Repair of centrifuges with their hands

The basis of the juicer motor acts. asynchronous, collector electric motors used today. No wonder - the other appliances do not know. Actually, repair juicers their hands frequencies faced with the situation of the failed engine. Replace the mechanical part is almost impossible, devices operating on the basis of meat grinders, with hit bone break couplings, plastic bushings, hydraulic presses have a lot of trouble with oil system. Consider the questions, do not expect a detailed guide, but the main types of faults consider sufficient.

The device juicer

We hope the review will help readers to read to repair the selected type of juicer. Nothing complicated inside. Let it not frighten future repair juicer Scarlet.

Types of electric motors juicers

Repair juicer Rossoshanka, Santos - in contrast to the price of the product 30 times - inside the engine. In Rossoshanki long running, noisy, the essence of the former. Properties juicer defined structure of the mechanical part.

Repair juicer

The advantages of asynchronous motors believe simplicity of design, service, high efficiency. Quieter than the collector, however, difficult to obtain 3000 rpm at higher power frequency of 50 Hz and voltage per minute. Juicers believe signified a serious limitation, in Santos sufficiently large diameter centrifuge. Similarly describe Rossoshanku, Neptune, other domestic juicer with high productivity.

Commutator deprived restrictions obtained smaller dimensions. Lose in other important respects professional juicer:

  1. Noise level.
  2. Short period of continuous operation.

On the shaft of electric motor impeller see, ventilated stator coil. It is for cooling the windings during work. If disassembly of the juicer detected: no items inside, possibly supplemented by a structure with a mind-fit blades. Soften the thermal conditions of the electric motor. It follows: asynchronous motors are preferred for the production of high quality juice extractors, it remains to solve the speed problem.

In the case of centrifuge models offset by an increase in the issue of the working chamber diameter. As a result, with increasing distance from the axis of the centrifugal force is increased. It is permissible to reduce the engine speed juicer without losing quality.

Each device is provided with a set velocity. In asynchronous motors is implemented properly division stator coils. At the same time it does not work all the variation in speed is obtained. The scheme is implemented often is in the correct switching circuit buttons. The technical solution has a high reliability, durability, resiliency. A positive thing. As for the speed can be increased by using an inverter circuit. It is understood, would increase the cost of the device significantly. It is possible to achieve smooth speed control.

As for induction motors, easy to make. Amenable to adjustment, avoiding complex circuitry. Losses are reduced if the DC feed coil. Inductances have little impact. Less great: it requires complex power supply that reduces the efficiency of the juicer. These key points need to be clear, if there is a desire to replace the engine. Readers can insure against burnout windings bothering circuit include thermal fuse 135 degrees Celsius. Element should fit snugly to the winding. Ideally, the thermal fuse is recessed between the coils of wire. Provide heat.


It does not interfere with forced cooling. As is the case with juicers, any devices already told. You can borrow puskozaschitnoy relay asynchronous motor of the refrigerator with the motor. There are two subtleties:

  1. In juicers rarely used launcher winding scheme is applied to the division stator coils.
  2. the engine type must match the relay, protection against overheating, do not work.

Questions the use of motors in a juicer

There is a weak point of cheap models of juicers: not protected against motor burnout. Why not put a relay like accompanying refrigerators. Difficult question to the reader decide. The cost of other freezers on the order (!) Below the top of centrifuges. Refrigerator works day and night, avoiding elicit the desired break, will not turn off during the summer. Device power considerable.


According to our reliable technology reasons, closer to nature, figuratively speaking. This right is confirmed by the construction Norwalk juicer so often in the refrigerator all the sensors do not have nothing to do with electrical, electronics, even more so. Need more bimetallic plates, thermocouples and other reliable and easy snap. By the way, geysers and do, even on the piezo ignition. In this case, the technique works for a long time, reliability, and performance. Overheating of windings can easily estimate the temperature of the magnetic circuit. Why is this not being done in a juicer? Unable to answer this question.

What about Norwalk? Repair of centrifuges with their hands in this case is closely connected with the hydraulics, as already mentioned at the beginning. Design:

  • Inside stands vysokooborotisty engine.
  • On the shaft worn screw on the principle of the grinder.
  • The ground cake is put in a bag and placed on the table of a hydraulic press.
  • oil cylinder drive is conducted through a belt drive, both in automatic washing machines.

Dismantling juicer

Due to the smart solution, the compressor is deprived of electrical components. Steel unit equipped with gaskets. Motor, on the other hand, is made in the best traditions of the machine. A glance to understand: after 5 minutes of rest do not ask, imitating Zelmer. In light of this, we believe it is sufficient to find the attachment auger juicer Norwalk instead grinder, having an excellent instrument continuous operation. By domestic GOST means machinery withstands merciless operation during the working shift (8 hours).

Hydraulic unit periodically need to fill with new oil. First merges old. After removing the cover of the cylinder, it is believed to remove the internal mechanism with return spring, bale oil. While maintaining the position of the compressor drive is started. Gradually, the oil will be in the cylinder. New poured three-quarters of an inch below the cap. Do not interfere with the air gap? Masters say: powerless damage. Required track fittings leak, the compressor cylinder. Add a return to the original position of the table is carried out by a spring after pressing the handle of the trigger valve.

Repair juicers what breaks

When it comes to tips on the grinder, it is necessary to change the plastic gears, couplings. Go to number 2-8 in the set, sometimes you have to re-buy new ones. Steel gear grinders, juicers in rarity, there is a chance of failure of the motor precious. One wonders how the industrial plants ...

It is clear to readers, the main types of motor concern malfunctions. First, check the power, and then starts winding continuity. Pinpoint the problem, make an effort to re-wind the coil. In the case of the commutator motor is feasible, the stator is dull throttle strung on the magnetic core. Commutator motors to call for each position of the section, while the drum does not complete a full circle. a squirrel-cage rotor induction motor is unable to burn type. Current is small, the copper wire is often inseparable from the foundation of "squirrel cage" insulation. Device as juicers primitive break mechanics (bearings, seals, gear) drive.

About repair PSUs told repeatedly. Switching power found in high-end models equipped with the rudiments of intellect.

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