoulders;
  3. petrol tank is placed in more then manages to work without interruption;
  4. aggregate the power of branches up to 5 cm in diameter;
  5. call in the corners and under the trees will not work;
  6. often impossible to clean the surface before the end, the height of the wheels does not press the ground inlet garden vacuums;
  7. models work mostly on debris fence (only hand-held blower);
  8. get ready to allocate a special room to store equipment;
  9. take with them to the apartment in the winter the unit does not look the best idea.

Mobile Garden vacuum cleaners

In addition to the large mobile garden vacuums are expensive addition. But many models have a built-in grinder, power and performance are impressive.

For places where lack chassis on wheels, specially designed long and flexible enough to thick corrugated hose. When mounting the product on the air intake, the operator uses the machine within reach for garbage collection in style, as if on his shoulder hung a portable version of a garden vacuum cleaner. This will allow the lack of mobility unwieldy (100 kg) of mobile models smooth.

Professional vacuum cleaner for leaves serve the purpose of harvesting the vast territories where the portable counterpart looks ridiculous. The speed of work is high. At walking pace for a vacuum cleaner cleans leaves space for the width of the wheels turn. Where the manual model, you need to move in zigzags, the unit quickly clears space. The disadvantage is the impossibility of movement on uneven spaces. I have to use external hose, which is fraught with loss of time.

Finally, we note that not all professional vacuum cleaners are equipped with outrigger hoses, shredders and other delights. In addition, it is useful to inquire the consultant. The good news is said to adjust the height of the wheels. This will allow the vacuum cleaner to clean up garden leaves with asphalt, and other flat surfaces, consider the height of the lawn.

Varieties garden vacuum cleaners

It is not difficult to guess that the modest list above does not cover all variety. Wondering how to choose a vacuum cleaner garden, look for variety.

Convenient cleaning leaves

An intermediate position in value and performance takes a knapsack garden vacuum cleaner. It is much more convenient to carry the load on his shoulders than to move from place to place, taking both hands. In the end, may simply fall off. This garden vacuums drawn excellent pair of shoulder straps and a hose, which deftly wield, removing the foliage.

The foregoing describes the petrol variants. Fuel assemblies are not limited to diversity. Reaching an outlet and having got a good long wire, get out on the lawn garden with a vacuum cleaner with an electric motor. Some models are equipped with a battery that can sustain life in the tool extended period of time.

Lack of extension in wet from dew or watering the grass cover is separately specified it is not necessary. Uncertain ground covers may cost the life of the operator. From this perspective, battery operation safer.

After work

The engine is lubricated with oil, nevertheless, sometimes dislodge dust from the air intake filter is not hurt. In need cleaning impeller blade. Operations are conducted at the unit off. Garden vacuum cleaners for leaves is an invaluable source of raw material for mulch and compost. An experienced gardener knows that without fertilizer grows badly. Use artificial additives in extreme cases. It is much easier to water the mulch pit with water, periodically replenishing garden waste operation of the vacuum cleaner.

If the soul needs regular beauty of parks, a garden can not do without a vacuum cleaner. The cost starts at $ 300.

Do not forget about the warranty and the fact that the compressor in the economy can not hurt.

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