What is the best juicer for apples

Hundreds of copies broken on the dispute, which is best juicer for apples. In the debate is born truth. Once again, Okin's eye existing models and try to find something new, hitherto unknown. For example, how to get the applesauce out of the juicer, fruits thrown in the device, why have cylindrical centrifuges certainly present skidyvaniya handle for extra meal. Such trifles are only allowed to use domestic equipment more productively.

Applesauce of juicers

It sounds like a mockery, vacationers likewise perceived the situation, when Rotary juicer for apples Neptune issued puree instead of juice. If you add in the mashed potatoes a pinch of cinnamon, a little pulp to drain, experienced people say that the dish will turn out - Yum. It remains to roll up to the banks for the winter, as a juice.

Juicer for apples Neptune

Juicer for Neptune gardeners have noticed a curious feature: the winter and hard varieties such as Antonovka give juice, if fill centrifuge soft and overripe apples, mashed out. This is convenient, actually found a device able to perform the two functions of money paid. Just need to know how to properly use a juicer. We anticipate comments from readers about the impossibility of spin cake.

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Apples in the juicer Neptune rush entirely, special centrifuge design makes it so that a large portion of the rind and seeds go to waste. Oil cake is full of hard seeds, difficult to eat waste. If you remove the core, we get a second method of making apple sauce, the recipe will make a juicer Jablonka Prestige.

For reference. Juicer rotary Jablonka Prestige is positioned as a semi-professional equipment. With metal housing and the handle sticking operating juicers, Jablonka is not too expensive (between 2,000 rubles). Feet on suckers allow us not to worry about the immobility of the equipment on a flat bar. This cheap imitation will work until you save money for a serious machine. Glass, bundled, is a measure of volume, pour portions would be a pleasure. Engine 800 watts allow to process fruit and vegetables quickly and efficiently.

Like other domestic juicer, Jablonka Prestige allows you to throw into the fruit whole. So, bagasse will with seeds. If you remove the core and clean off the peel, the waste will almost pure puree. Remember, juicer with conical centrifuge is not characterized by a high extraction ratio, in principle, possible to eat juice and pulp. Said postulate applies to any rotary centrifuges models.

How to improve the extraction efficiency of

Readers noticed that the highest processing speed juicers have rotary type screw provide the best quality.

Juicer with high spin

When an abundant harvest, overwhelmed with work, start the processing of apples in the juicer rotary Neptune (cost within 4000 rubles). Yield 60 liters of juice per hour, half the weight of the fruit becomes waste which will seeds, peel and stalks. Auger juicer such trifles uneasy. Load cake from the centrifuge at 1602 G VT or similar apparatus to obtain additional serving of beverage (50% cake weight). As a result, we get a lot more juice. While head of the family develops Neptune beautiful half begins processing in parallel on the cake auger juicer.

Do not forget to switch off periodically VT 1602 G, the unit is not designed for prolonged operation. The model chosen for the nice low price. Detected option is much more productively. If the home is a food processor, get him auger juicer attachment of steel (the price of 4000 rubles). Such a unit is able to operate in continuous operation. To be sure, check first with the instruction manual food processor.

As a result, the performance of the blank canned juice family will increase many times. Initially, it makes no sense to use a screw juicer for apples, processing speed is low. The objective of the auger juicer is considered to be an extract from the fruit of the maximum amounts of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. But before twist juice undergoes heat treatment, destroying the marked components are better than any rotary juicer.

For reference. Rotary juicer roughly refers to products of the nutrients and minerals inevitably lost. In particular, the vitamin C is only 17%. Suffer losses and other useful components (even nicotinic acid - PP). This is due to the influence of coarse grater and heat the juice in a centrifuge. The drink turns muddy, stratified. In order to eliminate defects invented juicer screw type with one or two screws. In new models of higher extraction rate of up to two times.

Finally, it is possible to use for the extraction of oil cake hand-press like EcoJuicer. The device does not require electricity to operate, the raw material needed to wrap in cheesecloth, it is not too convenient. Otherwise, mashed potatoes will be forced through the hole molds.

Hydraulic press for pressing apples

Juice from apples without juicers produced on a semi-professional equipment, called hydraulic press, not very popular and well known in our country. Once the unit was compared in a commercial twin screw Angel Juicer, and device proved to adequately.

Hydraulic press for pressing apples

Hydraulic press consists of two main parts, assembled in the housing:

  1. Flowing.
  2. Press.

Apples first crushed and then wrapped in a special collection bag, get on a press with a drainage system. Juice flows into the outstretched the capacity. Readers, followed for the review process it is obvious similarity with Russian folk method of producing juice in a manual press. Then in the course is a special blade with a sharp edge.

Flowing little different from the meat grinder. Through the funnel into the laid apples. Please note, the fruit will have to first cut, it's uncomfortable, but remain the most useful substances. Elena Malysheva called manual press for the best citrus device (except for human teeth) mastering for oranges.

Home juicer for apples

Collection of wet cake is produced in a special bag of loose, durable fabric. When the raw material has enough, the cause is taken the press. Lower half-cup of mobile and equipped with drainage system to drain the finished juice. pulpy bag goes directly to the center, press juicer takes on the case. Device performance is only 15% lower than that of twin screw juicers Angel Juicer. Such a result did not dream centrifuges. Fortunately, if the juicer Jablonka Extra show two-thirds of such efficiency.

The rate of production in the press is lame. It turns slower than the twin-screw juicer, much inferior to any rotary model. Find a juicer press at an auction of second-hand semi-professional equipment, and meals out of Neptune will begin to squeeze a tremendous pace. Have time to lay out on the bags. Press is slow, due to slowness "meat grinder." If it is intended to process the finished cake, the rate depends on the amount of raw materials to be placed in a bag at a time. The efficiency of the occasion.


Led a number of non-standard methods of use of household appliances. Probably, for the reader this does not affect the selection of the juicer for apples, but gives an idea how to use the equipment to achieve maximum results.

Remember, the best juicer for apples - Russian. Domestic models adapted to our realities. To supplement the device, creates a powerful tandem, it is permissible to various equipment.

To drink juice today, right now, it is better to use the auger juicer. Note hydraulic press very gently presses, is not able to spoil the quality of the product.

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What is the best juicer for apples

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Hundreds of copies broken on the dispute, which is best juicer for apples. In the debate is born truth. Once again, Okin's eye existing models and try to find something new, hitherto unknown. For e...

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