Centrifugal or auger juicer?

The choice depends on the application, depending on the purpose and acquired auger or centrifugal juicer. Let's start with a general description of structures and gradually move on to consideration of specific models.

centrifugal juicers


Everything revolves around the centripetal force. When the subject starts to move in a circle, there is acceleration, which tends to throw the body of a trajectory. This can be seen riding in a car on bends: passenger pulls laterally outwards at a tangent to the curve.

Centrifugal juicer should not consume more than 500 watts. Located above the level already belongs to the semi-models. The latter are able to give out a bunch of cans of juice per hour. Power less than 500 W ensures low noise level and a chance once a year to make a spin. To obtain daily two glasses of the drink is quite suitable centrifugal juicer 250 watts.

To facilitate the process, juicer grinds the input product on a grater. Fruits are fed through a special spout. For fine-tuning is a plastic or wooden pusher.

centrifugal juicer

A distance between the fully retracted and pusher float does not normally exceed 3 mm. For large values ​​of the gap under the cap quickly clogged with crusts and whole pieces of fruit and vegetables. Touching surfaces is not permitted.

The centrifugal juicer in circles at high speed moves cake. An incredible amount of pulp in turns pushes the wall is obtained juice flows down through the holes and into the glass pipe.

5000 is not enough speed to get carrot juice. It is believed to take the model separator rotating at a speed of 9000 revolutions per minute. Such a juicer will squeeze the maximum out of the centrifuge. Oil cake will dry. The taper models for fruit and vegetables to select the optimum speed centrifugal juicers.

Everything happens inside the rotating centrifuge called separator.

Aluminum cage destroys vitamin C, necessary to give preference to stainless steel models. By the way, the juice for spins still lose much of the value during heat treatment. Choose not stamped, and wicker sieve. Such clogged less.

Centrifugal Juicer operates at high speed, trying to completely dry the cake. Depending on the shape of the separator devices are distinguished model:

  1. cylindrical;
  2. conical.

In household convenient to use centrifugal juicers with a conical separator, as the filling device is cleaned independently of the output coefficient of the product, however, will lower. The advantage, however, is controversial. If you need a pair of glasses, a long time do not have to be cleaned, and the extra 50 grams of juice obtained by a cylindrical separator, do not interfere.

cylindrical juicer

In order not to go into the maze, the above described effect of the cylindrical juicer. Traced three structural directions in this case. Oil cake is not going away from the centrifuge, and regularly gives the juice, but later it becomes too much waste. Centrifugal Juicer cylindrical type provides three ways to solve the problem of cleaning the centrifuge zabivsheysya:

  1. Cleaning at the end of the work manually.
  2. The lever that allows to stir and dump cake, without opening the lid.

The cylindrical squeezer

The latter series is a centrifugal juicer Belarusian Zhuravinka. With the cost of just under $ 100 is a good choice for those who want to drink a couple of glasses of vitamin drink, to clean the device and remove the shelf. Oil cake is shaken out just then relies rinse centrifuge. The obvious disadvantage is the high speed of rotation. Small grapes simply thrown out. Work with centrifugal juicer barrel type recommended extremely accurately, but the product output rate is very high.

Juicer Gardening produced in Belarus, is similar in structure to Zhuravinka, but has high performance. Both models allowed slaw.

Do not confuse this gardens with a hit of the season, read on the review!

Tapered juicer

The separator has the form of a truncated cone. The centrifuge is like a bowl of soup with steep edges. Oil cake is pressed to the sidewalls by rotating it tightly pressed against the wall begins to creep upwards. Thus there is a cleaning centrifuge juice extractor from accumulated pulp.

Unlike cylindrical models, which has a simple rule - the higher the speed, the better - conical separators show the optimum parameter value for a particular product squeezing. However, the first and second kinds of juicers are equipped with speed switch.

at last

Before turning to the screw juicer, look at the case material and containers for juice. Plastic painted. Of carrot juice extractor with plastic body quickly becomes red. Stainless steel models have this drawback and easy to wash.

An advantageous feature of the device is considered to be a system drop-stop. Outlet slightly raised and blocks the flow of liquids from a juicer on the table after taking the glass.

Among conical separators select the type having transverse stiffeners. This will protect the sieve from mechanical damage under centrifugal loads.

auger juicer

Juicer screw type strongly resembles a meat grinder. The axis of twisted spiral rotates and grinds fruits. The resulting mass passes into the compartment, where due to the pressure pushing back on the grid pulp is squeezed with small holes.

Auger juicer

Oil cake is not as dry as the centrifugal barrel type models, comparable to the consistency that is obtained at the outlet of the conical juicers. Consequently, the useful yield is a ratio between two species of centrifugal models.

Advantages of single screw juicer:

  1. shaft speed is much less centrifugal models. The principle is to slow the press receiving pressure by pushing the pulp mass pushes the helical screw thread.
  2. The low speed of the process does not allow the juice to oxidize, therefore, retained nutrients and enzymes. This allows auger juicer in the juice bar. Natural juice has a host of useful features and excellent consistency.
  3. Safety at height. Wide neck is not trying to spit back the fruit, as does the centrifugal juicer. Noise is reduced due to low speed, the instrument does not vibrate and is not trying to escape from the table master.
  4. slowly press method makes it possible to obtain the juice of herbs, leaves, seeds, pomegranate - of such products, which can not cope centrifugal juicers.
  5. Soft operating conditions of the mechanical parts allow uninterrupted use clock device, which is unacceptable for the models using the rotation force.
  6. Built-in self-cleaning feature allows you to quickly wash the juicer.

In general, screw juicers are more expensive, but are capable of performing a variety of work. Especially variations are famous horizontal model, supplied with abundant number of nozzles.

The machine can shred Jupiter, making pasta and sausage, minced to twist and squeeze the juice. Mincer-auger juicer allows you to quickly make a salad, mashed potatoes, bake pastries - with a power of 150 watts.


collapse of prices

This collapse in prices shows auger juicer Garden. The official name - VES 3005. At a price of $ 50 unit is aimed at processing large amounts of berries and fruits from the suburban area. Finally, in Europe, are beginning to understand the needs of customers.

The speed of the auger juicer Gardening increased. Still, when the turtle 90 rpm harvest is not recycled. Producers have decided to double the speed of rotation.

Summer People no longer think what auger juicer choose, just go to the store and buy VES 3005. Previously, the price restrictions are now lifted restrictions.


So, the high cost of the owner of the auger juicer get a complete food processor. Products are characterized by low power consumption and high safety. Therefore, it produces little noise.

Effectively, when required to deal with the products obtained from the sap of which is extremely difficult. In particular regard to the above twin-screw models. The only drawback noticed analogues grinder was the inability to make juice from rotten apples. Apparently, the home of the designers are not taken to seek benefits from the use of substandard products.

If professional twin-screw juicer can afford is not for everyone, model Garden for $ 50 looks good. When buying, check the screw material. Sometimes, metal crumbles, the magnet is built to collect debris on the bottom of the cup.

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