What manual juicer to buy

Hand juicer retain maximum vitamins. There is no quick rotation of a centrifuge, a useful destroying property juice. At the same time will have to exert maximum effort. Selecting manual juicer is not the best solution for women. Today we know four types of devices, consider the instruments and prompt readers what manual juicer to buy.

Hand juicer

Different kinds of hand juicers:

  • horizontal auger;
  • citrus juicer;
  • presses, pneumatic, hydraulic and screw.

Manufacturers of hand juicers do not advertise their own products. Individual instruments will be found on Yandex Market. It is recommended to type in the search box "manual juicer." You see horizontal screw models and tools for the processing of citrus. Quite untwisted "grinder" Motor SICH, in the course of the narrative further mention a couple of brands. Consider the order of the list of representatives.

Juicer and a horizontal auger

Juicer and a horizontal auger

Juicers with horizontal screw

A typical representative of the family is considered to Motor Sich. Resembling a meat grinder pressing device provides the coefficient of 55% for apples. It is more than that of the centrifugal models, with will be stored all the nutrients. Explains that the horizontal auger juicer will not be useful for cottagers spins. Heat treatment invariably kill everything useful in the juice. We recommend not to suffer. experienced people take a centrifugal juicer Neptune, juice and cake rolled up separately. The first is drunk from the second bake tasty. And apples do not need to clean and cut out the core.

In this sense auger juicer not please. Most models are aimed at fighting exclusively with pulp. Firmly remember about the supposed benefits, not to throw business midway, cake indulges in culinary experiments. We indicate torque electric juicer to compare strength and compare with the engine. Values ​​are considered according to the formula:

M = 9,554 x N / n,

where N - nameplate capacity of the engine, and n - revolutions (per minute). For a typical horizontal electric auger juicer:

M = 9.554 x 200/80 = 23.885 Nm.

The rotation of the screw

The rotation of the screw

Hence, a distance meter will exert a force of 2.4 kg. Handle shorter than four equals 9.5 kg. Too much for a woman's hand. Considering that 1 kcal = 4.2 kJ, in such the operation 1 gram of fat lost during:

T = (4200/200) x 3 = 9.1 min. 12 sec.

After working hours, it lost about 19 g body weight. We believe that most women are not strong enough to make 10 kg of force to the handle of a meat grinder, power consumption is feasible to divide the load. For example, 3 kg - typical dumbbell for fitness, therefore exerting such force is reset about 6 grams per hour. It seems torsion grinder - not the best way to lose weight? Remember taken into account only useful work! Torsion-grinder juicer with horizontal auger accompanied by tachycardia, operation of the plurality of base muscles. These effects will cause more substantial weight loss than the loss of 6 grams.

Take into service, if you want to spend time with benefits.

Manual citrus juicer

There are at least two structures, with which will be able to get the juice from the oranges and lemons:

Manual citrus fruits

Manual citrus fruits

  1. First Embodiment any sign. Dome made of plastic or steel, for easy extrusion of the fruit halves. Numerous meridian slots allow the juice to drain into the collection vessel. Do not say that the unit is too expensive.
  2. The second type different from the first centrifuges good lever by the device is driven over the cap dome. manual force significantly increases. As a result, get more juice.

Buy both types easily on-demand on the search network "manual citrus juicer." As Malyshev says it is the most useful type of devices in the glass will be a lot of pulp, which has a healing power, improve digestion. By the way, in the transfer said that fruit is better to eat, using their teeth. Quite agree about the flesh, in the horizontal screw of hand juicers product is filtered, slurry does not contain too much.

In the described segment we do not recommend buying masher collected on the basis of pliers nuts. To fasten container with two handles for tightening. Such a unit cost under $ 100, is not suitable for even a glass of juice. As the mistress of such a contraption will be able to push the children fruit puree, but not process lemons or oranges.

Hand press

Action manual juicer

Action manual juicer

Abroad, even among the pros often used hydraulic presses. Note contraption electricity required. If the pair that often happens is chopper - the energy required to twist the fruit. Presses are available separately. It looks like a jack, beautifully designed and adapted harvesting fruits and vegetables.

Fruits need to grind first, then substitute the press. The device was created specifically for the lemonade sellers, so that the consumer could see how to prepare the drink. It is customary abroad, part of the marketing policy, showing freshness. Take into service, with the press to handle even the girl. The basis of three principles:

  • threaded connection;
  • hydraulics;
  • pneumatics.

Advantages of manual juicer press: no need to waste electricity, any summer visitor is able to get a great drink and roll up to the banks (cake with other banks). The equipment weighs a lot, is not expensive. There are excellent devices for sale for 4500 rubles. For comparison, similar to the minimum price of an electric auger juicer. In addition, the speed will clearly remain for the press. Spin rate in the latter case depends on the applied force is determined only by the strength of fit.

Even a child is able to extract from the fruit of the benefit. Disadvantages manual juicers overloading certain other modifications lie in a low yield. Not to mention just a ridiculous rate. Press - semi-professional tool that can leave behind different kinds of hand juicers.

If clueless in mechanics, better to take a screw press. There's just nothing to break. With hydraulics and pneumatics necessary skills to not be left without the juice at the right time. This technique is more difficult, provides a higher yield of the product.

Compared to manual juicers

We recommend to take the press. We discuss the spin factor. Italian hand press Cricco provides a 60% by weight of juice. This effect is unattainable for other models of hand juicers.

Hydraulic juicers are more expensive. For example, Welles comes at a price of 25,000 rubles. Unable to safely overcome grenades. These are the best characteristics of the manual juicers. In addition, the press - the only means for obtaining juice from apricots and plums without removing bones. Spin rate for missing models in the public domain, but says that the juice obtained by 15 - 55% more. Not bad... wholesale manufacturers (bar owners) to take better press.

Present complexity - raw materials for the hydraulic juicer placed in the bag with small pores to the pulp from entering the product output. For a specific type of juice needs its own bag, you have to constantly wash. For information: we'll have to work out a clear beverage production technology. However, already crumpled grenades in a commercial reaped without a bag. With regard to the pneumatic juicers on the market bit hard to find a similar, although lemonade sellers are analogues. Equipment may find by typing in the Google query «Pneumatic Air Cylinder Lemonade Juicer». Gizmo is built in the likeness of the table - for the convenience of the street trade.

We prefer a horizontal auger juicer, with steel or cast iron. In the latter case provides maximum strength and excellent characteristics are retained. Models for citrus apples will shrug, able to give an excellent juice with pulp of oranges or lemons. At a cost of devices is roughly equivalent to, if not take a simple canopy. Now readers without much difficulty decide what manual juicer to buy.

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